Citys Bribe - Jim Lord - Inside Out (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Dewa Budjana has a track of 30 years career as main composer and member of the band Gigi, a best seller and rock icon act in his home country Indonesia, and has released 10 solo recordings that gained him an increasing praise by the progressive jazz critics. International album release of Mahandini comes under the supervision of the visionary MoonJune producer Leonardo Pavkovic, who acted as a mentor for Dewa during his explosion to a wider audience in last decade.

Using this word as the name for this line-up resulted in a good sign, it sounded like I had a Great Vehicle for my music. I was lucky! With his unparalleled virtuoso technique, Jordan Rudess is one of the most relevant keyboard icon in the progressive world. Graduated at Juilliard School in classical piano, after collaborating with Dixie Dregs, he joined progressive metal band Dream Theater in He brought his signature on 16 albums of the band, in addition to multiple solo album, which gave him a top class status in the keyboard world.

He is also been very active in pushing the synth technologies to new boundaries, integrating the instrument with new tools, apps and guitar-like interfaces. He has already partnered in extra-Dream Theater adventures with German drummer Marco Minnemann, who is a most in-demand drum instructor and session musician. Mixing an incredible portfolio of techniques on the edge of extreme metal, zappian craziness and prog extravaganzas, Minnemann has released 14 albums at his own name.

The indian born Mohini Dey is becoming an usual partner of the drummer and she has gained the highest level of hype for a 22 years old girl. Starting playing bass at the age or 3, she is now a busy scheduled musician, thanks to her impressive virtuoso east-meets-west techniques. The band shows a powerful balance of technical precision mixed with a delicate sense of playfulness on Mahandini. For the first time Dewa Budjana plays a song composed by a guest musician on his albums: it is the opening Crowded, which has been written by the rock legend John Frusciante.

The two became friends earlier than this recording. He is a great person, every time I went to Los Angeles, he always asked to meet up for dinner and we talked about music. On this album I re-arranged his songs, and he sang on Crowded and Zone.

The band shuffles the cards with clever harmonic modulations into the tasteful prog bridge in the middle of the song. Queen Kanya played a key role in the diffusion of poetry and in restoring the beautiful Klungkung palace. Seamlessly moving through the luxurious orchestrations and multiple changes of rhythms, this track is a masterful meeting between western prog and asian melodies, tracking avenues never crossed before.

The Indonesian traditional singer is a star in home country and she performs in TV programs viewed by million of people. Just topping up my CD collection with some timeless classics - they had bags of attitude and a great songwriter then and Paul Weller still has those qualities today after so many years Jam 1. I had this on Vinyl years ago. I had forgotten what a passionate great - full of energy - first album it is.

Its not subtle- its raw guitars and drums.. Very good album raw bit punky good tunes and vocals catchy music bit different to later albums. Great album. Had forgotten just how good and fantastic to have it on vinyl again. After this lp they just got better pity they stopped after 6 albums but never mind!

A great first album full of passion and no doubt influenced by the Who, in fact they do the Batman theme which the Who also covered years before. Well, everyone has influences and the songs are really racey and make you want to dance and flies the flag for the mod revival aswell as being part of the new wave of bands in Politicially it was a time of change and speaking your mind.

Well done — those and I wish they had simply pegged the Armstrong box set A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, for a fatter slice of the essential Louis of the 20s and 30s. I myself could not be happy living without this chunk of music in the world.

An impossible task certainly, but with the exceptions of the fusion stuff it is pretty admirable. Glad to see Brubeck near the top. Would also like to see some more adventurous material. There are several albums by Anthony Braxton that could have made the list.

Not to mention A Spiritual Unity. Major oversight. Also Big Fun by Miles Davis needs to be on there. Time Out by Brubeck is way too high up the list. Come on. Mahavishnu Orchestra not that high either. Good call on Out to Lunch by Dolphy tho, but that should actually be higher. And Iron Man should be on there as well.

Happy new year! This is a damn fine list. Usually music lists have me swinging immediately out of the gate! The San Francisco Jazz Collective comes to mind.

This list is poorly ordered. These are all great albums but IMO most of them got their spots because of politics. Whoever wrote this list is was trying to keep as many people happy.

