Make An Effort - Hold My Own - Life In The Chains (CDr, Album)

But it's not the chain that limits him. It's what he thinks about the chain. I've thought about Nita many times over the last several years. As a survivor of child sexual abuse myself, I was transfixed by her personal testimony. She was a 17 year old survivor of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse by a close relative.

Though she spoke of the experience with boldness, I could hear the grief and pain, the loss of innocence, the loss of self-esteem, and the betrayal of what should have been an intimate family relationship. In her first session with a Christian counselor, she said, "I'll never have a normal life. But she decided not let the chains of her past paralyze her in the present.

I hope she achieved that goal. There are many more Nitas out there. All in all rather a botched job probably organised by accountants than anyone with a love for the music. Wow, I did check out soundcloud and they are certainly not the original extended mixes. Expect a huge backlash. I have listened to them as well and they are new extended versions which I think is really underhand that they have not stated this.

You can listen to them on soundcloud as clips. The official website has now been updated to make this clear. Someone there must be reading here. Makes the non-appearance of an extended Night Train all the more mysterious.

Am I missing something, what is the value of a download of an album that is already included? So will that be included on the CDr? Does that mean that the downloadable album and CDr album have slightly different versions from the regular CD version?

The extended version CD has some new to CD original extended versions it seems. I agree this is a missed opportunity. Especially entire disks of them. Now, if they had done CDs of the stems so you could make your own mixes…. Hello Paul this makes my day!! I read that you were in Berlin.

Sadly i was in New York to organize a forthcoming exhibition of my works. You are always welcome in Berlin! Do I read this correctly? They can press 6 CDs for a boxset but have to stick those to a CDR… I can absolutely see no logical point in this decision. I am sure it will be difficult to sell the copies currently available. There is not a need for a Visage box-set… but perhaps deluxe editions of the first two albums only. I bought the cassette of The Anvil on release back in and I recall the whispered girly voices were far more prominent you could clearly hear what they were saying than the CD versions which came later.

The 7 cd limited edition set looks like quite a limited run. Really looks like a case of forced double dipping. Great news! Another wasted opportunity again as the Extended Versions and Remixes is missing Night Train yet we get a extended version of On We Go which was an album track and never released as a single.

I have bought this anyway from the official shop but it should have been a double CD. Really are plumbing the depths here.. The remixes CD does look pretty good, even if not complete. Human League take note. The Nanas and Dead or Alive sets are the template now — Gather everything together and fans will happily fork out a decent sum. I pretty much doubt it is The Human League who set the price for their latest release, that would be the record company.

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Apr 01,  · "Chains" composed by Brill Building team Goffin & King, was a major hit for Little Eva's backing singers The Cookies. It was a popular cover song for Liverpool bands, including the Beatles (

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  1. I grind hard and I must hold my own Coming from the gutter It's so hard to get ahead Taking no one's bullshit and working for my bread The future don't look positive, the rat race holds me down What a struggle keeping two feet on the ground Someday I'll have my peace of mind I'll keep fightin', one day I will find A decent life where self.
  2. Hold On Lyrics: I know this pain (I know this pain) / Why do you lock yourself up in these chains? (These chains) / No one can change your life except for you / Don't ever let anyone step all over.
  3. Dec 02,  · Make a plan of attack to break the chains that hold you down. Therapy with a qualified counselor, support groups, changing who you hang out with, build a support network of compassionate and understanding friends, listen to positive music and a faith community that gives graces and love freely are all ways to help smash those chains.
  4. Aug 04,  · Hold On For Your Life Lyrics: The night is blind, so hard to find / The way back home / Losing grip, but it's worth the risk / To brave the cold / No matter where you go, I'll find you / .
  5. A Stonsey, two-guitar rocker, "Hold My Life" also brings to mind Westerberg's other musical heroes, Alex Chilton's Big Star. The song is a memorable, singalong pop melody, played with a bit of the edge that is held over from their early days as a punk rock garage band.
  6. Jan 14,  · "Take These Chains from My Heart" is a single by Hank Williams with His Drifting Cowboys, written by Fred Rose and Hy Heath. The song was the last of Hank Williams' country number-one hits. The song reached Number One on the Billboard Country & Western Best Sellers chart.
  7. After writing 13 Inspirational Movies With Important Life Lessons To Learn last week, I was inspired to rewatch Click. The last time I saw it was a few years back and it's been a while. So last weekend, I went out, got a copy and watched it. This is my fourth time watching it (love the movie:D) and like all movies, you kind of pick up something new each time you watch it.
  8. Oct 03,  · Provided to YouTube by CDBaby Chains Around My Heart · William Duvall One Alone ℗ Dvl Recordings, LLC Released on: Auto-generated by YouTube.

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