Flaccid - Hummingbird Of Death - Full Spectrum Dominance 2005-2008 (Cassette)

There are 20 hummingbird species that regularly visit the United States and Canada, and while only a few of them regularly breed north of Mexico, vagrant sightings are always possible and knowing how to distinguish between similar species is useful. We weren't sure how that would pan out but the kids showed us a lot of love and went bonkers. They asked for an "encore" but unfortunately we had played every song that we had taught to Mirce. Nevada City is kinda off the beaten path for touring bands.

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The migratory ruby-throated hummingbird breeds in a range from the southeastern United States to Ontario , [] while the black-chinned hummingbird , its close relative and another migrant, is the most widespread and common species in the southwestern United States. The rufous hummingbird is the most widespread species in western North America, [] and the only hummingbird to be recorded outside of the Americas, having occurred in the Chukchi Peninsula of Russia.

A few species are year-round residents of Florida , California, and the far southwestern desert regions of the US. Ruby-throated hummingbirds are common along the Atlantic flyway and migrate in summer from as far north as Atlantic Canada , [] returning to Mexico , South America, southern Texas, and Florida to winter. The rufous hummingbird breeds farther north than any other species of hummingbird, [] often breeding in large numbers in temperate North America and wintering in increasing numbers along the coasts of the subtropical Gulf of Mexico and Florida, rather than in western or central Mexico.

This cold hardiness enables it to survive temperatures below freezing, provided that adequate shelter and food are available. As calculated by displacement of body size, the rufous hummingbird makes perhaps the longest migratory journey of any bird in the world. At just over 3 in long, rufous birds travel 3, miles one-way from Alaska to Mexico in late summer, a distance equal to 78,, body lengths. The northward migration of rufous hummingbirds occurs along the Pacific flyway [] and may be time-coordinated with flower and tree leaf emergence in spring in early March, and also with availability of insects as food.

For nutrition , hummingbirds eat a variety of insects, including mosquitoes , fruit flies , gnats in flight or aphids on leaves and spiders in their webs. To supply energy needs, hummingbirds drink nectar, a sweet liquid inside certain flowers. Nectar is a mixture of glucose, fructose, and sucrose, and is a poor source of nutrients , requiring hummingbirds to meet their nutritional needs by consuming insects. Hummingbirds do not spend all day flying, as the energy cost would be prohibitive; the majority of their activity consists simply of sitting or perching.

Because their high metabolism makes them vulnerable to starvation , hummingbirds are highly attuned to food sources. Some species, including many found in North America, are territorial and will try to guard food sources such as a feeder against other hummingbirds, attempting to ensure a future food supply for itself. Additionally, hummingbirds have an enlarged hippocampus , a brain region facilitating spatial memory used to map flowers previously visited during nectar foraging.

Hummingbird beaks are flexible [] and their shapes vary dramatically as an adaptation for specialized feeding. Thornbills have short, sharp bills adapted for feeding from flowers with short corollae and piercing the bases of longer ones. The sicklebills' extremely decurved bills are adapted to extracting nectar from the curved corollae of flowers in the family Gesneriaceae. The bill of the fiery-tailed awlbill has an upturned tip, as in the avocets.

The male tooth-billed hummingbird has barracudalike spikes at the tip of its long, straight bill. The two halves of a hummingbird's bill have a pronounced overlap, with the lower half mandible fitting tightly inside the upper half maxilla. When a hummingbird feeds on nectar, the bill is usually opened only slightly, allowing the tongue to dart out and into the interior of flowers. Perception of sweetness in nectar evolved in hummingbirds during their genetic divergence from insectivorous swifts , their closest bird relatives.

Hummingbirds drink with their long tongues by rapidly lapping nectar. Their tongues have tubes which run down their lengths and help the hummingbirds drink the nectar.

Such feeders allow people to observe and enjoy hummingbirds up close while providing the birds with a reliable source of energy, especially when flower blossoms are less abundant. A negative aspect of artificial feeders, however, is that the birds may seek less flower nectar for food, so they reduce the amount of pollination their feeding naturally provides. White granulated sugar is the best sweetener to use in hummingbird feeders.

Red food dye was once thought to be a favorable ingredient for homemade solutions, but it is unnecessary, and there is no point in adding it to the nectar.

