Main Nadiya Ki Dhaara - Ravi - Naag Panchami (Vinyl)

Post 5. As usual SKS, you have taken the initiative and again excellent job. You deserve the credit given to you by Omkar. Thanx buddy. As is said, doing 'Shri Ganesh' with Omkar's request. Peene Se Pilaney Se. Post 6. Post 7. Post 8. Post 9. Chal Shuru Hoja - Humjoli. Post Lovely title Mehmood in a Triple Role. Omkar, the song at 9 is actually "Peene Se Pilane Se" i have corrected it now Here is your song from Jawaab Fast Reply.

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Like this: Like Loading He took it to heart if his film did not get box-office success. Talking about film Hamara Ghar , Venkataraman ji and Hans bhai have brought out that the film had 6 duets and a triad. Very remarkable! I cannot say about older films, but onwards very few films had more than total 8 songs. Naturally having more than 4 duets was a rarity. Rang bhari holi aayi, rang bhari holi Ho man me umang nayi tan me tarang nayi Masti me jhum rahi jhum rahi Masti me jhum rahi masto ki toli Rang bhari holi aayi, rang bhari holi.

I think, I could hear another female voice at for 5 seconds Or is it due to overdose of dreams! Posting a sweet and simple duet from Maya Bazar. Its not raining but its pouring kettles. Monsoon effects us for some happiness. Happy I am when I listen to unheard songs posted by esteem members of this group. Yes, Alladin hai jahan Chitragupt hain wahan. Now I have watched it. I agree with you that she is very genuine and very moved talking about Rafi.

She has added to the many stories of his generosity. What a person he was. Thanks for the link. Incidentally Naache Nagin Baaje Been had five duets, four of which are absolutely superb. Three I have posted, another Chale ho kahan sarkar humein beqaraar kar ke is also very popular.

Venkataramanji 81, Mat poochhiye dil hai kahan is a very nice Mukesh-Rafi duet. It is rare to see Mukesh take lead over Rafi in a jovial song. You are right, there seems to be another female voice for a few seconds.

Since it is a Holi song one of the chorus singers might have sung out of line in excitement. This song was earlier posted by Dr Deshpande KS Bhatiaji 86, Ho sake to dil ke badle dil de is a very nice song.

Bandaparwar mohabbat ka salam le lijiye is in the traditional qawwali songs which is becoming extinct from our films. Rafi, Geeta Dutt — Anjum Jaipuri Ho chat mangni to pat shaadi na dil ko todo ji bade lafde hai shaadi mein ye lafde chhodo ji. Rafi, Lata — Prem Dhawan Duniya hai aisi chaalbaaz koi na jane iska raaz apna banake de jaye dhokhan duniya hai aisi chaalbaaz.

Rafi, Geeta, Usha — Prem Dhawan Dhinak dhinak dhinak nach ambuwa ki daal pe jhoole pade sawan mein tere sang naina lade. So he was present on the sets for rehearsals and recordings. And if he was there it was natural that he would offer advice in the music department too, which was valued because of his long experience in such movies. Since this was one of the guru-chela team which had a lot of mutual respect, it was proper that Chitragupta perhaps insisted on coopting the name of his esteemed guru.

Even if that was not the case, I think it proper to give credit to both of them rather than take away credit from both of them. We can not forward the argument that since they mostly worked separately, they have no right to be given credit if they occasionally came together. Vasant Desai and C Ramchandra have worked together in a few films. Should we deprive them both of the credit of scoring music in those films.

I watched this film in cinema hall and it had a quite good run in Haryana. Dekhoji akeli aaya jaya na karo — Pyar ki Rahen. Kanu Ghosh Roy gave a good panjabi touch to the songs in that film. Geeta Dutt was always great in such songs. In the second song he is very punctual of time and very particular about the cosmetics. She has to come at four with solah singar. I think he gave her exact time because even if she started on the solah singaar early in the morning, it was likely she missed coming whole day because of being busy in singaar.