It looks like they used the bracket system to decide lol. Hank Mobley: Soul Station 42 seriously? Frank A. A good list all and all. I do think a few groundbreakers have been missed though: 1 Pat Methenys Bright Size Life, Pat, is probably the best modern Jazz composer after , and this collaberation with Jaco was certainly groundbreaking 2 Kenny Burrell and Grover Washington, one of my favorites to spin to this day.

I would have to put Love Supreme as my 1. Jelly Roll. Duke and Basie are there as is Goodman. That man could do on one guitar what it takes three ordinary professional guitarists to do. Weather Report before many many many more.. He has certainly gained a true following outside of the Jazz world. Nothing at all by Kieth Jarrett Standards Trio?? A lot of the people mentioned have all made great music, worthy of any jaz list, but they made it in the pre-album age where EPs and 78s where the medium.

This list has some of the best music ever made! James henriot. The list is pretty lacking. What about the Cti label? This is a list compiled by a hifi hobbyist and not a music lover.

Are you joking? And Dizzy Gillespie? But Ole was more like what he actually played live in clubs. Well done on what is not an easy task. My gripe tho would be the non inclusion of something by the great Sun Ra and his Arkestra. Agreed on how absurd it is to leave off the Sun Ra Arkestra! Hard to believe. Also, no Lester Young, Coleman Hawkins, and only one listing for Bird though it includes multiple recordings.

And what about drummer Shelly Manne, who set up one of the best jazz bands, and whose records at the Black Hawk are amongst the best jazz records ever? A fine list indeed, some contentious ommissions e.

Of course there will always be omissions, but … no Oscar Peterson? OK, I said it. I always enjoy these lists despite disagreements…. I should be consulted to provide such insight. Not to mention numerous others they have listed above him. Lester Young? Paul Desmond? Chet Baker? Well, of all the omissions, Ella Fitzgerald seems the most glaring to me. Billie and the other biggies mentioned above too. Pharoah Sanders too. Those and the old stuff from the 20s and 30s as someone else said.

I wish they had simply pegged the Armstrong box set A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, for a fatter slice of the essential Louis of the 20s and 30s. What misogynists you are. No Billie Holiday? No Ella Fitzgerald. No Sarah Vaughn? You also are bebop centric. No Bix Beiderbecke? No Bunny Berigan? No Fats Waller, etc, etc.

How can that possibly be??? Johnson, Sister Rosetta Tharpe. Sure great stuff. For me also Top 20 all-time classics. And as many others before said. No Ella……. Kind of Blue will be hard to beat — ever. I know the Coltrane buffs want to disagree, but when those guys were together on Kind of Blue, it was magical. Two of my favorite quotes:.

Jazz is a good barometer of freedom…In its beginnings, the United States of America spawned certain ideals of freedom and independence through which, eventually, jazz was evolved, and the music is so free that many people say it is the only unhapmpered, unhindered expression of complete freedom yet produced in this country.

Kenny Burrell — Midnight Blue? Jimmy Smith. Good list. A good list … I would include some albums that made important contributions in the evolution of Jazz …. I would place the singers — male and female in their own grouping — Stan Kenton certainly had some historic music: Kenton in Hi Fi was exceptional. Double the list and not rank them for more harmony among Jazz lovers.

I just wish a Chick Corea album was in there somewhere. Chick Corea. The greatest trio album ever. Still fresh and exciting today. Innovative and influential. The all-time best 50 list should have a wide scope for inclusion. Oh look, another top 50 list no different than any other. Thanks for mentioning some of my jazz heroes.

Thanks again! Where is Lady Day Quoting from your website — With a few exceptions every major pop singer in the US during her generation has been touched in someway by her genius. You have to have some Ray Brown on Bass guys. No way you could leave him out. Solar Energy is one that comes to mind but he has so many. But the woeful Ayler and Dolphy are in there?

I suppose subjectivity is inevitable when it comes to taste and naming the best 50 albums is impossible. Vast amounts of great stuff omitted and the phenomenal broadening of jazz in the last 30 years is nowhere to be seen. This probably is a very good guide to the ages of the compilers.

Please re-think your statement. WTF is that??? No Billy Holliday? Queen Latifah?? There are some great albums and I have got a lot of them, but everybody seems to have been listening in the other direction.

Stan Tracey and George from Battersea! All great jazz musicians playing jazz in the UK. You just have to realize that there are hundreds of great jazz artists through the ages. We all like what WE like and disagree sometimes on what others are digging. If each and every one of you compiled your top 50, it would be a beautiful and diversified list. The best part of these lists are the comments.

