Nuoruusaika - K. Juva & Haavekuva - K. Juva & Haavekuva (CD, Album)

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Not all sets were sold, some people reserved copies but didn't pick them up in the weeks to come, so Pete offered the remaining ones via E-Mail. I hadn't checked my mailbox for some days, so the E-Mail wasn't fresh anymore when I finally read it but I was still able to purchase a complete set of singles before some crazy Japanese could buy them all.

All five singles come in the same company sleeve, specially printed. On the front it has the Goofin' logo and on the back the list of the five 45s. The first single is by the Hal Peters Trio. These guys have been around for centuries and played Authentic Rockabilly ages before it was called Authentic Rockabilly. They do two cover-versions in best Sun-Rockabilly tradition. Mystery Train is an old finnish Rockabilly band that originally started in the late 70s, in the mid 80s took a long break and now is back on Suomi's Rockabilly stages up and down the country.

They do an original and a cover-version of the obscure 50s song 'Rockin' Ghosts', originally by Little Gerhard from Sweden. Maybe more about him in this blog later. Two live recordings were chosen for the single.

The undisputed winner 45 is the return of another Finland Rockabilly veteran, Buck Jones, who is backed by his band the Billyhowgs. Both songs are originals, sound great and rock. Very nice, even when the song title is a bit creepy. The last single is by the relatively new band B. Cupp and the Strapless Trio whom I like much better than B. Cupp with the Fill-Ups. They also provide two decent sounding 50s Rockabilly numbers, both covers, and Side A is the winner. Just today when surfing the net I saw copies of these 45s available for reasonable prices, so go record hunting now!

You might regret it one day if you don't! Posted by Bop-A-Saurus at 2 comments:. Now as the biggest city in Finland is Helsinki with about I have never been there but I know a few Mikkeli Psychobillies and one Skinhead and can say that they are among the finest young men I have had the pleasure to meet while in Finland. I think they didn't try very hard because the last time they signed in to their MySpace site was Febuary In the band recorded their only album 'A Date With I remember thinking 'The band name is so stupid, the record must be shit.

After I had moved to Finland I started to hear good things about the band and their album so I tried to track down the LP but had no success. No surprise as I found out now. It seems it was released on CD only. But thanks to certain blogs where you can get download links for long time OOP records, I finally got the album and I'm happy I didn't spend any money on it because I think it is boring and bad.

No doubt, the guys were heavily influenced by the Neo-Rockabilly style of Restless but like most other bands who tried before to recreate that style they failed. The guitar playing is light-years behind the virtuosity of Harman, it sometimes even sounds as if the guitar was out of tune, and when, for a change, a song has some nice traditional Rockabilly guitar-picking it gets ruined by the bad voice of the singer.

The 90s were terrible boring years for Neo-Rockabilly and Psychobilly and this album is proof to that. But I wouldn't be surprised if it's a cult-classic in Japan. They adore bands there nobody in Europe cares about. Monday, January 4, Slap That Bass. Their old doghouse-bass slapper Karel, who had replaced original slapper Bart of Peter Pan Speedrock fame moves to Sweden Hello neighbour! The band will start recording a new album soon.

Original Mad Sin member and bass-player Holly is more busy than ever it seems. After playing the bass on both Bela B. Something he didn't do after the first Bela B. But that ain't all. Good ole Holly plays in a bunch of other bands at the moment: 1 'The Wasted'. So not much -billy for Holly at the moment it seems. Doyley is on guitar and Ginger on drums. Hell Yeah! This finally is a rockin' good read. Okay, the quality is not the best it is photocopied , the layout isn't fancy, it is hard to get each issue had a rather limited edition and was published years ago and most of it is in German but still.

This is a must have for every serious fan and collector of Teddyboy bands. Let alone the promo and live pictures of the legendary Ted-bands are worth tracking down this ace zine, but the best thing are imo the extensive discographies. Of course it can be frustrating to see how many records one is till missing and sometimes didn't even know existed, but it's also good to know that they are out there. And everyone else of course with a serious interest in this great music.

