Tangled (Mao Mix) - United Powers - Tangled (Vinyl)

Though he possesses "phenomenal cosmic powers", he is bound to an "itty bitty living space" and can only use his powers when the owner of the lamp his master makes a wish; he occasionally does things without granting a wish, but never anything that greatly affects the world around him.

He is also bound by three laws; he cannot kill anyone, he cannot make people fall in love with each other, and he cannot revive the dead. It is possible, however, that he can do the third one, but as he puts it, "It's not a pretty picture. I don't like doing it! Alternatively, it could mean that while he can revive a person's corpse , he cannot bring them back properly. Each master has three wishes, and cannot exceed this amount by wishing for more wishes.

After enduring 10, years of imprisonment, the lamp comes into the possession of Aladdin during the course of the first film, and Genie remains in servitude until Aladdin uses his third and final wish to grant Genie his freedom at the end of the film. As well as largely driving the plot in the first film, Genie serves as a comic relief element in each of his appearances.

He is shown to have shape-shifting abilities, which allow for many and varied sight gags. His supernatural disposition permits him to break the fourth wall, as well as parody real-life people and popular culture completely outside of the boundaries of the universe in which he is contained.

Robin Williams is responsible for most of these because he improvised many of the lines in the film. The production of Aladdin was greatly influenced by the creation and development of the Genie. As the first character to be conceived, the Genie's design would set the stage for the other characters, as well as the film's art direction on the whole. When designing the Genie, Goldberg looked to the artwork of the famous caricaturist Al Hirschfeld for inspiration.

The Genie was originally going to be purple, but the color theme of the film established that red represents "evil" while blue represents "good"—thus, the Genie was given blue skin. In terms of characterization, Eric Goldberg has always imagined Genie as being Jewish. This relates to Genie's occasional use of Yiddish phrases. They looked to famous s, Harlem jazz musicians such as Cab Calloway and Fats Waller for inspiration.

At one point, the Peddler that opens the movie was going to reveal himself to actually be the Genie at the end of the movie. However, the filmmakers were convinced that the audience would already be leaving by the time the reveal came, and it was ultimately cut.

Williams was said to have loved Goldberg's work so much that he signed on immediately. Williams came for voice recording sessions during breaks in the shooting of his other two films at the time: Hook and Toys. Unusually for an animated film, much of Williams' dialogue was ad-libbed: for some scenes, Williams was given topics and dialogue suggestions but allowed to improvise his lines.

Eric Goldberg then reviewed Williams' recorded dialogue and selected the best gags and lines. Goldberg and his crew then created character animation to match Williams' jokes, puns, and impersonations.

Williams supplied the character with an unconventional method of voice acting which proved to be groundbreaking, resulting in universal acclaim and Genie becoming one of the most iconic and influential characters in the history of animated films. However, Williams did not return for The Return of Jafar or the animated television series due to disputes with the Disney company. While negotiating for the part of Genie in Aladdin , Williams agreed to work for less than what the studio offered and made a non-written agreement with Disney to not overexpose his involvement in the promotion for Aladdin so as not to create competition between other Robin Williams-led films being released at the time.

However, Genie was the most prominent character in Aladdin marketing, overshadowing even the main characters in such materials as posters and trailers. This went completely against what Williams had agreed to and the actor vowed to never work with Disney again.

As such, Dan Castellaneta was called in to voice the Genie in Aladdin spin-off projects. A couple of years after the dispute between Williams and Disney, Disney under different leadership made a public apology to Williams, which was sufficient enough for him to reprise his role as Genie in Aladdin and the King of Thieves and select subsequent appearances specifically, educational projects. Robin's final performance as the Genie was Disney's MathQuest With Aladdin , released in —not including projects that utilize archived recordings.

For the next decade, Castellaneta would continue to voice the Genie in video games, theme park attractions, and merchandise. In , renowned impressionist Jim Meskimen who is particularly famous for his Robin Williams impression was brought on as the new official voice of Genie and has voiced the character in every appearance since. Following the passing of Robin Williams in , Meskimen released a video on his official YouTube channel confirming that he will continue to voice Genie as a means of honoring Williams' legacy,.

Genie is full of life and bursting with positive energy. Though he is amongst the most powerful, chaotic beings in the universe, Genie is benevolent, easygoing, and friendly; so much so, that he primarily uses his abilities as a means to amuse both himself and those around him.

