Stinjy Midgets - Stinjy Midgets (CD, Album)

Come out for a great evening of fun. Proceeds will be used for asbestos removal and building repairs. For advance Ucket purchas- es, raffle tickets or inforinadon, contact Vicki Rundle at A few weeks later, the house deal fell apart because MGM had found a house in Wisconsin they could use at no cost. For those readers who know her, Sciortino appears in a restaurant scene about a third of the way into the movie. She is sitting behind Melissa George. There were about 50 to 60 extras in the movie and all had their hair and make-up done, she said.

He's a real person, a super hard-worker and down to earth," she said. For local residents, here is a heads up about what local landmarks made it into tjie movie, besides the house.

There are also scenes shot in the library of St. Mary of the Lakes in Mundelein and a local restaurant. According to Sciortino, the rest of tlie audience thought the movie was plenty scary. It's based on a true story, as was the original. Sciortino said Douglas told a reporter die scariest part of the movie for him was when they filmed the little giri on top of the roof, in spite of all the precaudons that were taken. Main St. Call to confirm.

Call the foundalion at to learn inore. Breast Cancer Support. Milwaukee Ave. Call or or go to MfWW. Deep Lake Rd. Saturdays llirough May All Invited. Please call to Icam more. Illinois residents only. Parents Without Partners. Sunday, April 24 p. Adults only. Call or for Information. Monday, April 25 p. Call for details. Gall Debbie Davis at Community support group or women who are dealing with abuse in Uieir homes meets Mondays in Antioch.

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For reservations, call Gill him contemporary folk, blues, roots rock, American Fingerstyle or Americana. Regardless of the genres crossed, Kenning man- ages to leave every audience feeling like UieyVe just spent some quality time witli an old friend. Few artists are as capable of connecting so direct- ly with such diverse listeneis while playing over dates a year, receiving airplay on 40 stations nationwide, and selling 30,p!

But Kenning has shaped himself into one of tlie most capable performers on tlie planet, touring non-stop for Uie past decade. My goal is to journey witli all my listeners to tliis magical place," Kenning said. There are special hours on holidays. Tlie Meeting House will be open from noon to 3 p. Tliere will be a special opening on Memorial Day and die 4tii of July from 11 am to 2 p. If you have not seen tliis award-winning restoration project, come visit us tiiis spring or surtimer.

Formore information callWendyMaston at or Earl Beese at We are looking for volunteers who would like to help with tills project. We meet once a month to work on planning, cleaning, and planting. Our goals fo r this year are to continue to clear the wet- lands of Reed Canary Grass, European Bucktiiom, and Garlic Mustard, and to staiailize the shoreline by planting native plants.

We are also looking for someone to help us apply for grants and donations. You don't have to have a green thumb to join in; In fiact, most of us have brown thumbs If you can help, please caU Billie Horton, Department of Special Events at IF B47 22S Camp openings.

The 3amp Crayon Pre-School is for chil- dren 3 and 4 years old. Children must be toilet trained before entering tiie program and must turn tiirce by September 1 for the tiiree-year- old classes or four by September 1 for tiie four- year-old classes. Class will begin during tiie week of September 12, and run tiirough mid May, There are five payment sessions tiiroughout tiie year. Summer Day Camp is designed to pro- vide day care for children of working parents.

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Special dental chews, such as C. Good dental care begins at home and can save pain and expense in the long run. Dodger After coming in as a stray, tills black-and-white boy has become very sweet and laid back and loves attention. He is on a spe- cial diet for a urinary tract infection. Dodger is said 10 be good wiUi dogs or other cats.

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Refusing to "hide behind" oUicr artists' songs, Osmond has finally discovered "Wliat I Meant to Say,", a new album which he co- wrote and produced. Ttie lifelong entertainer will perform numerous songs from his 54tli album, which has won critical and commer- cial success, at the Genesee Theatre June 3, Osmond surrounded himself with capable songwriters and musicians, but found that the project's outcome depended on whetlier he alone could "come up with die goods.

A New York critic accused Osmond of "hiding behind other people's material your whole career," an insult made more injurious by its apparent truth. He told his co-writers that he wanted to stay away from "sappy," cliched love songs, but realized that such senUments flowed freely and hon- estly in his writing. His first single, "Breeze on By," resulted from a creative flash as capricious and whim- sical as its title. As diey relaxed in his swim- ming pool enjoying a perfect sun-blossomed afternoon, co-writer Gary Bariow said that he never enjoyed such days in England.

