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The hourly employees were told we would get the day rate as well and we never did. Was also fired for a nonsense reason and then coincidentally the facility was shut down 2 weeks later and i was refused unemployment. Not a good company. Management is also very confusing. One manager tells you one thing, then another tells you something different.

Interesting work, Good coworkers. Wage discrimination, no days off. Good company. Very friendly people that work there you could meet people from different places, good team work. Always trying to make things better as possible to make work easier.

Thursday, August 27, Click here to see a list of Lowe's stores that are closed or have adjusted hours due to Hurricane Laura. This list is updated regularly; check back for updates. Throughout , Lowe's has hosted several drive-through style, community relief events where buckets full of supplies were given out to community members impacted by natural disasters. Read more about the virtual Command Center and how its leaders are managing through hurricane season, wildfires and a global pandemic.

To date, Lowe's has shipped more than 2, truckloads of product and emergency supplies to stores in areas that could be impacted.

Otherwise, it seems as if the threat can't be that pressing if the Fs are sortied on non-training flights with one of two external missile rails left empty and in unstealthy configuration. With that in mind, maybe just being able to signal to an aircraft that may get intercepted by an F that the stealthy fighter is indeed armed is what is most important. On the other hand, the FC that is also shown in the released images is bristling with a full counter-air loadout.

At first glance, another explanation could be that this was a training flight and the USAF just presented the image as something otherwise for information warfare purposes.

Flying with a single AIM-9X captive training round makes perfect sense for training sorties. But we were able to brighten the image and zoom in on the missile enough to just make out its orange bands that signify it is a live round.

So the idea that it is a mislabeled training flight is out. It is possible that the powers that be deemed the mission as not risky enough to put the hours on the live missile airframes, which can cost many hundreds of thousands of dollars each. We know this is an essential service our customers are looking for, so we reacted quickly to build additional capacity. We developed a fast track process to enable same-day delivery from stores in less than 72 hours. We doubled our last-mile capacity.

Last-mile delivery is critical for our on demand services. So during the quarter, we launched a pilot test of crowd sourcing model that will allow us to improve service levels in an efficient way.

So far, results are encouraging. We will continue to test and learn in order to fine-tune the model and scale. By the end of the quarter, stores were offering same-day delivery. We also developed new features within their on-demand app to improve the customer experience.

Among them, special delivery and pickup slots for customers at risk, improved order tracking and earlier visibility of slot availability. During the quarter, we launched new omnichannel solutions to serve different type of customers.

We deployed on-demand delivery to Sam's Clubs, and our members' response has been very positive. We've tested the appetite for our Bodega customers for online shopping through our kiosks with good results. So we decided to launch 1P general and merchandise operations throughout the bodegaaurrera.

In additional to the extended assortment at great prices, our customers appreciate the flexibility on delivery options and payment methods we provide. We will continue to fine-tune our offering and to adapt to our customer needs. Besides investing in tech and store omnichannel capabilities, we have also been working on the logistic network redesign.

The omni-channel distribution centers are a great milestones in our network redesign. They are the first ones of their type in Mexico and are flexible enough to serve both stores and customers directly. During the quarter, we have another addition of the hot sale event with good results and triple-digit growth.

For the first time on an event of this type, we enable delivery for big and bulky items, such as refrigerators, stocks and washing machines from stores via On Demand with a great level of service. Bodega Aurreras website performance in hot sale was very good in terms of platform stability, sales, media impressions and brand sentiment.

I want to thank our omnichannel team as they were able to launch the website in record time and added new and exciting merchandise for our customers at very low prices. By making the right tech investments and by aligning omnichannel operations in previous years, we have the right capabilities in place, and the pandemic further accelerated demand.

E-commerce sales represented 4. We know this figure are influenced by the current situation, and we will be much different once things normalize. We believe if we provide a good shopping experience, our customers and members will see and appreciate the benefits of the service and will likely continue to use it on going forward. So we believe it is critical to continue to invest and improve our service levels.

We will keep listening to our customers and members, adapting our operations, investing and innovating to serve our customers better. In closing, I would like to say that the crisis is not over at this point. We need to keep learning and adjusting. And we know we will face even more challenging times going forward as we expect a sharp deterioration of the macroeconomic environment.

Our priority remains taking care of each other, just as we always have in difficult times, and to help families across Mexico and Central America to save money so they can live better. I am proud of what we have done as a company over the past months, especially how our associates have stepped up.

As we serve our customers and support our associates, we are also managing our business effectively, and we continue to make progress against our long-term stop. Thanks again for the opportunity to serve you. Rest assured, we will continue to do everything we can to provide a safe shopping experience for our customers and a healthy environment for our associates and communities. Before I start covering the financial results of the quarter, I also want to appreciate our associates' hard work and dedication.

You are really making a difference. I will start by covering results in Mexico. As a reminder, on May 25, , we agree on and made a payment to the Mexican tax authorities in the aggregate amount of MXN 8.

This payment impacted the second quarter figures in Mexico in 4 concepts: general expenses, financial expenses, taxes and income tax paid in advance.

According to the accounting standard, IAS 12, the income tax is recognized as an expense and included in the year it is expensed or accrued. According to the accounting standard, IAS 34, the tax effect of onetime event should not be included in the likely effective annual rate, but it should be recognized in the same period as the relevant onetime event. During the second quarter, total revenues grew 7. Despite a challenging environment and a sales mix shift to lower margin categories, strong volume growth of certain subcategories within grocery with higher profitability and more effective negotiations with suppliers led to a gross profit margin expansion of 20 basis points.

General expenses increased Operating income decreased 7. Excluding the payment to the SAT, we were able to keep expense growth below total revenue growth. Despite incurring higher operating costs, given the measures taken to handle the pandemic that Gui mentioned earlier, managing expenses remains a top priority for us. We are being disciplined where we need to be, and that allows us to continue to invest in strategic areas of our business. Operating income increased 9. Now I will discuss the results in Central America.

Please consider that when I talk about Central America, I am referring to figures on a constant currency basis. Total revenues decreased 4. As Gui mentioned earlier, sales were affected across the region, primarily due to operating restrictions.

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  3. Aug 27,  · During the events, associates will distribute relief buckets to residents continuing their cleanup efforts. Details with timing and locations for these events will be posted later this week. To date, Lowe's has shipped more than 3, truckloads of product and emergency supplies to more than stores in the areas across Hurricane Laura's path.
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