Love Duet O Sink Heernieder (Act II, Scene 2)

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Siegfried - Duets: Heil dir, Sonne! Heil dir, Licht! Siegfried - Duets: Dort seh' ich Grane, meine selig Ross. Siegfried - Duets: Heilig schied sie aus Walhall. Siegfried - Duets: Ewig war ich, ewig bin ich. Siegfried - Duets: Dich lieb' ich: o liebst mich Du!

Yet he also presided over some beautiful playing in the NSO, an orchestra whose sound he continues to burnish. The off-stage horns of the hunters resounded in the first scene, a marvelous musical device, here more rough-hewn and rustic than polished. He tended to overemphasize the turbulent facets of the score, especially since he had plenty of time to get through a single act. The harried prelude, for example, did not always quite hang together, a reminder that the NSO last performed this score in Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip.

Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Features Interviews Lists. Streams Videos All Posts. Release Date March 25, Genre Classical. Styles Opera. Track Listing.

Act 1. You must see it! Must see it! While Kurwenal, hesitating, restrains Tristan, the shepherd sounds his pipe. Wie sie selig, hehr und milde wandelt durch des Meers Gefilde? Auf wonniger Blumen lichten Wogen kommt sie sanft ans Land gezogen. Ach, Isolde, Isolde!

Was so hell und licht ich sehe, dass das dir nicht entgehe! Zur Warte schnell! Eilig zur Warte! Bist du zur Stell'?

Das Schiff? Isoldens Schiff? Du musst es sehen! Musst es sehen! He leaps to the lookout post and gazes out to sea Ah! I can see it approaching from the north! Didn't I say that she was still alive, sustaining life in me? As the only thing it holds for me, how could Isolde have departed the world? How bravely it sails! How the sails are filled! How it streaks along, how it flies! The flag? The flag of joy!

In the clear light of Day, to me, Isolde! Isolde, to me! Can you see Isolde herself? Von Norden seh' ich's nahen. Sagt' ich's nicht? Wie es mutig steuert! Wie es jagt, wie es fliegt! Die Flagge?

Der Freude! Hell am Tage zu mir Isolde! Isolde zu mir! Siehst du sie selbst? Is it in danger? There, in the turbulent current, ships are wrecked. Who is at the helm? Wretched man! Can you see her yet? Safely through! All my goods and possessions I bequeath this day! Can you see Isolde? She is waving! Bringt es Gefahr? Siehst du sie wieder?

Hei ha ha ha! Kurwenal, treuester Freund! All mein Hab' und Gut vererb ich noch heute. Siehst du Isolde? Sie winkt! Isolde - ah, with a single bound she is leaping ashore!

Help her! Help my lady! But you, Tristan, promise to stay on your couch. Isolde, ha! Mit einem Sprung springt sie vom Bord ans Land. Hinab an den Strand! Hilf ihr! Hilf meiner Frau! Doch du, Tristan, bleib mir treulich am Bett! This Day! Ah, this joy's sunniest day! Coursing blood, rejoicing spirit! Bliss beyond bounds, joyful delirium!

Confined to my bed, how can I bear it! Up then and onwards to where hearts are beating! Tristan the hero, rejoicing in his strength has snatched himself back from death. He raises himself up With bleeding wound I once battled with Morold, with bleeding wound I now pursue Isolde! He tears the dressing from his wound Ah, my blood! Cheerily flow, my blood! He leaps from his bed and staggers forward She who my wound will finally heal, like a hero approaches, she approaches, my salvation! Let the world perish before my rejoicing haste!

Ha, dieser Tag! Ha, dieser Wonne sonnigster Tag! Jagendes Blut! Jauchzender Mut! Lust ohne Massen, freudiges Rasen! Auf des Lagers Bann wie sie ertragen! Wohlauf und daran, wo die Herzen schlagen! Tristan der Held, in jubelnder Kraft, hat sich vom Tod emporgerafft!

Er reisst sich den Verband der Wunde auf Heia, mein Blut! Lustig nun fliesse! Vergeh' die Welt meiner jauchzenden Eil'!

Is it the light I hear? The torch, ah! The torch is extinguished! To her! Isolde enters breathlessly. Tristan, hardly conscious, totters towards her.

They meet in the centre of the stage. She takes him in her arms. It is I! Up, just once more, listen to my call! Isolde is calling: Isolde has come faithfully to die with Tristan. Will you not answer me? Just for one hour, just for one hour stay awake for me! For so many anxious days she kept watch, longing to watch with you for an hour. Will Tristan deny Isolde this single, eternally brief, final worldly joy? The wound?

Where is it? Let me heal it! Let us in untroubled bliss share the Night! Not from that wound, do not die from that wound. Unite us both, extinguish the light of life! Die Leuchte, ha! Die Leuchte verlischt! Zu ihr, zu ihr! Isolde eilt atemlos herein. Isolde ruft: Isolde kam, mit Tristan treu zu sterben! Bleibst du mir stumm? Nur eine Stunde, nur eine Stunde bleibe mir wach!

Die Wunde? Lass sie mich heilen! Dimmed your eyes! Silent your heart! Not a breath's gentle wafting! Must she now in misery stand before you, she who joyously, to marry you, bravely crossed the sea? Too late! Spiteful man! Will you punish me thus with this most harsh of sentences? No consideration of my sorrow's debt?

May I not utter my lament to you? Just once, ah! He is waking! She collapses unconscious over the body Gebrochen der Blick! Still das Herz! Trotziger Mann!