Over the telephone, Osmond sings liis rejoinder, "I got sunshine every day," and. Considerably more stress went into writ- ing "Whenever You're In Trouble," a song inspired by Osmond's year-bId son. Homesick while completing his two-year church mission in Scodand several months ago, the young man conversed for a half-hour via e-mail before finding peace with his fadier and saying goodbye.

Written to express Osmond's uncondi- tional love for his son, the song developed a greater significance when die singer's modier died during the album's recording. It was a pretty powerful moment, and I'll never for- get it. Osmond promised he would write a song for her when they were married more dian 2G years ago, and finally got around to completing the nag- ging household chore.

After presenting the song to her, Osmond said, his wife gave her approval by remarking, "All right, you've just bought yourself another 26 years. Local fans will hear a mix of old and new hits, as Osmond sings several tunes alone on stage and reprises favorites such as "Soldier of Love. Hearing a female fan accuse him of messing with her "memories," however, led him to closely the number.

He scoffs when asked what piece he would sing periectly if he could choose just one, calling per- fection a goal impossible to achieve. Allowing a deeper look into his psyche, Osmond said that die Genesee show would be a joy for his audience and himself. But her niodierhas convinced me it Wiisn't her time to go. One look in her grief-stricken face reveals a tmdi greater dian any Supreme Court Ruling. A modier knows her child , even when cxjjerts widi degrees and decrees say odier- wise.

I think of die gre- garious boy next-door who fills the room widi Schubert or Dixieland as he plays his beloved piano. His adoptive mom proudly looks on. If she had listened to the experts, her autistic son miglit still be on a back ward in Rumania or worse.

But a mom knows die tmih. I diink of co-work- er Julie, a single mom who diligendy aires for her disabled daughter widi littie diought of herself. Butjulie matter-of-factly faces her daugliter's many physical and mental challenges, and privately celebrates her accom- plishments.

Tliat's because a mom knows die trudi. I look at a photograph of my smiling nephew and his feisty modier. Nephew Darron just tumed 21 , but brain injured at birdi functions at die level of an infant.

Still Deb, a Biology professor teaching the best and die brightest, devotes every spare minute nltendlng to die needs of Uiis Joyful child. But a mom knows die tmdi. Ihcn I look at my own son. He came to us at3, asouilieni boy widi a beaming smile, ponylail, and die label "special needs.

Teachers who lacked die patience or understanding shunted him to a comer by himself. Imagine their surprise when he tested "gift- ed" in art. He now plans on going to college. No surprise to me, beauise I know the tnidi. So it's telling diat Terri Schiavo should face her maker after receiving Easier communion, her final meal being a drop of Clirist's blood.

Just as Modier Mary had to helplessly watch Jesus' slow, agonizing crucifixion. Tern's modi- er was forced to sit by while her child was con- demned and executed for die sin of living as an imperfect being. Both Mary and Tern's modier knew the inidi, but no one would listen. Corner of Rts. It rcnccts Cora's Greek lieritage as well as Soiiiiiem upbring- ing. Tlic easy-to-follow spanakopita recipe Spinach, Dill and Feta Baked in Phyllo features an unusual addition: a small amount of white rice that provides texture to tlie filling.

Tliough tlie recipe makes enough for a dozen eaters, it keeps well and can be prepared for a smaller group. Among otlicr interesting recipes are grilled asparagus with tangerine aioH, bell peppers stuffed witli meat and rice and tomato croquettes witli cucumber yogurt.

With each of the 4 batches of spmach, add one-half teaspoon sait add one-quarter teaspoon salt wHh the fifth and final bakh. Once the mbdure fs cooL add the fcta and pepper.

Brush the top witii oBve o3 and tirm the dough around the cc ges of the cfish with a fmifb or scissors. Shape mixture into d patties; set aside; In small bowl, com- bine rcinainliig sweet-and-sour sauce witli hot mustard; set aside.

Place patties on wet salt. Do not turn patties. Transfer burgers to plate and keep wann. Place one pineapple slice on bottom half of bun, then burger. Cover willi [op half of bun;seu'c. Use "your microwave oven for cooldiig and baking. That's right Our microwave ovens can help lis out to so many iriore ways.

Tlie latest microwave models, can do eveiytliitig from defrosting and cook- itig to simmering sauces and even baking. Preheat ilie oven to "?. Coat a 9-incli: round baking pan or a deep-dish pie plate' witli nonstick cooking spray. In a large bowli combine the flour, gran- ulated sugar, 2 tablespoons cocoa, the bak- ing powder, and salt. Add tlie milk, oil, and' vanilla; mix witli a spoon until smootli.