He is also inviting, as when he first met Aladdin, Genie immediately introduced himself as a friend to rely on and emphasized the fact that his purpose was to magically enhance Aladdin's life by any means necessary so long as it did not interfere with the three rules of wishing. Though he was generally devoted to whoever held temporary ownership of the lamp, Genie has always had a will and mind of his own, outside the bounds of a stereotypical genie slave.

As seen during his time as Jafar 's lackey, Genie's job did not require him to agree with his masters' morals. Nevertheless, he was still able to provide advice to masters that were willing to listen.

In the first film, he served as a mentor figure to Aladdin, often giving the latter advice and encouragement when needed, as seen when he urged Aladdin to tell Jasmine the truth about not being a prince. As mentioned, Genie did not offer himself as a mere slave, but rather as a supportive friend to his masters. His friendship with Aladdin proved that he was capable of forming genuine relationships with masters, though it was not until Aladdin that Genie was treated as anything beyond a mere slave by his superiors.

This tied to Genie's dream of being freed from the lamp. Though mischievous, manic, and explosive, Genie is also compassionate, wise, and serious when he feels it's necessary. He understands human emotions to a profound degree and takes matters such as love, trust, and being true to yourself quite seriously. His more sincere moments are indicated by his tone, which changes from wily and exuberant, to low and soft when he wants to get a serious point across.

Despite this, he still tries to lighten even the darkest moments with a dose of comedy, an example of this being the climax of the original film, where Genie transformed into a cheerleading squad to root for Aladdin during his battle against Jafar. By the time of Aladdin and the King of Thieves , Genie is now freed, but continues to show genuine love and support for Aladdin and his endeavors.

He is still every bit comedic, chaotic, and lighthearted, but never holds his tongue when it comes to objections towards Aladdin's more controversial choices. He is nevertheless shown to assist Aladdin, magically, whenever asked to. On a dark night, a shady man named Jafar seeks the location of the Cave of Wonders, plotting to use Genie to take control of a nearby kingdom known as Agrabah.

Unfortunately for Jafar, only one individual may enter the cave, the "diamond in the rough", who turns out to be a street rat named Aladdin.

Jafar manages to manipulate Aladdin into entering the cave to retrieve the lamp for him, but Aladdin's monkey sidekick, Abu , touches a piece of forbidden treasure, resulting in the cave sinking back into the sand and trapping Aladdin inside.

There, Abu reveals to have the lamp intact and hands it over to Aladdin, who inadvertently unleashes the Genie. Genie immediately introduces himself as a servant and a friend, one willing to grant Aladdin a total of three wishes—be they food, riches, or any other form of luxury that sticks within the confines of the genie laws.

To ensure he doesn't waste any wishes, Aladdin tricks Genie into freeing him and Abu from the cave, which Genie falls for, taking the duo, as well as Genie's Magic Carpet companion, to an oasis in the desert. Genie leads the parade during " Prince Ali ". There, Genie realizes Aladdin's trickery but quickly gets passed it to return to his job at hand. Aladdin, out of genuine curiosity, asks Genie what the latter would wish for. Though shocked by such a selfless question, Genie takes the opportunity to express his longing for freedom.

He explains that he cannot escape his lamp prison unless his master wishes him out. Feeling sympathy, Aladdin promises to use his third wish to free Genie, though the latter finds this hard to believe. Once Aladdin reassures he's telling the truth, an optimistic Genie takes Aladdin's word for it and a promise is set. Next, Genie returns his attention to Aladdin, who confesses that he is in love with Princess Jasmine.

While lamenting that only a prince can marry a princess, Aladdin settles on his first wish: to become a prince. Along with new attire, Aladdin is given the alias "Prince Ali" and travels to Agrabah with the accompaniment of an elaborate parade led by a disguised Genie.

Though the front is enough to impress the Sultan , Jasmine is less than amused by Ali's flashy nature, disregarding him as another pompous suitor who sees her as nothing but a prize to be won. That night, Aladdin laments his foolishness, feeling lost as to what more he can do.

He asks for Genie's advice, though he merely advises Aladdin to drop the act and be himself, to which Aladdin scoffs, feeling Jasmine would never want to be associated with a mere street rat. Aladdin flies up to Jasmine's balcony on Carpet, making another attempt to earn the princess' attention, but fails again as a result of keeping with the "Prince Ali" persona.

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The boa constrictor, when he has had an adequate meal, goes to sleep, and does not wake until he needs another meal.

Human beings, for the most part, are not like this. When the Arabs, who had been used to living sparingly on a few dates, acquired the riches of the Eastern Roman Empire, and dwelt in palaces of almost unbelievable luxury, they did not, on that account, become inactive.