Ganz ohne Huld meiner Leidens-Schuld? Nicht meine Klagen darf ich dir sagen? Nur einmal, ach! Er wacht! The Shepherd. The Steersman. Kurwenal has just come in behind Isolde; speechless and deeply shocked he has witnessed the scene and stared at Tristan, motionless. From below can be heard a dull murmuring and clatter of weapons.

A second ship. To your posts! I have made out Mark and Melot! Weapons and stones! Help me! To the gate! Resistance is useless! We are overpowered.

As long as I live nobody is going to spy on me here! Der Hirt. Der Stuermann. Ein zweites Schiff. Alles zur Hand! Marke und Melot hab' ich erkannt. Waffen und Steine! Hilf mir! Ans Tor!

Solange ich lebe, lugt mir keiner herein! Where is Isolde? Woe to you, villanous woman! Do not resist! The day that I strike you down! Melot, witharmed men, appears below the gate. Listen, you are betraying yourself! Follow me! Throw them back! Have you lost your senses?

Wo ist Isolde? Weh dir, Verruchte! Stemm dich nicht dort! Dem Tag, an dem ich dich treffe! Mir nach! Bist du von Sinnen? Nothing else, King, is to be had here; if that is what you want, come on! Joy and salvation! What do I see? Are you alive? She tends Isolde. Tristan, where are you? Was seh' ich! Lebst du? Tristan, wo bist du? Faithful friend! Do not scold me if your faithful friend comes with you!

All dead! My hero, my Tristan! Most faithful of friends, must you even today betray your friend? Today, when he comes to avow to you his deepest faith? Sobbing, he bends over the bodies You faithless, most faithful of friends! She is alive! Listen to me, hear my repentance! The draught's secret I have revealed to the King; In anxious haste he put out to sea to reach you, to renounce you, to lead your beloved to you. Schilt mich nicht, dass der Treue auch mitkommt! Alles tot! Mein Held, mein Tristan!

Trautester Freund, auch heute noch musst du den Freund verraten? Erwache meinem Jammer! Sie lebt! When it was clearly revealed to me what I had not been able to comprehend, how happy I was that I found my friend free of guilt. To wed you to this glorious man with full sail I flew after you. But misfortune's impetuous haste, how can the bringer of peace control it?

I increased the harvest of Death, madness added yet more distress. Can you not hear your faithful Brangaene? Isolde, aware of nothing round about her, fixes her gaze with mounting ecstasy upon Tristan's body ISOLDE How softly and gently he smiles, how sweetly his eyes open - can you see, my friends, do you not see it?

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  1. Add tags for "Tristan und Isolde: Love duet, Act II, Scene 2: "O sink hernieder, Nacht der Liebe" ; Lohengrin: Bridal chamber scene, Act III, Scene 2: "Das süsse Lied verhallt"". Be the first. Similar Items.
  2. Tristan und Isolde Love duet, Act II, Scene 2: "O sink hernieder, Nacht der Liebe" ; Lohengrin: Bridal chamber scene, Act III, Scene 2: "Das süsse Lied verhallt" Open All Close All type.
  3. Wagner* - Domingo* • Voigt*, Orchestra Of The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, Pappano* ‎– Love Duets (Tristan Und Isolde / Siegfried) Label: EMI Classics ‎– 5 2 1, EMI Classics ‎– CDC 5 2 1.
  4. Sep 17,  · Tristan und Isolde Liebesnacht Act 2 Love Duet 1 2 Jong Hoon Lee Brunnhilde's Immolation Scene - Gwyneth Jones Love Duet from Tristan & Isolde (Act II) "O sink hernieder.
  5. Scene of the action Act One: At sea, on the deck of Tristan's ship, during the crossing from Ireland to Cornwall. O Night of love, grant oblivion that I may live; take me up into your bosom, release me from the world! TRISTAN O sink hernieder, Nacht der Liebe, gib Vergessen, dass ich lebe; nimm mich auf in deinen Schoss.
  6. Richard Wagner - Love Duet from Tristan & Isolde (Act II) "O sink hernieder, Nacht der Liebe" mp3 Durée Taille MB / olla-vogala 3 Tristan und Isolde Act II mp3 Durée Taille MB / Sydney Symphony Orchestra 4.
  7. Prelude Act 2 Scene 1 (Beginning) Tristan Und Isolde B3: O Sink Hernieder, Nacht Der Liebe / Einsam Wachend In Der Nacht (Act 2 - Scene 2: Love Duet And Branganes Call) Das Rheingold B4: Zur Burg Führt Die Brücke (Entry Of The Gods) Other Versions (1 of 1.
  8. Act II, scene 2 (concert ending). O sink hernieder, Nacht der Liebe ; Nie-wieder-Erwachtens wahnlos-- Einsam wachend in der Nacht (with Violeta Urmana, mezzo-soprano) ; Lausch', Geliebter! ; Doch uns're Liebe ; So starben wir, um ungetrennt-- Habet Acht!
  9. Wagner: Tristan und Isolde. Pentatone: PTC Buy 3 SACDs or download online. Stephen Gould (Tristan), Nina Stemme (Isolde), Kwangchul Youn (König Marke), Johan Reuter (Kurwenal), Michelle Breedt (Brangäne), Simon Pauly (Melot), Clemens Bieber (Ein Hirte/A shepherd), Arttu Kataja (Ein Steuermann/A steersman) & Timothy Fallon (Ein junger Seemann/A young sailor).

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