The Box Office opens 90 minutes before the performance begins. By Tom Witom "Lost Land," a new play by Stephen Jeffreys making its premiere at Cliicago's Steppenwolf Theatre, relies on historical fic- tion to probe family dynamics, political change in a war-ravaged country and perr sonal obligations.

World War i is nearing an end, and a wily govemment emissary, Miklos, has arrived at tlie casde to talk Count Krdstof, the lord of tiie manor, out of retirement and lure him back to political life in Budapest.

The Miklos character is. The old order is changing. The idea of peasants as property owners, particularly Hungarians who marry outsiders, is gaining currency. All too soon, however, Hungary finds itself in a Uglit spot under terms of tlie war setUement: the country faces the loss of two-tliirds of Its land and nearly half of its population. The play offers an ideal forum for Malkovich, wlio plays Kristof, die local land baron convinced partly out of guilt over his late father's unorthodox actions] of the necessity to redistribute certain parcels of vineyard land to Tamas Ian Barford , a peas- ant under his dominion.

One time the prime mover behind tlie development of his coun- try's railway system, Kristof now envisions a series of bridges that could facilitate com- merce widi the Russians. For Kristofs benefit, Anna plays dress- up and wears clothes Uiat once belonged to the late countess. How serious tlicir relation- ship is becomes clear in die final scene, just as how far Kristof is willing to be manipulat- ed by his devious antagonist Miklos. By the time Kristof returns from his mis- sion in Budapest, many of tlie peasants are fleeing die country, die vineyard is in ruins and the count's entire way of life forever dis- rupted.

Live Entertaiiitneitt Wed. Davito Mon. Entree Only Witii tills coupon. Valid thru , Not valid on holidays. Now Denisc is back in her hometovm, after her enormous- ly successful six year extended concert tour of some of the west coast's premier venues tliat brouglil her to wildly entliusi- astic audiences in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Beverly Hills, and Palm Springs, Starring in her new one-woriian tribute concert entitled Ix't Me Enterain You, Tomasello hon- ors legendary Chicago com- poser Jule Styne.

Milwaukee, Cliicago. Show times are 8 p. Due to tlie huge demand, reservations are higlily recommended by calling You may also visit wwwdemsetomasello. Tills marks Tomasello's first Chicago perfonnances at Davenports, since Denise's month long tun of SRO concerts in , whicli ranks as one of tlie most successful sliovys in tlie club's liistoiy.

A true original, noUiing compares to a perfor- mance by tills exhilarating performer tliat has made Tomasello one of tlie most talked about and exciting performers around.

Witli her dynamic voice, and engaging tlie crowd witli her sponta- neous, sharp, quick-witted repartee, Denise makes every perfonmaiice a unique and special experi- ence. She has also made annual appear- ances at tlie Taste of Chicago- the Midwest's largest music festival. Tills is a must-see show from one very special performer.

Witness first-hand why California's Orange County Register calls Denise and her one- woman concerts "Uie best show of its kind in tlie country! Tlie legendaiy composer Jule Styne was raised in Chicago from tlie age of 6.

Bom in , was a child prodigy and studied at tlie Qiicago College of Music. By the age of 12, he was already playing witli dieCliicago Symphony Orchestra- However, due to a factory injury on tlie second finger on his right hand, Styne's classical concert career ended. As a teen, he played mtli bands as well as pit piano in Chicago's buriesque houses. At age 21, to impress a giri, he wrote his first song. Ned Miller wrote the lyrics and tlie result was the song Sunday, which sold over , copies of sheet music.

Styne also worked at Chicago's Club witli Fanny Brice for four weeks. This would give Styne insiglit tliat he could call upon later when her wrote the music for Funny Girl, based on Brice's life starring Barbra Streisand.

In tlie eariy 30's he moved to New York and eventually found himself working as a vocal coach for 20 Century Fox studios in Hollywood. By , he teamed witli Sammy. Styne eventually moved his efforts to Broadway, and had his first smash witli 's High Button Shoes and scored a major triumph witli Gentleman Prefer Blondes, starring Carol Channing. The show ran for over! Styne continued to write scores for shows through 's Red Shoes, alUiough nothing matched his previous successes of Gypsy and Funny Giri.

