Mort dUne Vestale - Celestia - A Cave Full Of Bats (CD)

Some of the cave entrances were used as shelters by the indigenous Temuan people a tribe of Orang Asli. As early as , Chinese settlers began excavating guano for fertilising their vegetable patches. However, they became famous only after the limestone hills were recorded by colonial authorities including Daly and Syers as well as American Naturalist, William Hornaday in Batu Caves was promoted as a place of worship by K.

Thamboosamy Pillai , an Indian trader. He was inspired by the vel -shaped entrance of the main cave and was inspired to dedicate a temple to Lord Murugan within the caves. Wooden steps up to the Temple Cave were built in and have since been replaced by concrete steps.

Of the various cave temples that comprise the site, the largest and best known is the Temple Cave, so named because it houses several Hindu shrines beneath its high vaulted ceiling. In August the steps were painted in an extraordinary colour scheme, with each set of steps painted in a different range of colours.

However, accusations were almost immediately made by the National Heritage Department for a breach of law requiring authorisation for renovations within metres of a heritage site.

The temple's management disputed their failure to receive authorisation. Rising almost m above the ground, the Batu Caves temple complex consists of three main caves and a few smaller ones. The biggest, referred to as Cathedral Cave or Temple Cave, has a very high ceiling and features ornate Hindu shrines.

To reach it, visitors must climb a steep flight of steps. At the base of the hill are two more cave temples, Art Gallery Cave and Museum Cave, both of which are full of Hindu statues and paintings. This complex was renovated and opened as the Cave Villa in Many of the shrines relate the story of Lord Murugan 's victory over the demon Soorapadman. An audio tour is available to visitors. The Ramayana Cave is situated to the extreme left as one faces the sheer wall of the hill. The consecration ceremony of the temple was held in November The Ramayana Cave depicts the story of Rama in a chronicle manner along the irregular walls of the cave.

It is the tallest Lord Murugan statue in the world. It also performs the role of Hindu Religious Consultant to the Government of Malaysia in determining the Hindu yearly calendar.

There are various undeveloped caves which contain a diverse range of cave fauna, including some unique species, such as trapdoor spiders Liphistius batuensis and fruit bats Eonycteris. The security measures include motion sensors, silent alarms, steel and lead mechanical doors which could lock a person in or out, and a security mode which is specifically designed to stop if not eliminate all Justice League members in the event that any of them go rogue.

After Bruce Wayne's 'death' during the Final Crisis , Two-Face managed to infiltrate the cave with the aid of a psychic analyzing a batarang to 'sense' where it was forged and then hiring Warp to teleport him into it, something that Two-Face had never been able to do before as Batman used various spells and equipment to shield the cave which his allies either never knew about or had discontinued as they no longer used the cave themselves following Bruce's death. Despite Two-Face successfully breaking into the cave, Dick Grayson, acting as the new Batman, is able to convince Dent that he is the same man and has just adopted new methods, preserving Batman's secrets as Dent is rendered unconscious before he can find the location of the cave.

The cave stores unique memorabilia items collected from the various cases Batman has worked on over the years. Originally, these were stored in a room designed just for them; it was explained that Batman and Robin took one memento from each case. Later, the trophies were shown to be in the large main area of the cave, residing among the rest of the Batcave's furnishings.

The most regularly featured trophies are a full-size animatronic Tyrannosaurus Rex , a giant replica of a Lincoln penny , and an oversized Joker playing card.

The T. Rex comes from an adventure on " Dinosaur Island " Batman 35, ; the penny was originally a trophy from Batman's encounter with a penny-obsessed villain named the Penny Plunderer World's Finest Comics 30, , but was later retconned into being from an encounter with Two-Face. These three stories were reprinted in Batman Modern retellings of the items' origins can be found in Batman Chronicles stories in issue 8 "Secrets of the Batcave: Dinosaur Island" and issue 19 "The Penny Plunderers".

