Ethereal - Stream Of Life (Original) (File, MP3)

This atmospheric track conveys a sense of wonder and magic of the nature around us. Featuring ethereal piano, strings, synth and pads. Great for indie documentaries, social media advertising, travel vlog, film trailers and projects that need an otherworldly yet emotional cinematic soundscape.

The LightHouse is a delicate cinematic orchestral piece with a dreamy atmosphere. Dramatic, blue, and elegant with a slow piano and moody trumpet. An ideal soundtrack for movie scenes with a sense of longing, grief, and loss, nostalgic moments, remembering of the past.

Analog sound in the atmosphere of the 80s, with warm analog pads and 80s-style beat. Perfect for background music for any number of applications - corporate presentations, radio, film, television, or personal projects. An elegant soft lifting piano composition with an uplifting outlook. This theme will grab your viewers, and stirs up emotions of love, happiness, and romance. This music will fit well for a wide range of love, romance, commercials, careful and tender situations.

Full of love, passion, romance, and emotions. A great underscore and background for documentaries, film, videos that deal with deep subject matter such as introspective, humanity, enlightenment, reflection, contemplation, hope.

A very captivating piano, guitar and bass enters with various percussion. Ethereal atmospheric dark hypnotic poignant. This is a very simple, light and breezy ethereal ambient composition that is designed to act as background music for just about any application.

Low key, positive, evokes images of floating or sailing on calm seas. Bright and light music track with a beautiful strings and a gentle lead melody. The uplifting and inspirational mood will evoke feelings of happiness, floating, sunshine and joy. Relaxing, mystical and inspirational ambient piano cue, with warm strings and beautiful, ethereal synths. The track has a contemplative mood and a peaceful atmosphere.

Perfect for spa treatments, manual therapy, meditation practices, YouTube yoga nidra lessons, also good as music for sleep, and total relaxation. An ethereal,very mellow track featuring flute, distant male choir, piano and soft pads. Very soothing and graceful. Relaxed piano melody, with strings and synths. A laid back, simple and neutral track for different settings. Features include acoustic piano and soft pads. Ideal for relaxation, studying, voice-overs, product demos, adverts, infomercials, and much more.

Featuring Indian instruments with warm and smooth synth sounds and arpeggiators with hypnotic drums machine. This is a lounge-chill out track that brings you into a comfortable zone in your mind. Sensual and relaxed chill out ballad recorded with brass, piano, bass and drums. Piano play cool melodies and the band play sexy backgrounds. Great music for intimate night scenes, fashion projects, background music and advertising.

Melodic ambient composition with contemporary sound and dreamy soundscape. Perfect for corporate presentations, slideshow, product promo, commercials, demonstrations, technology, science and other media projects. Warm and smooth chill out music, featuring floating synth textures, glitches and drums loop that create a peaceful and relaxing mood. A warm and smooth background with elegant chill out piano melody.

Acoustic percussion and drums with wide and fat electric bass. Modern future chill track with soft drums, chill pads, warm bass and other. Cool lounge track with smooth synth sounds and hypnotic drums machine. This atmospheric chill out music will bring you into a comfortable zone in your mind. Calm and smooth chill out track. Featured instruments are piano, synths and atmospheric pads. It would be nice for advertising, presentation or travel videos. Also, it can be used as a background music for broadcast.

Emotional and airy piano music with electric guitar and pads. Nice background for touching videos, prayerful videos, yoga classes, meditations, contemplative nature videos, landscapes, videos from drones, love stories, inspiring speeches and philosophical quotes. Beautiful, relaxing and sensual acoustic chill out music with piano, guitar, pads.

Good choice for totally serene and tranquil scenes, nature videos, stillness and space. Relaxing, peaceful, and airy track with a gentle chillout beat and overall dreamy atmosphere. Very expressive and transparent. Similar to Vangelis. This high energy, catchy and addictive percussion track contains very strong kick, big foot stomps, hand claps and finger snaps.

Perfectly suitable for action scenes, extreme sports, games, dynamic video projects, websites, background music, presentations, commercials, soundtracks, motion graphics, podcasts and more.