Spin That 45 - Part 1: White Lightning. If you are a die hard collector of Teddyboy and 80s Neo-Rockabilly records you probably have heard of Kees 'Spider' Dekker. And in White Lightning. It is in fact the label's first release, dating back to Let me tell you, this is one fine piece of vinyl.

It is one of the best contemporary Rockabilly records I have listened to in a long time, and yes, 11 years ago still counts as contemporary to me. The dutch 4-piece plays straight 50s Rockabilly and opposite to many of the so-called authentic bands whose albums are often available on CD only.

Wow, how authentic is THAT!? I couldn't find any info on the band on the net nor a MySpace site so you just have to trust me on this one. There also is no download link. I can't rip vinyl. Just order this nice 7" that actually plays on 33 from your fave Rock'n'Roll mailorder, put in on the player, put the needle in the groove and enjoy!

Finland has been a Rockabilly country since the 70s and even when the heydays with Rockabilly chewing gum and Crazy Cavan Jeans are over, you can still find tons of bands all over the country, from the South up to Lapland, from the Russian border to the West coast, playing that crazy beat, no matter if Authentic, Neo or Teddyboy style.

So it's not surprising that even one of Finland's most ugly places no, not Vantaa has a Rockabilly band. HUOM Muista aina laittaa puh. Kun teet tilauksesi aamulla klo Tilauksia kotitoimitellaan maanantaista perjantaihin klo Kaikki laskutuskuukauden aikana tehdyt tilaukset kootaan yhdelle laskulle.

Ei tilinavausmaksua. Toggle navigation Toggle cart Hae. Asiakaspalvelu Kannet mainiossa kunnossa. Records Julkaisuvuosi Kulumaa kansissa. Kaaos : Totaalinen kaaos Kokoelma. Hieman kulumaa kansissa.

Kaikkonen, Ilpo : Vol.

K Juva&Haavekuva. tykkäystä. Orkesteri.

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  1. K. Juva & Haavekuva on samannimisen suomalaisen yhtyeen studioalbumi vuodelta Äänityksestä ja miksauksesta on vastannut T. T. Oksala ja masteroinnista Mika Jussila.. Albumi on RPR Recordsin tuotantoa. Yhtiön osoite on ollut Valtakatu 3, lirichildbagcalot.smutuatiminincolthuadyrocirrrighces.costa on vastannut Musiikkijakelu Oy, Puistomäenkatu 49, Turku, CD-levyjä on valmistanut CD Formaatti: CD-levy.
  2. Sep 08,  · Angelina Jordan - Bohemian Rhapsody - America's Got Talent: The Champions One - January 6, - Duration: Clark Destry Recommended for you.
  3. Levykauppa Äx: K. Juva & Haavekuva: K. Juva & Haavekuva: Käytetty CD. Muutama kuukausi sitten tilasin Teiltä The Robots:n levyn We Are Everywhere.
  4. K. Juva & Haavekuva ** K. Juva & Haavekuva 1 ** CD ostettavissa hintaan 4,95 € paikkakunnalla ISOKYRÖ. Osta heti tästä!
  5. & Haavekuva *Stina* Ilmoita. Missä on & Haavekuva nykyään? En ole mitään kuullut aikoihin, mutta Haavekuva on .
  6. K. Juva & Haavekuva - K. Juva & Haavekuva ‎ (CD, Album) RPR Records (2) RPRCD Finland: Sell This Version: AXR: Danny (13).
  7. K Juva&Haavekuva. tykkäystä. Orkesteri. Facebook näyttää tietoja, joiden avulla ymmärrät sivun tarkoitusta paremmin.
  8. & Haavekuva. Hellästi huulemme yhteen tarttuu. Sormesta sormeen sormukset vaihtuu. Sinä katsot mua minä katson sua. Onnellinen on hetkemme tuo. Kaksi rakastavaista on toisensa löytäneet. Onnemme tää on toisenlaista. Tuntuu kuin lentäisimme satumaassa. Sinä odotat mua minä odotan sua.

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