A story in Batman 81 featured Two-Face tying Batman and Robin to a giant replica of his silver dollar coin. This story was the basis for an episode of Batman: The Animated Series wherein Batman gains the giant coin from that encounter; this has caused widespread confusion as to the actual origin of the coin trophy.

Other pieces often shown in the Batcave are Two-Face's original coin, Deathstroke 's sword the owner of which Batman has fought at least twice , the shroud of the vampiric Monk , and oversized ten-pins.

There is also a glass case display of Jason Todd 's Robin costume as a memorial to him, with the epitaph "A Good Soldier", which remains even after Todd's resurrection.

Barbara Gordon 's Batgirl costume also remains on display. After the Flashpoint comic book storyline, a letter written by a Thomas Wayne from an alternate timeline addressed to Bruce Wayne has lain in a display case, as a reminder of Thomas Wayne's love for his son and encouraging him to move on from his tragic past.

The Outsiders were, for a time, based out of a Batcave in Los Angeles. When Jean Paul Valley takeover the role of Batman, Tim Drake establishes his own safe house using an abandoned barn nearby Wayne Manor and his own house. After Bane 's attack during the Knightfall story arc, Bruce Wayne swore that he'd never be caught unprepared to defend Gotham City ever again.

One such Batcave was given to Batgirl , below a house owned by Bruce Wayne himself, during a point where her identity was compromised after she saved a man from rogue government agents, meaning that she could not walk around without a mask. Although Wayne Manor collapses into the remains of the cave, part of the tunnel system is still intact, with Batman establishing his lair there in the story's second sequel, Crimson Mist , after he surrenders to his new vampire instincts.

Despite the collapse of the manor, the cave interior appears mostly intact, with the giant penny, the T-Rex and the Batmobile shown to be undamaged, although there is also a deep chasm within walking distance of the areas where Batman kept the aforementioned items when he was human. At the story's conclusion, Commissioner Gordon sets off explosive charges to destroy the cave's roof, letting the sun into the cave once again in order to destroy the monster that Batman has become once and for all.

In Batman: Brotherhood of the Bat , some years after Bruce Wayne's death and humanity's decimation by a virus unleashed by Ra's al Ghul, Ra's takes control of the Batcave and uses some of Bruce's sketches of possible costumes to create an army of Bat-men based on Bruce's rejected costume designs.

Eventually, this 'Brotherhood' is infiltrated by Tallant, the son of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul, who is able to destroy the Brotherhood from within using his father's own costume, culminating in him defeating his grandfather in a duel in the cave.

In the alternate reality of Flashpoint , the Batcave- here used by Thomas Wayne rather than Bruce- is far smaller and more run-down than the traditional version, containing merely a couple of tables for Thomas to work on his equipment and a medical area, with a conventional computer in the upper manor, reflecting Thomas's more brutal and solitary M.

In the 31st century, the Batcave has been long abandoned, although Cosmic Boy , Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad briefly infiltrate the cave while looking for evidence that Krypton existed to counter the xenophobic claims of the Justice League of Earth that Superman was a human given powers to fight against aliens.

In a possible future, Bruce Wayne has used a machine to download his memories and training- up to the point where he witnesses the bat and makes his vow to become Batman- into a series of clones of himself, each one aged to a point where they can act as Batman for around twenty-five years before they need to activate the new clone. By the time that the tenth generation clone is created, the Batcave has become a vast workshop, including a flying Batmobile, a robotic shark as a trophy, and costumes in glass cases, but the older Batman informs the new one that the contents of the cave will be burned upon his death so that the new Batman can make room for his own things while using the recorded memories to keep track of anything important from the past.

In the comic book continuation of the television series Smallville , Batman has a safe house in the form of a cargo ship, known as "Leviathan", docked at a hub in Metropolis. It is registered to a shell corporation in the Caribbean , thus protecting Bruce Wayne's secret. However, it is compromised by the Intergang , Prankster , and Mister Freeze.