In the other song there is no need to set the time because this is an instant invitation and that too from the female and the males hardly miss any such chance. Hansji 93, Thank you for your response to some of the songs posted here.

I once again maintain it requires an expertise on expression and language to analyse the lyrics. That is reference to your last part. Full credits to Chitragupt and S N Tripathi. Moreover they belonged to the same Gharana.

I think Dilip Dholakia also belongs to this Gharana. The credit should go to both for their respective contributions. I would like to bring to your notice, information that I came across recently.

And till then that was the information available to us. In course of my search to find out, if this pair had scored music for any other movies, I came across the information that actually they were Vasant Pawar and Ramchandra Wadhavkar. It is a typical situational song of Kishore Kumar.

I have seen this information in the article of Arunji, which I read in the link posted by him in a comment in Naseem Bano post. If he has changed that information then, he must have come across some new facts. Thanks for the info. Chitragupta composed duets in which Rafi was involved. Of these were male-female duets, 11 male-male and 12 songs involved three or 4 singers.

He was paired with 11 female singers for male-female duets and 3 other females other than those 11 accompanied him in multiple singer songs. Three male singers were used for male-male songs and 4 others participated in multiple singer songs. Of the females Lata had 32 MF songs. Asha had 30 MF and one song where there were 4 singers.

Geeta was next with 21 MF and 6 multiple singer songs. Rest were just trickles. Ameerbai, Uma Devi and Anuradha Paudwal were part of 1 each multiple singer songs. Mukesh was used for just one MM song. Dr Deshpande 91, All the songs of Chaalbaaz are very interesting. Hans 92, Thanks.

Sometimes men too are quite flexible in setting time so that the lady does not think that she is being pushed. In Ana meri jaan, meri jaan Sunday ke Sunday , the guy is quite patient in waiting the whole Sunday whenever she chooses to come.

Even though it is off day for him, this kind of uncertain waiting can be quite painful, yet he is gracefully willing to endure it. But I find some intra-contra in Juma chumma de de. Amitabh Bachchan is not willing to wait, he barges and demands, Aaj Jumma hai, Jumma ko milne ka vada tha. That means Vasant Desai and CR never gave music together. That sets the record straight. Anyway, KK sang something terrific songs for Chitragupta. Ajanabi to ban ke karo na kinara and Machalti hui, hawa mein chhamchham, hamare sang sang chalein Ganga hi lahrein are my eternal favourites.

I pay my tribute to Kishore Kumar. Yes, that adds one more to my mistakes. Thanks for the correction. Both were immensely popular. I forgot to mention it earlier.. May kindly be included as a non Lata duet tuned by him and one of the most popular duets of the year! KB, Jab se hum tum bahaaron mein : It is a very nice duet which has a twin version in the voice of a different pair of singers. We discussed this earlier 37 and Sorry AK for two full days I was out of station without any data with me, therefore I could not continue with this post.

About 70 songs have already been posted, but still there is lot of scope. First I am giving a few of Suman from the 60s. Zinda hai zinda humse — Ramu Dada. Samne rakh len tujhe — Main Shadi Karne Chala.

Jajba e dil jo salamat hai — Main Shadi Karne Chala. It has shown clearly what a powerful composer he was and importance of his duets have come in the fore front.

Posting his solos first would have overshadowed the duets, given his great run of melodious songs with both Lata and Rafi. The stats have shown the high impact of Lata-Rafi duets. They had just 32 duets, but their impact in the hfm spectrum is manifold. Posting here some of Lata-Rafi duets from 60s.

This one took pride of place there. Tujjhko main jaan gayi maan ya na maan vai vai — Zabak Arman tha humen jinka wo pyar ke din aaye — Aulad Here the durbaan himself joins the song in the voice of Balbir in a funny situation. Now songs of two singers who were used only for 3 songs. First Kamal Barot who had two duets with Rafi.

