Negan mentions Lucille when talking to Michonne , saying he's glad she doesn't have to see him in his cell and calling her an angel. Negan says that she deserved better than what she got. When asked by Michonne, Negan reveals that she died of cancer. Negan says that he and Lucille would have loved to have child, one like Carl. He says that Lucille wasn't made for the apocalypse and calls her weak, and that part of him was relieved when she died, claiming it made him "not weak".

Negan begs Maggie to kill him so that he can be with Lucille, though she refuses to do so. Negan tells Alpha about Lucille and her death from pancreatic cancer. Negan clearly still loves Lucille, stating that the cancer put a lot of things into perspective for him. After Lucille died, Negan stopped really feeling anything, but he recognizes that Alpha is only pretending not to feel. Alpha tells Negan that Lucille died of the cancer because it was what nature intended and that Lucille could not take Negan with her, but Negan lived every day wishing she could've.

Lucille developed pancreatic cancer shortly before the apocalypse and eventually succumbed to it at the beginning of the outbreak. She reanimated and Negan was unable to bring himself to put her down. Little Richard re-recorded "Lucille", like many of his other hits, multiple times throughout his career. The first substantially different version of the song was recorded in and appeared on Little Richard's Greatest Hits. In , Little Richard appeared on the television series Sesame Street performing a rewritten version of "Lucille" entitled "Rosita", about the Muppet character of the same name.

In The Everly Brothers recorded the song. In The Hollies recorded their version. Deep Purple frequently performed "Lucille" as an encore during the s and s.

One performance is included as a bonus track on the reissue of their album Made in Japan. Roger Bowling Hal Bynum. Larry Butler. US Billboard Hot [6]. US Billboard Adult Contemporary [7]. UK Singles Chart [3]. South Africa Springbok Radio [8]. Year-end charts [ edit ] Chart Rank Australia [9]. Canada Top Singles [10]. New Zealand [11]. During the scuffle, Negan drops Lucille down a hole and quickly follows after her. As Rick and Negan play a game of cat and mouse, Negan desperately searches for Lucille which is eventually found by Rick.

Taunting Negan, Rick tells him that the only thing Negan cares about is Lucille and Negan can't even save her. Promising to allow Negan to "kiss her goodbye," Rick drenches Lucille in alcohol and sets the bat on fire. To save Lucille, Negan tackles Rick into a room filled with walkers. Rick attacks the walkers with the flaming Lucille until Negan manages to retrieve the burning bat and escape out a window followed by Rick. Anne is in possession of Lucille as is seen in her living quarter trailer.

Later she prepares to burn the bat in front of Negan in order to psychologically hurt him. While unattended and still tied up, Negan has somehow gotten his hands on Anne's flare and photos of her people and threatens to mutually destroy each others sentimental property if she continue on her course of action. An emotional Negan explains that Lucille was named after his first wife whom "gotten him through life" because the baseball bat got him through the apocalypse.

After wrestling with Negan to save her photos, Negan is later freed by Anne and takes back Lucille. Negan has Lucille when the Saviors make their way to the final battle. After Rick slits Negan's throat, he drops the bat. While fighting walkers with a baseball bat and later while reading a book on baseball to Judith , Michonne is reminded of Lucille.

At the same time, Negan reaches out to Michonne in an effort to manipulate her into letting him see Lucille. Michonne eventually sees through Negan's efforts and tells him that they don't have Lucille and that the bat is "still out there," having presumably been abandoned by the Militia following Negan's defeat. Lucille appears in Michonne's hallucination when Negan uses the bat to knock Michonne down after she attacks him and again when Negan offers Michonne Lucille to kill a former version of herself in the line-up where they first met Negan.

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"Lucille" is a rock and roll song originally recorded by American musician Little Richard. Released on Specialty Records in February , the single reached number one on the Billboard R&B chart, 21 on the US pop chart, and number 10 on the UK chart. It was composed by Albert Collins (not to be confused with the blues guitarist of the same name) and Little Richard.B-side: "Send Me Some Lovin’".

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  2. Lucille is a name that had long been overpowered by its link to Lucille Ball, with an image of tangerine-colored hair, big, round eyes, and a tendency to stage daffy and desperate stunts. But with the newfound craze for double-L names like Lily and Lila, Lulu and Luna, and as the choice of Lucille by hipster parents Maya Rudolph and Paul Thomas.
  3. “Lucille” is a song written by Roger Bowling and Hal Bynum, and recorded by American country music artist Kenny Rogers. It was released in January as the second and final single from the.
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  9. Aug 02,  · Lucille Ball, radio and motion-picture actress and longtime comedy star of American television, best remembered for her classic television comedy series I Love Lucy, which set the standard for situation comedies. Learn more about Ball’s life and career in this article.

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