Lex Luthor is also aware of Leviathan's location due to his tracking of Superman 's radiation signature with his satellites. In the comic book series Batman Beyond 2. He now uses Dick Grayson's apartment as his base of operations. When Terry is seriously injured in a battle with Rewire, he wakes up in the Batcave where Bruce has treated his injuries and left information regarding Rewire himself. He arrived there due to a built in subroutine in the suit that if the user is seriously injured or falls unconscious, the suit becomes automated and returns the user to the Batcave.

After arriving in the universe controlled by the Justice Lords Terry encounters a version of himself who is a member of the Jokerz known as " T ". A gang of Jokerz then proceed to attack them with T giving Terry enough time to make his way to the badly damaged Batcave.

After exploring the cave he finds a number of damaged display cases which contain an unknown Batgirl suit, Justice Lord Batman suit and a Red Robin suit. He then discovers an armored and more powerful version of his own Batsuit which is powered by synthetic Kryptonite. After defeating the Jokerz gang he is confronted by Justice Lord Superman. Following the defeat of Lord Superman, T and Dick Grayson of the Justice Lords universe begin repairs to the Batcave and to the suit Terry found with the intention of T taking over as the new Batman and Dick becoming his mentor.

They later help send Terry back to his own universe. The Batcave first became part of the Batman mythos in the chapter movie serial Batman starring Lewis Wilson. In this version, as later in the comics, it was a small cave with a desk and rock walls lit up by candles.

Behind the desk is a large black bat symbol. The cave is connected to a crime lab. Bats were depicted as flying around the cave, although only their shadows were visible. Batman uses these bats as a scare tactic to make an apprehended enemy reveal information. To prevent the enemy from escaping, an iron door covers the exit. The Batcave was also featured and expanded on in the serial Batman and Robin starring Robert Lowery.

In this serial, there are filing cabinets and the cave now has a crime lab built in. The cave also contains the first incarnation of a batphone.

The s live-action Batman TV series featured the Batcave extensively, and portrayed it as a large but well-lit cavern containing an atomic power generator, a chemistry lab, punch-card computers, [4] and other electronic crime-fighting devices, almost always prominently labeled with their function.

In this incarnation, it primarily served as a crime lab and garage for the Batmobile. When Bruce and Dick slide down these Bat-Poles, they are instantly outfitted in their costumes before reaching the landing pads at the bottom. The Bat-Poles can also be used to lift Bruce and Dick up from the Batcave to Wayne Manor by use of the steamjet-propelled landing pads. The Batcave is also accessible via a service elevator which is used by Alfred.

The actual cave that the Batmobile is shown emerging from and sometimes entering in the TV show is located in the man-made filming location known as the " Bronson Caves ," in Griffith Park , below the Hollywood Sign. The cave is present in Tim Burton 's Batman feature film. The cave is shown to house the Batmobile , which is parked on a turntable-like platform at the edge of a large chasm filled with pipes.

A huge switch turns on the lights in the cave. There are also bats roaming the cave. The cave also features the Batcomputer, which is on a metal platform. There is also an office-like workstation, some unspecified machinery and a large vault for Batman's costume. Alfred also confirms, in a throwaway remark, that there is a staircase to the cave.

The cave was huge and well lit and featured a forensics lab, a computer, unspecified machines, a closet for the costumes, the Batmobile, and its repair tools.

In this film, the Batcave is accessed through a rotating shelf which led to a staircase in Wayne Manor's silver closet, the only room in the mansion that is kept locked. The cave can also be reached via a secret tunnel system from Bruce Wayne's office at Wayne Enterprises, through which he rides down in a capsule. The capsule has a communication device Bruce used to communicate with Alfred. The cave features the main computer, as well as a crime lab most of the machinery is unspecified as well as a canal, which provides access to the sea for the Batboat.

