Locust - a-ha - Memorial Beach (Cassette, Album)

Morten- This song has a primal feel. Its importent i think for any band to fight technicalities and let the instict run the show. This is a vital track for the band and its intresting that we have ended up using a version we cut live. Iam very proud of this track Angel in the snow Morten- This is one of my favorites on the album, its a song you just want to hug.

Locust Morten- This song is a film. It blew me away.. Iam still out there. Paul- Most of our songs work better with the lights turned out. This is definitely one of them. Its probably my favorite on the album. Magne- Making a record is a lot like mixing colors on a canvas. This track has a ritch texture and a very abstract solo section. Lie down in darkness Paul- I always found it inhibithing to do guitar overdubs in the studio, with everybody standing around.

So halfway througt the recording of this album, i took a few tapes to New Work. It was great, i felt like fifteen again at my first studio session. Its a method that worked on a lof of songs including this one. Magne- We discovered the sound of the chamberlain on this record, its a wonderful vintage keyboard that kept overheating. Iam in love. Its full of undercurrents and is a very importent song to me, although i cant really explain why. Paul- I like this song a lot, its both slow and fast at the same time.

Magne plays great piano and i also like the fact that no two verses are alike. I wrote the lyrics on my honeymoon and got the title from a candy store across the street from my hotel. Lamb to the slaughter Morten- A rare piece of about deprived innocence. Its got a strong melody and possible the best riff of the album. Magne- This is the story of my life. A very heavy waltz. Between your mama and yourself Paul- We did this one just to clear the air.

It was fun to write and to play. With the lyrics i had a sort of graduate scenario in mind. A girlfriend with a good looking mother. Memorial beach Paul- Memorial beach is the name of an actual place near Sarasota, Florida.

We where just driving around and happend to pass by and the name got me started. The tune itself actully told me where to go with the words.

Magne- I like the dialogue the guitars and the piano, a nice simple feel. It remind me of the kind of Music Paul and i used to play a long time ago. Morten- I feel i know this song all my life. Its got every reason to be the title track. For me, its a classic. Carlox , Sammy Waslow , Sesam and 4 others like this. For me they had a image problem around this time.

Never really clothes models per se, but seemed to look their best in with their come back album MEMS. Last edited: Aug 18, Surly , Aug 18, Havoc and D. Havoc , Aug 18, December Retrieved Minor Earth Major Box. Ending on a High Note Tour. Discography Awards Bridges Savoy Apparatjik. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable law". The booklet is the same as the European release including the charcoal coloured artwork but the back sleeve comes instead with the US catalogue number 9 shown and "Made in USA" text on the inside credits page.

The standard U. The catalogue number at the top of the spine has been changed to 9 and is displayed in red instead of the usual white, There is also an additional "Dolby HX PRO B NR" symbol included, along with the regular "WB" logo shown at the bottom. The title "a-ha memorial beach" is printed and displayed landscaped as usual in the centre. On the back sleeve, the white barcode is smaller than on the European edition and doesn't include the Made in German manufacturing information.

The inside of the insert displays the full track lyrics on one side and the regular artworks on the other. At the bottom right hand corner of the lyric side, the usual "Warner Bros. The catalogue number 9 is also included. The "WB" logo and catalogue number is shown on the left hand side with side 1 or 2 and "SR" on the right hand side. Along the bottom of each side, there is some different Production information. There is a U. It comes with a white folded cardboard insert with black printed text.

The inside of the insert is cream with black text, and has the tracks listed in both English and Spanish, with an incorrect spelling of a-ha as a-ah at the top. Reservados todos los derechos de los autores de las obras y del productor de fonogramas". The outer back sleeve and spine is black with white text and comes without a barcode.

Deposito Legal: FC ". On the spine, the title "a-ha memorial beach" is displayed landscaped but in a smaller font than the European release, the Catalogue number The cassette is black with gold text and displays the title "a-ha memorial beach" with the track listing to each side underneath.

On the right hand side, it includes the "WB" logo and side A or B. Additionally engraved into the plastic at the top of the tape on each side is the text; "Hecho en Venezuela" Made in Venezuela. Memorial Beach The sleeve folds out with the song lyrics printed in black over the top of a very pale undergrowth shot on one side. The other side features the black and white group shot found in the centre of the CD booklet, a glowing red and yellow locust with text in white printed over the top plus the black and white picture of the woman lying on the bed with track listing in white above.

The spine of the cassette sleeve is black with white text, it displays the title "a-ha memorial beach" landscaped in the centre with the Catalogue number U WE oriented at the top and the "WB" logo at the bottom. The back sleeve also comes with a black background with white text, the track listing for each side is displayed down the left and right hand sides, separated with a white barcode in the centre.

The "LC " coding is also included at the bottom right hand corner. At the bottom of the back sleeve, there is some other Spanish Production, Copyright and Dolby information which reads; "Prohibida la reproduccion, locacion y prestamo de este ejemplar y suy radiodifusion o ejecucion publica. Rreservados todos los derechos de los autores de las obras y del p oductor de fonogramas. De no contra con esa posibilidad, ajustar convenientemente el control de agudos". The spine is black with white text and the title is displayed much larger than on the European release.

