Time Running Down - Various - World Affair EP (Vinyl)

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London: Oxford University Press. The Beatles Movies. Toggle navigation Search box. And the cash! The cycling industry's definitive valuation authority. It's a quick way to find out the range of listed prices for your search. That couple has a tremendous amount of chemistry and a really, mature deep-seated one, so it just felt right. In The Affair finale, this relationship is contrasted with that of Joanie and Paul, which not only brings the show to an end but also takes the Showtime series' themes full circle.

When Joanie goes back to her husband, she breaks what a TVLine article calls "generational trauma," with Treem adding: "The cycle has basically been broken. In families, the generational trauma usually goes beyond the first generation and exists for two or three generations, and so we wanted to show where that the cycle of trauma that existed within Alison's family for a couple of generations, even predating Alison, finally gets broken.

The Draft Dodger episode aired in right about the time the Mandatory service laws for young men in this country were being disbanded; so this episode was timely; not just in terms of its pertinence to the Vietnam War; but for general service requirements in this country.

Originally, somewhere in season 3 or 4 after Irene Lorenzo's arrival, the writer's started plotting for Irene and Archie to have an affair. They eventually decided this plot twist was too outrageous; too much a betrayal of their characters; so they tabled that idea temporarily anyway.

The idea was re-hatched and reworked later as season seven's multi-episode premiere "Archie's Brief Encounter", when Archie has a near affair with a lady he met at the bar; causing a temporary rift in Edith and Archie's relationship. She said she is dead set against it: ""Why? What is the point? It's a classic. All in the Family came at a moment in time that somehow turned out to be the perfect moment to put something that 'quote-unquote' radical on TV, and it was the perfect cast.

We had the perfect writers. Nobody but nobody is going to be another Jean Stapleton. And I honestly don't see the point.

He's made enough marks. Marla Gibbs, original cast member from the Jeffersons, actually made a cameo on the Jeffersons reboot. Gibbs is the only cast member from either All in the Family or The Jeffersons to come back. The Bunker home was also used for interior shots in The Carmichael Show. In fact, in the majority of Norman Lear sitcoms, the wife in real life was older than the actor who played her husband. Vincent Gardenia plays both Jim Bowman, the Bunkers' next-door neighbor who sells his house to the Jeffersons, later as Frank Lorenzo, the Bunkers' new next-door neighbor who buys the Wiedemayers' house.

In when he was starring on "All in the Family" Rob Reiner guest starred on The Partridge Family as Snake, a motorcycle-riding beatnik hippy type who dates Laurie. During an interview with Carroll O'Connor, Roseanne said that she based her character on a female version of Archie Bunker. Its depiction, plot, relatives and elements would later inspire "Roseanne" ; Roseanne the TV sitcom has been frequently compared to All in the Family.

Roseanne Barr herself describes the character as a female Archie Bunker. Danielle Brisebois played Archie's niece, Stephanie Mills. Ironically, Stephanie Mills was a popular African American actress who was starring in The Wiz during this period this is probably what the character was named after. Alvin F. Poussaint , noted psychologist who was a consultant on The Cosby Show In their view, the show made racism a laughing matter, and thus encouraged an acceptance, by blacks and whites alike, of bigotry.

Apparently the writers couldn't resist making that pun! They also brought back Sammy Davis Junior for an episode in the sequel series also!

The series spent five consecutive years at number one in the Nielsen ratings. After the fifth year at 1, the network bounced the show around several different nights and time slots taking the place of other CBS programs that were getting beat by the competition , causing All in the Family to lose some of its momentum, never again rising to 1.

Archie always called young women " sis ". Archie's favorite tabloid was The National Enquirer. Two main characters on this show had to have emergency appendectomies. Mike and Stephanie. Gloria always calls Mike "Michael". Edith calls him "MIke". And Archie calls him "Meathead". In a couple rare episodes he does call him "Mike".

An original idea had Archie teaming up with Irene Lorenzo and having an affair; but the writers then scuttled that idea; considering it was too far fetched to see these enemies hooking up together, even for an episode.

Meathead was the name of one of Tom and Jerry's buddies; from the Tom and Jerry cartoon. Stretch was an employee at Pendegast Tool and Die, where Archie and later Irene Lorenzo, among others seen in the show worked, under the leadership of foreman Archie. Incidentally, due to frequent clashes about the script and money with show star Carroll O'Connor; Norman Lear was, amazingly, thinking about killing off Archie, and replacing Stretch Cunningham as the star of the show!

This would have happened during the three episode "Where's Archie" story arc; in which Stretch Cunningham makes his first appearance in. There were other times during the show's production when Lear was seriously considering killing off Archie as well. Ironically, never Lear never did kill off Archie, but he did kill off Edith, reluctantly, during Archie Bunker's Place, as Jean Stapleton was losing interest in playing the character.

The stars of All in the Family, and it's two spinoffs, Maude and the Jeffersons; would all win Emmies. Carroll O'connor, Jean Stapleton, Rob Reiner and Sally Strothers all won emmies for their work on that show which is a rarity in television, that's only happened a few other times, on Golden Girls, Will and Grace, the Odd Couple; when all the leads won an Emmy.

Balsam was part of the regular cast from Several other people associated with the show have been nominated for Oscars including Norman Lear the executive producer for All in the Family ; Lear was nominated for Best screenplay for s Divorce American Style; Rob Reiner who played Mike on All in the Family for 8 seasons who was nominated for best Director and Picture for s A Few Good Men; Burgess Meredith who appeared in the All in the Family Spinoff Gloria as a doctor Gloria worked for ; Meredith was nominated twice in the 70s, once in as an actor in Day of the Locust and once in as Sylvester Stallone's trainer in Rocky; and Danielle Brisebois who played Achie's niece Stephanie Mills from to was also nominated for an Oscar; and that would be for songwriting, for the Oscar nominated theme song of the movie Begin Again; "Lost in the Stars.