One from Tel Malish Boot Polish has already been posted. The other was from film Saat Samandar Paar — Andaz haseenon ke duniya se nirale hain. Hans, Thanks for adding these songs, all were new to me. The qawwali Zinda hain zinda humse is a very nice qawwali. Suman Kalyanpur takes the lead, and made me think that in many songs, especially duets, she sounds almost indistinguishable from Lata Mangeshkar, but in this qawwali and many other songs she sounds very different.

Is there any method in this, say in the tune, type of song, or her own subconscious effort? Again full marks to Chitragupta who routinely created A-grade songs in B-grade movies. I am unable to find an old western based fast song of the mid 50s which is most different from the likes of chitragupt simple orchestra. S N Tripathi too made a long deviation from his style giving one of the Rock and roll number from a fantasy movie….

Now three songs from Raj Kanya — The first two are with Asha and the third with Shamshad. All the songs are eminently enjoyable. Ek hath men talwar — Shamshad. Three songs have been posted from Hamara Ghar, the film from which Chitragupta-Rafi association started. There were two more duets pending, I am posting them. Chupke chupke mere dil men aane wale — Geeta — lyrics Rammurty Chaturvedi.

Teri tirchhi nazar teri patli kamar — Shamshad — lyrics Bharat Vyas. The next year i. Both of these sweet songs were written by Anjum Jaipuri. Hans , , I heard all the six songs you have added, all were new to me. They are all delightful, and enjoyable.

But would they linger in my memory? I have to be frank and say, no. This must be individual choice. There are many songs which I hear first time today, or heard 40 years ago, but remained embedded in my heart. He also played a negative role in the film Kabli Khan mentioned He fills in for Shammi as the drummer in the song O hasina zulfon wali.

Another of his film for which Chitragupta composed music was Police Detective Lyrics — Prem Dhawan. Saiyyan dekh dekh dekh main hoon lakhon mein ek mera jee na jalao takrar se meri jaan jaan jaan maine pakde ji kaan jo bhi bologi manoonga pyar se.

Dr Deshpande, Thanks a lot for confirmation and additional information on Salim Khan. Now I will watch Teesri Manzil more closely. The most melodious of the three duets you have posted from Police Detective is Sainya dekh dekh dekh main hun lakhon mein ek by Rafi and Suman Kalyanpur.

You may remember I had told in one of my comments that Suman Kalyanpur was absolute favourite of my elder sister. So I followed her songs with increased interest from the start and after the internet era, have heard most of her songs. She came with her own voice and intended to remain so. In the earlier songs she sounds like herself. In fact, most of my favourite songs of her are where she has kept her voice.

Shama and Shagoon always come to mind. It was only after the Lata-Rafi spat of 3 years, some MDs who could not forget Lata or in their mind wanted to upstage her, started rehearsing Suman to sound like Lata, which she did reluctantly but agreed mostly due to the fact that Lata had always tried to hurt her professionally.

In the later period she sounded more like Lata because she became habitual. Even Lata tried to sing like her which we discussed in Lata-Chitragupta post. This is the summary of my opinion on the matter. Nobody can know or explain the reason of this phenomenon of remembrance. But, I am surprised you are listening so many songs for the first time, given that Chitragupta was your favourite composer from quite early life. Could this be related to the partner of Rafi. Surely you would not be discovering any from the 32 duets he had with Lata, who is your favourite female singer.

I dont remember his other songs, but remember this one which I heard him sing first time. I think school days memory is sharper. I remember faces and names of many a class mates with whom I had not even talked. To supplement Dr Deshpande, Salim was also there in a small role in Professor. I dont know if he had some friendship with Shammi Kapoor which was the reason for him appearing in his films for so small roles. At the end of my comment , I had said that 60s duets are covered.

Here it is. A very nice song. Dekho sham dhali jaye faile zulfon ke saye. This is a nice holi chhed-chhad song. With this all of Suman Kalyanpur duets with Rafi, 12 male female and one triad, have been posted.

I think friends did not look for a song from this film thinking this is all. No, the magic continues.

Doodh Ki Nadiyaan Bahaana|हिंदी मुहावरे, अर्थ एवं वाक्य में प्रयोग | दूध की नदियाँ बहाना.

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