The inside of the insert is similar to the European release which includes the full track lyrics printed on one side, but the background colour is more charcoal than the usual lighter grey. The usual "Warner Bros Records Inc. The reverse features the regular black and white group shot, glowing red and yellow locust with the white text printed over the top, and the picture of the woman lying on the bed with track listing in white above. The background colour on this has been printed in brown instead of the usual black.

The cassette itself is transparent with grey text which is again printed in a larger font. Along the bottom of both sides, there is some Spanish Copyright Information shown in the centre which reads; "Prohibida la reproduccion, locacion y prestamo de este ejemplar y su radiodifusion o ejecucion publica.

Australia The CD release comes with the regular front and back cover artworks. Canada The Canadian CD, released 14 June , of "Memorial Beach" is similar to the second European pressing with a more charcoal coloured lyric booklet. The disc is black with a white locust, rather than grey with grey and white. The barcode on the back sleeve is smaller than on the European pressing and without catalogue number underneath.

The album comes with the regular charcoal lyric booklet but the catalogue number is printed on the inside back page rather than on the back cover itself. Chile The Chilean cassette comes with the usual front cover artworks similar to the US release but the spine and back sleeve is coloured dark brown rather than black.

Croatia The cassette is similar to the European edition but was released by "Croatia Records". Germany There is a slightly different pressing of "Memorial Beach" in Germany known as the "Club Edition" which comes with the regular European artworks and disc, but displays a different number on the barcode on the reverse of the sleeve.

Some of the 11 paper inserts also differ slightly. Indonesia The Indonesian cassette is similar to the U. Israel The cassette album from Israel comes with the regular European folded insert. Japan The Japanese CD release of "Memorial Beach" is similar to the European edition containing the same front and back sleeve artworks, but includes an additional red and white obi strip with red, blue, white and yellow text.

Korea The Korean CD comes with the regular front cover artworks but the layout of the back sleeve and spine is slightly different. There is no barcode or catalogue number displayed on the back sleeve and all of the track listing is shown with a different font and in uppercase lettering, the track lengths are also included.

The spine is black with all of the text shown in white. The catalogue number is shown on the left with "Warner Bros" on the right. The disc is silver rather than the usual black and includes the image of the locust at the bottom.

The disc also states that it was "produced by Patrick Leonard". The insert booklet is light grey, rather than dark grey and doesn't include the centre band shot. The last two pages include some Korean text, rather than the usual credits page. Locust Lyrics. Cold As Stone Lyrics. Dark Is the Night for All Lyrics. How Sweet It Was Lyrics. Angel In the Snow Lyrics. Forever Not Yours - Remastered.

You Are The One - Remix. Out of the Blue Comes Green Remastered. My dream was this: Across the sky A slate-grey cloud That filled the eye A slate-grey cloud Comes through the dust Locust. With all our goals and destinations Everything must be this way Vague are hopes that try our patience Listen now to what I say. Oh, lie down in darkness I want you next to me Oh, lie down in darkness Here with me. All our trials and tribulations Will it ever make much sense All these years, they disappear They leave me here without defense.

Just about a month ago You made a promise, babe Not to go Yes, you did now You were the heart and soul. One to the nightfall One to the stars One to the haunted fools we are One to remember One to recall One to acknowledge Just how sweet it was, yeah. Just about a month ago You make a promise Ain't that so Yes, you did now Into this howling night.

I wouldn't lie, babe - not again It's such a crime To while away my time Little babe. One to remember One to recall One to acknowledge Just how sweet it was We were so happy We were okay We let our good thing, honey Just slip away.

I went down to the water Like a lamb to the slaughter Didn't know What was waiting for me there Nobody warned me Nobody told me My excuse is I wasn't prepared.

Locust a-ha. Produced by Pål Waaktaar-Savoy, Morten Harket, Magne Furuholmen & 1 more. Album Memorial Beach. Locust Lyrics. Don't be afraid It's a harmless moon Memorial Beach a-ha.

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  1. Sep 22,  · View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Memorial Beach on Discogs. Label: Warner Bros. Records - • Format: CD Album • Country: Europe • Genre: Electronic, Rock, Pop • Style: New Wave, Synth-pop, Pop Rock, Ballad/5.
  2. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Cassette release of Memorial Beach on Discogs. Label: Warner Bros. Records - • Format: Cassette Album • Country: Brazil • Genre: Electronic, Rock • Style: Pop Rock, New Wave.
  3. History. The album was recorded primarily at Prince's Paisley Park studios outside Minneapolis in the U.S. Memorial Beach featured three UK Top 50 singles for the band, "Move to Memphis" (released as a single in , almost two years before the album), "Dark is the Night" and "Angel in the Snow".While the album did not chart on the U.S. Billboard and would be the band's Genre: Alternative rock, pop rock.

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