He would later say, "I've led an exciting and productive life. And if I tliink about Gypsy. Tliat's a lot of talent for one show. And coupled wiUi the exciting perform- ing talent knovwi as Denise Tomasello, the pairing of Styne and Tomasello, promises to be pure entertainment mage. But at 4 p. Michael Flack, who will con- duct the C1. C bands, has played with Malone on several occasions.

You can see Malone live Sunday. Malone, who joined the CBS Orchestra In , plays trombone, trumpet, bass trom- bone, tenor sax, baritone sax, llute, piccolo and alto flute. He has contributed more than arrangements to the "Late Show. Eee-o eleven UrbDic Rush B Cyka Blyat Pimp Nails Backpedaling Anol The ultimate goal is to make the discographies here at Heavy Harmonies as complete as possible. Even if it is an obscure greatest-hits or live compilation CD, we want to add it to the site.

Please only submit official CD releases; no bootlegs or cassette-only or LP-only releases. EPs and CD-singles from Stinjy Midgets are also welcome to be added, as long as they are at least 4 songs in length. See all Midget from midge , a sand fly [2] is a term for a person of unusually short stature that is considered by some to be pejorative. It may also refer to anything of much smaller than normal size, as a synonym for "miniature", [10] such as a midget cell , a midget crabapple , a midget submarine , MG's Midget , Daihatsu's Midget , and the Midget Mustang airplane ; or to anything that regularly uses anything that is smaller than normal other than a person , such as midget car racing and quarter midget racing ; or a smaller version of play or participation, such as midget golf ; or to anything designed for very young i.

Merriam-Webster dictionary states that the first use of the term "midget" was in Midgets have always been popular entertainers, but were often regarded with disgust and revulsion in society. In the early 19th century, however, midgets were romanticized by the middle class and regarded with the same affectionate condescension extended to children, as creatures of innocence. Barnum indirectly helped popularize the term "midget" when he began featuring General Tom Thumb , Lavinia Warren and Commodore Nutt in his circus.

Such performances continued to be widespread through the mid part of the twentieth century, with Hermines Midgets brought from their performances in Paris to appear at the New York World's Fair , [17] the same year that MGM released The Wizard of Oz , which featured midgets in its cast, most of whom were from the Singer's Midgets troupe.

When interviewed for a piece, performers engaged in ongoing " Midget Wrestling " events stated that they did not view the term "Midget Wrestling" as derogatory, but merely descriptive of their small size; however, others responding to the piece disagreed, with one stating that the performances themselves perpetuated an outdated and demeaning image.

Towards the end of the twentieth century, the word became considered by some as a pejorative term when in reference to people with dwarfism. There have been movements to remove use of the word "midget" from age classification categories in youth sports, with Hockey Canada announcing that it would refer to the division as "U18" in , as part of a wider renaming scheme.

1: 1. partial cd list 1, Pleasures - 1, Pleasures () A.D - A.D () 5 Guns West Bad Boys Of Rock N Roll.

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  1. The music discographies on this site are works in progress. If you notice that a particular Stinjy Midgets CD release or compilation is missing from the list above, please submit that CD using the CD submission ultimate goal is to make the discographies here at Heavy Harmonies as complete as possible.
  2. Profile Florida based hard rock outfit Stinjy Midgets released their one and only album back in from Elk Records, produced by Buddy DePrisco and the band in very limited copies, a mixture of melodic hard rock tunes and metal with speedy guitar riffs and gang vocals covered by strong production for an indie. The same Gordon Sims played bass 10/10(2).
  3. Explore releases from Midgets at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Midgets at the Discogs Marketplace.
  4. The Singer Midgets, Actor: The Wizard of Oz. The Singer Midgets is an actor, known for The Wizard of Oz (), Wee Men () and Skirts ().
  5. Midgets Lyrics: I Be Gettin them Midgets (2x) / Lick em Like licorice and After that I Stick em Like Some Magnets / (2x) / I be gettin them midgets, They be giving me their digits / I call em up.
  6. Jan 21,  · Album Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story "Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" Funny midget music video YouTube; Let Me Hold You (Little Man) - Duration: John C. Reilly - .
  7. Midget (from midge, a sand fly) is a term for a person of unusually short stature that is considered by some to be pejorative. While not a medical term, it has been applied to persons of unusually short stature, often with the medical condition dwarfism, particularly proportionate dwarfism.. It may also refer to anything of much smaller than normal size, as a synonym for "miniature", such as a.
  8. Midgets have skills no ordinary people have. For example, a midget can headbutt a guy right in the nuts.

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