When CBS cancelled Archie Bunker's Place, Norman Lear publicly said this was sad, but also that he never really wanted the spinoff to be produced in the first place; he would have preferred if the whole thing had ended in with the end of All in the Family.

He had intended the show to end after season eight when the Stivics moved to California. It was the network that wanted the show to continue, and then Carroll O'Connor who wanted to do "Archie Bunker's Place". Three stars from the original "Annie" on Broadway made their way to the sitcom world in the late s and early s.

Dorothy Loudon , the original Broadway stage Miss Hannigan, also got her own sitcom during this period, but it was quickly canceled.

Stephanie Mills, Edith's neice, and the daughter of her cousin Floyd, shares the same last name as Louise Jefferson, whose maiden name was also Mills. Maybe Edith and Louise are actually related! After taping her first episode, however, she was replaced by Betty Garrett , when it became obvious that she and producer Norman Lear had different opinions about how the character should be played.

The Sada Thompson episode never aired. Sada Thompson went on later that year to be cast as Katherine Lawrence in Family a similarly groundbreaking s family drama. Danielle played Molly, and Sally played Miss Hannigan. The only sitcom in the history of television to address anti-catholic prejudice. Rob Reiner had previously played a college student protester on an eighth season episode of The Beverly Hillbillies "The Hills of Home" , one of the first times the word "honky" was used on a sitcom.

A running gag on this show was that Edith would tell long shaggy dog stories; blathering on forever; and Archie; sitting in the other chair at the table, listening, would then pretend to kill himself; as if the story was so boring he had no other choice. After Edith passed away Archie would repeat the gag with his neice Stephanie when she too was telling a run-on story. Maude would also repeat the gag with Arthur when he was telling a run on story on Maude.

This is a reboot of a British sitcom called Till Death Do Us Part; which ran from ; also about a conservative bigotted working class man living with his wife; daughter and son and law, and the daily battles that ensue.

In the original show the main character's name was Alf Garnett; his wife's name was Rita; his daughter was Else; and her husband's name was Mike; just like it was in the remake; but the last name is Rawlins now; not Stivic; and he's a socialist, not just a liberal activist like Mike on All in the Family.

It's interesting to note that both shows ran concurrently from to ; and both were very successful; but; as is often the case; the American spinoff was much more famous internationally and had a much bigger impact on American culture; changing the landscape of television as it did. Just as Archie Bunker became a catch phrase and a household name in American culture; Alf Garnett became an icon in British culture as well. For some reason Mike never brings up his Catholicism to Irene Lorenzo, practicing Catholic, when he meets her.

He never even brings it up when Archie clashes with Irene about her Catholicism, even though Mike loves to fight with Archie about religion. This might be because at the start of the series it is made clear that Mike is an avowed agnostic, even though it is also made clear throughout the series that he was raised Catholic and eventually abandoned this belief system.

In the Flashback-Mike and Gloria's Wedding episode Mike's Uncle Casimir shows up to the proceedings and tries to pressure both the Stivics and the Bunkers to have a Catholic Wedding, since he says this is how Mike was raised.

The first gay character to appear on a sitcom ever was Steve in 's All in the Family: Judging Books by Covers episode, guest starring Philip Carey. Although they never use the word "gay" in the episode. Archie just uses the anti-gay epithets "queer", "fairy" and "fag"; and Edith uses the epithets "pansy" and "flower" ;and actually Mike and the other characters don't say anything directly, although Mike says that Archie's friend Steve could "fly around the room".

This is an antiquated homophobic joke about gay people that was commonly made in the 70s, 60s and before then; meaning the gay person was a "fairy"; which is another old anti-gay epithet.

And Kelsey makes an oblique reference about Steve not "camping it up like some of the others". But no one actually uses the word "gay" or "homosexual"; just oblique references and epithets; the audience has to fill in the subtext.

And Archie's "queer" comments were considered anti-gay epithets back in when the episode aired. This would be the first time Woody would return to the small screen in a sitcom,, after playing Woody 25 years ago on a guest spot on Frasier.

In "Archie in Lock Up" Archie meets a young preacher in jail who is playing the "Jesus Christ Superstar" theme song on his radio; and the prisoners are actually bowing and kneeling and acting as if it was a religious hymn of some sort; and not the theme to a sacreligious Broadway show. Rob Reiner has said that his primary and preferred career goals were in writing and directing as opposed to acting, and auditioned for and accepted a role on the series believing it would only be a temporary gig.

Reiner believed that the show's content would prove to be too "out there" for American Television audiences, resulting in the show not lasting beyond its first season. This show is so Old School they actually make a big deal when Edith wears pants, as opposed to a dress, in one episode. All 4 leads get hit by eachother during the run of the show. Gloria slaps Mike in one episode when he tries to forcibly carry her upstairs. She also physically assaults him in the "Vasectomy" episode.

Edith hits Archie in two episodes - once in the face when she finds out he's been gambling and once on the wrist "We're Still Having a Heat Wave".

Gloria swats Archie on the head in more than one episode Archie: "She's been doin that to me since she was three! Edith slaps Gloria in the "Edith's 50th Birthday Episode" after Gloria goads her out of her fearfullness and depression by yelling at her and telling her she's not her mother.

And Gloria slaps Edith on the cheek to revive her after Edith starts to faint in the "California Here We Are Episode 2"; after Gloria reveals she's been having an affair. So all 4 characters get slapped; and while the women both slap people the men do not.

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