I hope you like it. An ethereal Celtic, new age composition. Soft and meditative. Suitable for videos about nature, meditation, yoga session, reiki and holistic medicine. Also ideal for mini-games, voice overs, and deep relaxation. This fancy and magical cinematic background music piece is ideal for around the world adventure soundscape.

Featuring marimba, xylophone, staccato violins, pizzicato strings, and double bass. This unique and atmospheric music theme is more than perfect for your documentary projects, around the world, video games, trailers, YouTube videos, cartoons, and more.

Thanks for listening and purchasing! An uplifting, epic, heroic, majestic orchestral track. Powerful, soaring, rousing and glorious, it conveys determination, heroism, optimism and achievement. Great for things like fantasy, Sci fi, adventure, game trailers.

Thor meets Superman. Powerful, aggressive, and guitar-driven rock track. With hard-hitting drums, heavy riffs, solid synths, and distorted bass. Bold and triumphant, this is an ideal underscore for road adventures, speed racing games, high-energy workout, motivational training, extreme sports contest. So grab this track to enrich your project to its goal! Dramatic and apocalyptical melodic progressive house music with punchy drums, massive synth, seductive vocal chops and lush melody.

Great for sport events, epic blockbuster trailers, video game demonstrations, promotional videos. Big heroic and pompous hip-hop with an epic and dangerous mood. Could be useful in shooter game overflow or walkthrough, dramatic and cinematic visuals, sports, or any project requires power and energy.

Perfect for exotic advertising, lingerie commercials, life benefits, cocktail parties, in-store music, hotel resorts, drone footage or for any project needing an exciting and stylish mood. A serene Celtic track, featuring flute and bells.

Atmospheric and tranquil. Ideal composition for podcasts, suitable for the fantasy adaptation, films or games about elves and fantastic creatures, lullaby, voice-overs, relaxation, etc. Calm cinematic composition featuring Celtic-flavored orchestral theme. An ideal underscore for fantasy films or fairytale plots, distant dreamscape, enchanting storytelling, traditional Gaelic documentaries, beautiful nature landscape.

Paul Takes the Water of Life. Big Battle. Paul Kills Feyd. Final Dream. Take My Hand. Prologue Toto. Main Title Toto. Robot Fight Toto. Leto's Theme Toto. Guitar By The Sea Stunning Classical Guitar interpretations enhanced with the relaxing sounds of the sea, the combination is sublime and is destined to prove as popular as our No. Spa Relaxing Indulge yourself with the most serene and relaxing music imaginable which will enable you to leave all the stress of everyday life behind.

Bathtime Serenity Indulge yourself; light some candles, add some bath oils, maybe even a glass of wine and then just lie back and listen to the most serene music imaginable. Tai Chi Tai Chi Chuan is both a martial art and spiritual discipline. Chill Out: Tibet The mysticism and spiritual aura associated with Tibet are the bedrock of many Eastern Philosophies and practices. Tranquility For all eternity the sea endlessly caresses the sandy beach leaving whispering traces of foam and producing a tremendous sense of tranquility.

Echoes of Greece This reflective sojourn, to Greece on a blissfully sunny day, will conjure magical images of this enchanting country. Ultimate Relaxation: Chill Out Dreams For over 20 years Global Journey have produced the most relaxing audio experiences available and this series of 4 albums is the culmination of our endeavours Celtic Mystery This amazing fusion of two ancient cultures, Celtic and Aboriginal, features celtic compositions with a unique ensemble of instruments associated with both cultures including the Didgeridoo, harp and flute.

Chill Out Classics These reflective masterpieces by the world's greatest ever composers are a sublime salute to their combined talents. Zen Garden This mesmeric album features Steve Millington's most imaginative and soothing music accentuated with the sounds of nature.

Nature's Chant This truly stunning album combines hypnotic Gregorian vocals with the relaxing sounds of nature resulting in a mesmerising and memorable collaboration. Suitable for melancholic mood, romantic scenes of medieval life, loneliness, pensive state of mind, etc. Gamalan and Bansuri Flute create this legendary, slightly epic slow composition designed to convey slow motion scenes for demonstration techniques or battle scenes conveying a medieval, acient legend edge. Very useful for relaxation purposes which may include martial arts or Tai Chi techniques for oriental purposes.

