Mad Sense - The Second Hand Marching Band - A Dance To Half Death (CD)

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I'd like to think I would be open to new artists, new sounds etc. I also just No idea what is on, where, and no-one to go with if I were make for live music retreating out of my life. I guess it is a question of priorities to some degree, but I do think it's got harder to sort wheat from chaff because there is now so much more Anyhow - meaningless digression aside, if you overlook the questionable lyrics and suppress the suspicion that they're being weird for the sake of being weird, Stump had some talent in there.

There is experimentation and there is cacophony, but there are also funky structures, rhythms and good pace. Nothing can save the horrible noise of Bit Part Actor though It marks the end of the first EP; the latter 5 tracks are the second. No song I have heard so far this evening has been entirely likable, but equally not everything has been a write off. For all the noise and weirdness in the construction of the sound, I think the most dubious element of the tracks is the lyrical content.

The other parts wax and wane in quality, but the lyrics are just sheer nonsense throughout, and "adult" in that particularly juvenile way more often than I am comfortable with.

I find it odd that I bring that up here, but for once I actually feel able to track the words to some degree Experimentation can be a good thing, but by its nature it is hit and miss. On this disc I feel the balance is more miss than hit. For every cool hook and each sweet sound there are two or three unpalatable items - crap words, walls of tuneless sound, incoherent track structure and so on.

On the plus side, the tracks have been short and the whole disc is less than 40 minutes so it's not like it's eaten too much of my life. I find that I am keeping about half of it, much more than I thought I would, because enough of the tracks contained little positives to warrant another listen. By rights I should nuke it all, really, but sometimes that spirit of experimentation is welcome, and for when it is, there is Stump. Mad Sense 2. Lies 3. A Dance to Half Death 4. Not Yet 6. We Walk in the Room 7.

BonBon 8. Grit and Determination 9. My Gift is Waiting Next Year Love is a Fragile Thing Sleazy version Learn to Love demo Bypass demo Transformers demo Dawn Raid demo with Benni Hemm Hemm This has the look of a best-of and retrospective, including tracks I have elsewhere, but that's alright by me. Twee Scottish low-fidelity amateur charm is OK in my book. It is a suitably low key starter for Mad Sense's slow tempo, a lone voice, adding another.

It's disarmingly charming. Yes, I was biasing myself towards this before I started, but there really is something comforting about the simplicity here. That said, I am happier for the bigger sound and a bit more life in Lies as that takes over, its intro more than half its length before the vocal joins. I can't help but feel, though, that I should stop this listen after three tracks, because A Dance to Half Death is undoubtedly the summit. I have loved this track since the first time I heard it.

There's some fragility in the voice that endears, whilst the main theme, the twiddling tunes behind the vocal and the pace all strike emotional chords pun intended in me.

There is a rawness to it all, a heart laid bare, a pleading appeal. In some ways the song is amateurish, the voice almost fades away in places and it sounds like only an indie-effort could Yet the earnestness, the genuine intent and belief of the performers and the tones of their strings stir feelings in me, a sort of comfortable loneliness and longing.

It is, I think, a masterpiece, albeit one most people will never hear or appreciate. The sense that everything is slightly off-key can't be as easily brushed off on the more bombastic Don't! Not Yet jettisons the noise for a stripped back sound, a female main vocal, it reminds me more of Strike the Colours' less pop-y pieces in places with the intricate little strumming loops, though overall the similarities aren't that great. It builds nicely and I find myself enjoying it a lot.

The downside of that is that hearing those sounds when I wasn't feeling lonely like just now can tip me over into the very loneliness that I use these sounds to escape.

Today is a calm day of not much between two days of hosting people for board games and in the aftermath of family Christmas. The quiet and peace are - or were - welcome, especially as I don't really feel like I have been off work for a week yet! The album loses its way a bit in the middle. All pace slips from the tunes, and they strip back too far to be interesting.