Some people speculate red dye could be bad for the birds, although this claim has not received scientific attention. Other animals also visit hummingbird feeders. Bees, wasps , and ants are attracted to the sugar-water and may crawl into the feeder, where they may become trapped and drown.

Orioles , woodpeckers , bananaquits , raccoons and other larger animals are known to drink from hummingbird feeders, sometimes tipping them and draining the liquid. Hummingbirds have exceptional visual acuity providing them with discrimination of food sources while foraging. In at least one hummingbird species — the green-backed firecrown Sephanoides sephaniodes — flower colors preferred are in the red-green wavelength for the bird's visual system , providing a higher contrast than for other flower colors.

Some species of sunbirds of Africa, southern and southeastern Asia, and Australia resemble hummingbirds in appearance and behavior, as do perhaps also the honeyeaters of Australia and Pacific islands.

These two groups, however, are not related to hummingbirds, as their resemblance is due to convergent evolution. The hummingbird moth is often mistaken for a hummingbird. Hummingbird feeding from a flower in the University of California Botanical Garden. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Hummingbird disambiguation. Family of birds. Play media. See also: List of Apodiformes by population.

Hummingbird with yellow pollen on its beak in the University of California Botanical Garden. Talamanca hummingbird. Costa's hummingbird.

Birds portal Animals portal Biology portal. The Birds of Ecuador, Field Guide 1 ed. Cornell University Press. Archived from the original on Sun Jun 20, am I've also read on Audubon pages that this is one instance where refined WHITE sugar is healthier than raw sugar which still contains some molasses that promotes fermentation. In fact, I only buy white sugar for the hummingbirds. Sun Jun 20, am "Also, adding red food coloring is discouraged.

It isn't necessary" Our hummingbird feeder is made of red plastic, so it doesn't matter that the liquid inside it is clear; you still have the red to attract them. Here's a bit from an article about feeding hummingbirds: "mericans can't use raw sugar, because its sale is banned in the U. The so-called "raw" sugar also known as turbinado common in third-world countries and marketed by health food stores is actually refined by the same process as white sugar, but without removing all of the molasses and other non-sugar components.

The result is a less-pure sucrose that contains about five times as much iron as white sugar; since iron is essential but normally rare in hummingbird diets, their bodies hoard it, and even a modest excess of iron can poison them. If you have the choice, use only white sugar in hummingbird feeders. There also used to be another two species of hummingbird that have gone extinct since they were first discovered in the 19th century.

Hummingbirds are their own family, known as Trochilidae. Of the remaining hummingbird species, only eight regularly breed in the United States — the vast majority live further south in the tropics.

The most well-known species in the US is the ruby-throated hummingbird Archilochus colubris. Hummingbirds come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but none of them are heavy. An average hummingbird might weigh around 4g, but could fatten up to a relatively impressive 8g before heading off on migration. The smallest hummingbird of all is the bee hummingbird, which is actually the smallest bird of any kind.

A male bee hummingbird is only a little over 5cm long and weighs less than 2g, not even half the weight of a nickel. Lack of validity all day, every day. Some realize their faults and try to improve on them. All you ever seem to wanna do is amplify them.

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Hummingbirds die in many ways, including being taken by predators (particularly free-roaming domestic cats), flying into stationary objects (especially windows and buildings), getting hit by vehicles, encountering problems during migration or bad weather, succumbing to disease or other physical maladies, or just dying of old age. Males apparently do not live as long as females--imagine the.

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  3. Hummingbird Of Death - Full Spectrum Dominance cassette (#92 out of printed) Originally posted August 18th, My friend from Repulsive Noise ripped this tape as 2 tracks, Side A & Side B. This one was a definite project, 91 songs to.
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  7. Hummingbird, any of about species of small, often brightly coloured birds of the family Trochilidae, usually placed with the swifts in the order Apodiformes but sometimes separated in their own order, Trochiliformes. The brilliant, glittering colours and elaborately specialized feathers of many species (usually of the males only) led the 19th-century British naturalist John Gould to give.
  8. Hummingbird Of Death - Full Spectrum Dominance cassette (#92 out of printed) Originally posted August 18th, My friend from Repulsive Noise ripped this tape as 2 tracks, Side A &.

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