The cave also includes a lengthy tunnel used to launch the Batwing, which emerges from the cliffs underneath Wayne Manor. The cave features a rotating turntable that rises out of the floor, holding the Batmobile , and a large dome-like structure where Bruce's Batsuits and gadgets are stored.

During an invasion of Wayne Manor by Riddler and Two Face, Riddler destroys the Batcomputer, the crime lab, every Batsuit except for a prototype with a new sonar system, and the Batmobile, although there is a lower section containing the Batboat and the Batplane that Batman and the new Robin use to confront the villains.

In the deleted scenes, the Batcave has a secret section that Bruce fell as a child during the funeral of their parents. In Cameroon, it is called the "Olitiau," an immense bat creature that was seen by famed naturalist Ivan T. Sanderson in while on expedition. In Senegal, the creature is called "Guiafairo. Corporal Latrel Wade is attacked, killed, and even partially decapitated by an unknown flying creature.

They appear to take no notice when Quote approaches them. Bats may also fly in a horizontal wave-like pattern, emerging from behind screens or the far side of a wall. Bats with this similar characteristic can be found in the Plantation or the Last Cave. Some bats, when passed from underneath, will dive to the ground in an attempt to hit Quote. When a bat dives, it reveals its teeth and moves downwards until it hits the ground, of which it will resume its regular flying pattern. If Quote continually moves in this situation, free from obstacles, a diving bat will not hurt him.

Bats are used as boss attacks in the solo battles Quote fights against Misery as well as the Muscle Doctor. Bats also make an appearance in the battle against the Undead Core. As Misery teleports within the area, she eventually spawns empty black circles that deal damage to Quote upon contact.

Black metal/Blackened Thrash ; Death metal ; Doom/Stoner/Sludge/Retro/Occult ; Glam/Sleeze/Hardrock ; Gothic rock/New Wave.

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  1. Tracks from "A Cave Full Of Bats" CD (Drakkar, ).Track 5 from "A Cave Full Of Bats / Live Vort 'n' Vis - Belgium 27/05/00" Cass (Legion, ).Tracks from "Awakening Of The Dormant Fiancée (Promo Tape 00)" Cass (Private, ).Track 11 from "Prostitue-Toi Au Diable" Cass (Paleur Mortelle, ).Tracks from "A Dying Out Ecstasy" Cass (Drakkar, )/5(15).
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  3. Discogs: Cassette, A Cave Full Of Bats / Live Vort 'n' Vis - Belgium 27/05/ リリースのクレジット、レビュー、トラックを確認し、購入。/5(4).
  4. CELESTIA: Retrospectra by Apparitia Recordings, released 20 November 1. A dying out ecstasy (A Cave Full of Bats EP) 2. A silent night in a silent castle (A Cave Full of Bats EP) 3. The forest was a neverending place (A Cave Full of Bats EP) 4. Prisoner of a morbid cradle (A Cave Full of Bats EP) 5. Mort d'une vestale (A Cave Full of Bats EP) 6.
  5. Side A (tracks 1 to 5) is the re-release of the band's "A Cave Full Of Bats" EP including the bonus track "Mort d'une Vestale". Side B (tracks 6 to 15) contains a live performance recorded in .
  6. Celestia - A Cave Full of Bats - Music. Skip to main content Hello, Sign in A Cave Full of Bats EP. Celestia (Artist Audio CD, EP, January 1, "Please retry" $ — $ Audio CD $ 1 Used from $ Special offers and product promotions. Amazon Business: For business-only pricing, quantity discounts.
  7. Celestia / Retrospectra (年) A Cave Full Of Bats ( EP) 1. A dying out ecstacy [] 2. A silent night in a silent castle [] 3. The forest was a neverending place [] 4. Prisoner of a morbid cradle [] 5. Mort d'une vestale [] Awakening Of The Dormant Fiancée ( demo) 6. Spectra [] 7. Immortal floating shadow [3.
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