Intro - C-Rebell-um - Im Wahrheitsrausch - Tacheles I (File, MP3, Album)

Peters, Leipzig. Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy in friendship dedicated by Robert Schumann. Note: Song numbers refer to the order in Schumann's original song submission; the Opus numbers either indicate the order in the published Dichterliebe song cycle or where the song was published separately. The texts of deleted songs are shown in italics. Poem numbers refer to the published order in the first edition of Heine's Buch der Lieder.

Hyperlinks in the German text show places where Schumann altered Heine's texts either by changing words or repeating phrases leave the cursor over the link to pull up a balloon that describes the difference. Hyperlinks in the English text show explanations of some concepts long forgotten in the 21st century, or show links to web sites with useful information. Translations by James C. Song 1 Op. Poem I In the wonderfully fair month of May, as all the flower-buds burst, then in my heart love arose.

In the wonderfully fair month of May, as all the birds were singing, then I confessed to her my yearning and longing. Song 2 Op. Poem II From my tears spring many blooming flowers forth, and my sighs become a nightingale choir, and if you have love for me, child, I'll give you all the flowers, and before your window shall sound the song of the nightingale.

Song 3 Op. I love them no more, I love only the small, the fine, the pure, the one; she herself, source of all love, is rose and lily and dove and sun. Song 4 Op. Poem IV When I look into your eyes, then vanish all my sorrow and pain! Ah, but when I kiss your mouth, then I will be wholly and completely healthy.

When I lean on your breast, I am overcome with heavenly delight, ah, but when you say, "I love you! Song 5 Op. Poem V Your face, so dear and fair, that I have recently seen in a dream; it is so mild and angelic, and yet so pale, so rich in sorrow. And only your lips are red; but soon they will be kissed pale by death. Extinguished shall be the heavenly light, which streams from those innocent eyes.

Song 6 Op. Poem VI Rest your cheek against my cheek, then shall our tears flow together; and against my heart press firmly your heart, then together shall our flames pulse! And when into the great flame flows the stream of our tears, and when my arm holds you tight - I shall die of love's yearning! Song 7 Op. Poem VII I want to plunge my soul into the chalice of the lily; the lily shall resoundingly exhale a song of my beloved. The song shall quiver and tremble, like the kiss from her mouth, that she once gave me in a wonderfully sweet hour!

Song 8 Op. Poem XI In the Rhine , in the holy stream, there is mirrored in the waves , with its great cathedral , great holy Cologne. In the cathedral, there stands an image on golden leather painted. Into my life's wilderness it has shined in amicably. There hover flowers and little angels around our beloved Lady , the eyes, the lips, the little cheeks, they match my beloved's exactly. Song 9 Op. Ich grolle nicht. Ich grolle nicht, und wenn das Herz auch bricht.

I bear no grudge. Even though you shine in diamond splendor, there falls no light into your heart's night, that I've known for a long time. I bear no grudge, even as my heart is breaking.

I saw you, truly, in my dreams, and saw the night in your heart's cavity, and saw the serpent that feeds on your heart, I saw, my love, how very miserable you are. Song 10 Op. Poem XXII And if they knew it, the blooms, the little ones, how deeply wounded my heart is, they would weep with me to heal my pain.

And if they knew it, the nightingales, how I am so sad and sick, they would merrily unleash refreshing song. And if they knew my pain, the golden little stars, they would descend from their heights and would comfort me. All of them cannot know it, only one knows my pain, she herself has indeed torn, torn up my heart. Song 11 Op. Da tanzt wohl den Hochzeitreigen die Herzallerliebste mein. Poem XX There is a fluting and fiddling, and trumpets blasting in. Surely, there dancing the wedding dance is my dearest beloved.

There is a ringing and roaring of drums and shawms, amidst it sobbing and moaning are dear little angels. Song 12 Op. Poem XLI I hear the little song sounding that my beloved once sang, and my heart wants to shatter from savage pain's pressure. Derzeit tritt ein Problem beim Filtern der Rezensionen auf.

Verifizierter Kauf. In seinen Songs redet er Klartext, spricht die unangenehme Wahrheit aus, und macht sich damit beliebt - bei mir jedenfalls. Es ist einfach alles so Alles in allem: Mehr davon. Und das ist die Wahrheit.

Rap texte mit sinn. Eine Person fand diese Informationen hilfreich. Es wird Zeit, dass mal einer die Sheeple aufweckt. Hier ist einer! Ein Mann ein Wort - und hier ist er wieder im Wahrheitsrausch..!!! Checkt "C-Rebell-um" a. Choralvorspiel zu "Wachet auf ruft uns die Stimme" Dr. Choralvorspiel zu "Ich armer Mensch" Karl Wolfrum Moderato Heinrich Trautner Andante con moto Karl Deigendesch Moderato Anton Scholze Toccatina Josef Schmid Allegretto J.

Phantasie en miniature Max Burger. Creative Commons Attribution 4. Chorale preludes ; For organ ; Scores featuring the organ ; For 1 player ; For 2 trumpets, 2 trombones, timpani arr ; Scores featuring the trumpet arr ; Scores featuring the trombone arr ; Scores featuring the timpani arr ; For 5 players arr.

Vorspiel zu dem Choral 'Wachet auf ruft uns die Stimme' (Schmidt, Heinrich).

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  1. Jan 29,  · ein song von C-Rebell-um´s Album "Im Wahrheitsrausch - Tacheles 2 Gesichter", welches ende mai veröffentlicht wurde!!! das ganze .
  2. May 10,  · der TITELSONG von C-Rebell-um´s Album "Im Wahrheitsrausch - Tacheles 2 Gesichter",welches ende mai veröffentlicht wurde!!!das ganze bekommst du .
  3. Jan 14,  · Im Wahrheitsrausch Tacheles 2 Gesichter ℗ Schattauer und Weiland Released on: Composer: Alexander Seel C-Rebell-um] - Duration: Kilez More 34, views.
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  5. Dec 05,  · Album Im Wahrheitsrausch Tacheles 2 Gesichter; Licensed to YouTube by C-Rebell-um - IRRTUM - DER ANTIRASSISMUSSONG (text video ) - Duration: Owe Schattauer , views.
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  8. Die Aerzte - Rebell Lyrics. Ich bin dagegen, denn ihr seid dafür Ich bin dagegen, ich bin nicht so wie ihr Ich bin dagegen, egal worum es geht Ich bin dagegen, weil ih.

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