They retain a gentle charm, but it is a detached one, rather than an intimately engaging one. Yes, it is in part a repeat, and I could have sworn it was something I had elsewhere , and a quick search suggests that I axed it! Context matters - here this combo really worked to bring back something that was lacking as the mid-section drifted.

There I found the raucousness abrasive. I am still not that enamoured of A Hurricane, A Thunderstorm though and I may axe that again especially as I have other versions. It amuses me that there is a sleazy version of, well, anything that would be advertised as such, but that is where we are with Love is a Fragile Thing I can't hear anything immediately worthy of that term, so I guess it is a bit tongue in cheek or I am tone-deaf. Then we are into a bunch of demos to finish off the offerings.

Learn to Love starts these off with the same trembling vocals that endeared A Dance to Half Death to me. Here there is less to back that up, but it is still plenty pleasant. Actually it may end up being these demos are the real reason to have this album Happily thus far they are well worth having. The recording is a little harsher, louder, than perhaps would be ideal but the tone of the songs is right. My attention wandered, and I find myself suddenly at the end of Transformers without consciously processing the bits in between - nice soft guitars, low key vocal and not a lot to do with the track name as far as I can tell Two to go, then; 10 more minutes.

I find my words are gone. My drive to type MIA. Suffice to say I really like Dawn Raid even though I cannot find the lines to explain why. The closing track I am less keen on. Musically its more of the same and OK, but the lyrics are mean-spirited in places.

Not a good finish. Track list: 1. Hanged 2. Woodcat 3. The Wind Up Bird 4. Red and Green 5. Stories 6. Jenny Again 7. Man in the Box 8. Jay Down 9. Rhys Hughes. Ross Dickson. Matthew Rowley. David Kessler. Paul Cassidy. Ruaridh Ellery.

Kevin McLuskey. Paul Pratt. Duncan Anderson. Paying supporters also get unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app. Purchasable with gift card. Sold Out. Four SHMB badges based on the artwork for our new album. Bypass Each step we take Is destined for failure So why would you walk the plank When you can walk the plank hand in hand I tied a ribbon around you Your neck, your cheeks and your hair If this is despair, I think I can weather it well The harbour lights are something you don't see here I can show you A roads and B roads to swell the love in your heart The day is bright the night is glowing in red who said that romance is dead?

But in my mind, you are singing all around us people are singing shops and bars and retail parks singing factory outlets and tax havens singing and all the words just come out of their buildings in the streets the voices are ringing and the words i love you are written in six foot letters on a motorway sign on the bypass home.

This is the Story This is the story of everything that went wrong Cure can never better prevention The collapse of the stilts, and we're still falling Something new will come along and replace the thing we called home This is the story of how we got locked in this room And made it a casket to furnished it as our tomb This is the story of how we learned to laugh At things that were said and done on our behalf The sun is setting over the chance you get for some relief The moon is pulling the tide over the sea walls that save us from grief.

We Will Convince You Climbing Up the Walls I am climbing up the walls To see if you can fall into my arms Closely as we walk Finding reasons not to talk and hear your breathing climbing up a hill I will be here still, when you are gone and looking over walls To see if I can fall into you heart You ought to be waiting for me You've got to be waiting for me You've got to be making mistakes for now So that one day you'll be waiting for me.

Love is a Fragile Thing Signpost You have every intention of Causing a storm in a teacup You will, you will, you will, you will Always do that But it started when you were a baby You never knew you could, you could, you could, you could Be so misguided You and I nothing to discuss You walk away and we go straight out of here no need for apologies no need for words at all you have filled my heart, and I am tired My body is a mess my body is a sign that I am past my best I am past fighting I just want to curl up And grow old with a brain that Can make me say things Can make me feel more brave than As time slips on My body is a stage Being acted on Directed by someone.

Mull I am terrified of that I won't sing I can't sing I'll never sing Don't sing. Spark Scorch marks show where You tried your best I am soaked and your match is strong enough You won't set my heart on fire And you won't know how to set me alight so place your tinder all around and I'll wait here for the spark. A Hurricane, a Thunderstorm In the Grip of Stronger Stuff. It All Trickles Down. It's Breaking Me Up. Jack Frost and the Hooded Crow. Jeffrey Goes To Leicester Square.