Hunger could no longer be a motive, for Greek slaves supplied them with exquisite viands at the slightest nod. But other desires kept them active: four in particular, which we can label acquisitiveness, rivalry, vanity, and love of power.

But great as is the influence of the motives we have been considering, there is one which outweighs them all. I mean the love of power. Love of power is closely akin to vanity, but it is not by any means the same thing. What vanity needs for its satisfaction is glory, and it is easy to have glory without power. The people who enjoy the greatest glory in the United States are film stars, but they can be put in their place by the Committee for Un-American Activities, which enjoys no glory whatever.

Many people prefer glory to power, but on the whole these people have less effect upon the course of events than those who prefer power to glory.

Power, like vanity, is insatiable. Nothing short of omnipotence could satisfy it completely. And as it is especially the vice of energetic men, the causal efficacy of love of power is out of all proportion to its frequency. It is, indeed, by far the strongest motive in the lives of important men. Love of power is greatly increased by the experience of power, and this applies to petty power as well as to that of potentates.

In the happy days before , when well-to-do ladies could acquire a host of servants, their pleasure in exercising power over the domestics steadily increased with age. Similarly, in any autocratic regime, the holders of power become increasingly tyrannical with experience of the delights that power can afford.

Since power over human beings is shown in making them do what they would rather not do, the man who is actuated by love of power is more apt to inflict pain than to permit pleasure.

If you ask your boss for leave of absence from the office on some legitimate occasion, his love of power will derive more satisfaction from a refusal than from a consent. It is this sort of thing which makes the love of power such a dangerous motive.

Pingback: The China Buffet melanie's blog. I cannot argue with history, but I think China, South Korea and Japan could form an unbeatable strategic alliance regardless of their past problems if they wanted to. Adding Taiwan and Russia to the mix would create an alliance that no nation could ever argue with. China no longer needs to invade Taiwan, not do they want to. As soon as China and South Korea grasp that they basically own the world if they partnered, Japan would jump on that boat in a heartbeat, Taiwan would have no choice but to sign on, and Russia wouId probably be a very willing partner as well.

Then all of the problems we created in Asia would become their problems and North Korea, as a Kim dynasty would simply disappear.

If our bankers or whomever have stolen money at THAT level, our only currency is going to be bartering for food. You are commenting using your WordPress. The Juno Awards. March 25, Retrieved January 15, April 16, Retrieved April 16, Archived from the original on April 23, Retrieved May 1, Retrieved August 17, With 'DAMN. Retrieved April 8, Recording Industry Association of America.

Retrieved May 17, Retrieved November 1, Official Charts Company. Archived from the original on April 22, Retrieved December 5, Retrieved January 24, April 14, Retrieved January 22, April 17, Retrieved May 2, Hung Medien. Retrieved April 22, Australian Recording Industry Association.

Retrieved April 25, Note : On the chart page, select on the field besides the word "Zobrazit", and then click over the word to retrieve the correct chart data. GfK Entertainment Charts. Retrieved April 28, Irish Recorded Music Association. Polish Society of the Phonographic Industry. Retrieved May 18, Retrieved July 30, Gaon Music Chart. Retrieved January 5, Retrieved December 21, Retrieved January 11, Retrieved December 23, Archived from the original on August 15, Retrieved August 26, GfK Entertainment in German.

Retrieved December 29, Archived from the original Click on "Scarica allegato" and open the "Classifica annuale Album combined" file on January 8, Retrieved January 9, Recorded Music NZ.

Retrieved December 22, Retrieved January 16, Retrieved December 31, Retrieved January 3, Retrieved January 10, Retrieved January 8, Retrieved January 4, Retrieved June 19, Retrieved July 5, Retrieved November 15, July 30, Retrieved August 3, IFPI Austria. IFPI Denmark. Retrieved April 1, Retrieved July 3, Federazione Industria Musicale Italiana. Select "" in the "Anno" drop-down menu. Select "Album e Compilation" under "Sezione". Retrieved September 3, Nederlandse Vereniging van Producenten en Importeurs van beeld- en geluidsdragers.

Retrieved August 6, Enter Damn. Retrieved July 13, IFPI Norway. Retrieved January 13, Retrieved August 11, British Phonographic Industry. Retrieved May 5, Select albums in the Format field. Select Gold in the Certification field. Type Damn. Archived from the original on April 12, Retrieved April 11,

Sep 18,  · Mother's Talons is one of two digital b-sides available with the "Black Milk " vinyl postcard release by Pariso. The postcard has a re-recording of .

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