The atmospheric, ethereal Celtic composition includes fabulous flute, tender harp, and natural bird song fx. Very relaxed and soothing. Ideal for spa procedure, healing therapy, meditation, aromatherapy, beautiful misty forest, and mountain footage, fairy wolds, and elf nation, Scottish highlands, and Irish countrysides.

Easy country music mix of banjo, guitars and flutes. Suitable for rustic scenes, medieval folk fest, early morning in the village, countryside life, travel documentaries, nature videos, and any other kinds of multimedia projects. An elegant and whimsical modern classical music theme featuring glockenspiel and orchestral strings. Perfect for fantasy magical fairytale, romantic comedy, kids casual games, happy pets videos, sweet comedy, children ad campaigns, festive vlogs, wrapping presents ideas, animation comedy films, cartoon trailers and more.

Quirky and light little guitar playing very simple but emotion-full melodies. Sounds like Medieval times. Soft and sparkling acoustic Christmas track. It's consisting of acoustic guitars, playing the main role, strings playing support, fretless bass, jingle bells and percussion. Great background music to create a festive winter holidays mood - TV advertising, Xmas eve vlog, shopping mall music, walking tours, Christmastime market, and more.

This on one is a loop for various purposes. Cool as a track for commercial, medieval videos, and parties. Pleasant calm melody reminiscent of awakening in the forest. Featuring a combination of musical instruments such as bagpipes, flute and sampled birdsong. Feel free to use this melody in various multimedia projects. A folk, Celtic-style guitar and flute piece.

Great background music for rural scenes, medieval life, castles, taverns, historical documentaries, distant times and places. An original medieval dance all played live with acoustic instruments no samples were used. Perfect for fantasy video, games, projects or for documentaries.

Very lively mood. Romantic orchestral composition with a sensitive and pleasant melody. The combination of a bright, sweet harp melody with warm, luscious strings creates a beautiful track that is emotional and captivating. Great for weddings ceremony, romantic themes, tender moments, declarations of love scenes and long-awaited dating. A dark, strange medieval inspired dance piece.

Good for documentaries about Middle Ages, life in castles, the Medieval Period of history, festival of war history reconstruction. Positive track with medieval melody.

Relax! This easy listening track can be used in games and movies, fashion or erotic video projects, advertising, as background music for websites. Different versions of this calm dreamy ambient track included – original, 2min looped and 30s 50s meditative logo intro. Melodic ambient composition with contemporary sound and dreamy soundscape.

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  2. ethereal sounds () Most recent Oldest Shortest duration Longest duration Any Length 2 sec 2 sec - 5 sec 5 sec - 20 sec 20 sec - 1 min > 1 min All libraries Barnaby McAll Samplefarm SI BEGG SFX Bible Sampleconstruct Rob Bridgett BLASTWAVE FX Big Room Sound ModeAudio CA Sound Richard Humphries Epic Stock Media.
  3. Sep 01,  · Stream Of Life Goa & Psychedelic Trance Album: Pyramidal Trancendence Label: Metapsychic Records Release Date:
  4. all brand new systems & new to site - lightbody ascension - high vibrational abundance, money, good luck, opportunity & manifestation akashic records & past lives animals, totem reiki, dragon, winged ones, dolphin, unicorn angels/archangels/cherubs ascended masters aura - etheric body beauty/mind power/self esteem/self confidence/success buddha - buddhist - enlightenment celtic chakras.
  5. Nov 23,  · download 1 file. ITEM TILE download. download 42 files. OGG VORBIS. Uplevel BACK M Ethereal lirichildbagcalot.smutuatiminincolthuadyrocirrrighces.co3 download. M. DRAG-ON download Files download 47 Original. SHOW ALL. IN COLLECTIONS. Community Audio.
  6. Ethereal Live is a privately owned and operated non-profit netlabel dedicated to releasing high-quality recordings exclusively from live performances of ambient, dark ambient, and space music artists. Ethereal Live was created by Shane Morris in May to provide a home to stunning live.
  7. Ethereal is a free open source, real time strategy game that uses the Stratagus engine. It aims to deliver fantasy themed and fast paced gameplay to Ethereal - Browse Files at
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