John Barleycorn. Jump Start. Just Trying To Be. King Henry's Madrigal. Kissing Willie. Lap of Luxury. Last Man at the Party. Later That Same Evening. Law of the Bungle. Law of the Bungle II. Left Right. Lick Your Fingers Clean. Life Is A Long Song. Lights Out. Like a Tall Thin Girl. Living In The Past. Living in These Hard Times. Locomotive Breath. Look at the Animals.

Look Into The Sun. Love Story. Magus Perde. Man of Principle. Mango Surprise. March the Mad Scientist. Mayhem, Maybe. Meliora Sequamur. Memory Bank. Mime Sequence. Minstrel In The Gallery. Mother England Reverie. Mother Goose. Mountain Men. Move On Alone. My God. My Sunday Feeling.

Night in the Wilderness. No Lullaby. No Rehearsal. No Step. Nobody's Car. North Sea Oil. Nothing All. Nothing Is Easy.

Nothing To Say. Occasional Demons. Old Ghosts. One Brown Mouse. One For John Gee. Only Solitaire. Out of the Noise. Overseer Overture. Pan Dance. Paradise Steakhouse. Part Of The Machine. Passion Jig. Pastime with Good Company. Pibroch Cap In Hand. Piece of Cake. Pied Piper. Pig-Me and the Whore. Play In Time. Post Last.

Protect and Survive. Pussy Willow. Queen And Country. Quizz Kid. Radio Free Moscow. Rainbow Blues. Raising Steam. Rare and Precious Chain.

Reasons For Waiting. Rhythm In Gold. Ring Out, Solstice Bells. Rock Island. Rocks On The Road. Roll Yer Own. Roots to Branches. Rosa on the Factory Floor. Rupi's Dance. Said She Was A Dancer. Seal Driver.

Sealion II. Serenade To A Cuckoo. Silver River Turning. Singing All Day. Sleeping With The Dog. Slow Marching Band.

Faults by The Second Hand Marching Band & Benni Hemm Hemm, released 02 March 1. Cling on to those you love 2. Dawn raid 3. Grandstanding 4. In a serious way 5. Shipcracks 6. Misery 7. Skeletons 8. Retaliate 9. Faults Collaboration between the Scottish Second Hand Marching Band and the Icelandic Benni Hemm Hemm.

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  1. A Dance To Half Death, an album by The Second Hand Marching Band on Spotify We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes.
  2. A Dance to Half Death by the second hand marching band, released 20 January 1. Mad Sense 2. Lies 3. A Dance to Half Death 4. Don't! 5. Not Yet 6. We Walk in the Room Our first EP which came out on Chaffinch Records.
  3. Compendium! by the second hand marching band, released 07 January 1. Mad Sense 2. Lies 3. A Dance to Half Death 4. Don't! 5. Not Yet 6. We Walk in the Room 7. BonBon 8. Grit and Determination 9. My Gift is Waiting Next Year Bottle of Anger/Lies (BBC Scotland Radio Session) A Hurricane, a Thunderstorm (BBC Radio Scotland Session)
  4. Mad Sense, a song by The Second Hand Marching Band on Spotify We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics Duration: 1 min.
  5. Mar 14,  · The Second Hand Marching Band play three songs ("Mad Sense", "Lies" and "We Walk In The Room") at the Flying Duck in Glasgow on the 12th of March
  6. Compendium!, an album by The Second Hand Marching Band on Spotify We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes.
  7. A Dance To Half Death The Second Hand Marching Band. Add lyrics. Add lyrics. Bypass ( Demo) The Second Hand Marching Band. Add lyrics. Add lyrics. Mad Sense The Second Hand Marching Band. Add lyrics. Add lyrics. Bottle of Anger / Lies (BBC Radio Scotland session) The Second Hand Marching Band. Add lyrics.

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