Gives people like me all sorts of new ideas to fill in the collection! Can never have too many great jazz albums…. I am surprised that Milestones is not on this list.

Not a lot of modern stuff on this list either. Nothing from Freddie Hubbard or Woody Shaw? Cassandranite and Love Dance are both really solid albums. Interesting list overall though. I disagree with a lot of the picks, but at least it got a bunch of jazzheads talking. Good music, not the 50 I would have chosen, but then every jazz fan is liable to have a very different list. Not sure which I would pick for the particular recording, but a couple of jazz musicians that are among my top 5 that I think need to be represented on that list are McCoy Tyner and Michael Brecker.

Great list! Generally astute list, with a few debatable entries and omissions. OP for goodness sakes. And one of my personal faves would have been in my top Jazz Samba. Probably a thankless task, unless the objective was to get some discussion going!

And as for women, surely Carla Bley would qualify as well as all the great singers already mentioned? Hard to believe that nobody has complained about the omission of the great Benny Carter. And guitar forms Kenny Burell. Wow what a great list! The fact that it has stimulated so much discussion is fantastic.

It is a bit disturbing that there was nothing after and that very few post 77 albums were mentioned in the replies. What does that say for the future? Here are some albums I like. You are absolutely right. The list and the comments thread has been a great learning curve for me. Thanks for giving a list of albums I have not come across earlier. Maybe not Top 10 in many eyes, but at least Top One of MY faves.

I know my comment will offend many, but the cold hard truth is that John Coltrane played out of tune. None of his albums belong on this list, in my opinion. From early ragtime to international modernism, Jazz: The Smithsonian Anthology a update of the milestone Smithsonian Collection of Classic Jazz lets you enjoy this uniquely American musical genre through its legendary innovators, including Armstrong, Ellington, Basie, Gillespie, Fitzgerald, and Marsalis.

Box Set; 6 CDs with tracks; soft cover companion book, pages. But, no Billie Holliday? Just Wrong. No Dizzy or Oscar Peterson? Wrong again. How about Phineous Newborn Jr. Now that is completely wrong. On any given day my top 50 might be different. Of course I have my favorites that are not listed, but this is truly a list of recordings every jazz fan should know. I knew the minute this was posted it would draw controversy.

These are nice choices. The vest album for me is ALS. Ithink ,anyway, that 50 are too few. No Ella and Billie in top 50??? I play in a latin jazz band. What should be my next album? Fantastic: better than Coltrane I thought — had lots of him, too!

They were my house Gods those days. Coltrane was more like a sheep, I thought? Its a disgrace to menchen a word like that in this context with these geniouses. Cause of that, his artist name?? In The City 2. This Is The Modern World 3. All Mod Cons 4. Setting Sons 5. Sound Affects 6. Some streamers use new followers and donations as mechanisms to unlock new content or segments.

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How should they be pitching about music now? I'm sincerely hoping they're in a good place right now," he says. I will understand. Vinyl album issued for 's Record Store Day containing early mixes of the tracks, without reverb or effects, placed in the same running order of the original album. Personnel per John Blaney. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. John Lennon. Main article: Imagine film. Unseen Archives. Parragon Publishing Book. Rolling Stone.

Retrieved 12 June London: Music Sales Group. Phil Spector: Out of His Head. London: Omnibus Press. John Lennon: Listen to This Book illustrated ed. SAF Publishing Ltd. New York: New American Library. Retrieved 15 December Many Years from Now. Random House. Classic Rock. Retrieved 8 September

View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of In The City on Discogs. Label: Polydor - • Format: Vinyl LP, Album .

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  1. Oct 30,  · Lord, Jim - Inside Out - Music. Skip to main content Hello, Sign in #1,, in CDs & Vinyl (See Top in CDs & Vinyl) # in Folk (CDs & Vinyl) out of 5 stars I remember songs like City's Bribe from that era when we were trying Reviewed in the United States on August 28, /5(1).
  2. Inside Out, an album by Jim Lord on Spotify We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes. By using our website and our services, you agree to our use of cookies as described in our Cookie Policy.
  3. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Inside Out - Jim Lord on AllMusic - Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Inside Out - Jim Lord on AllMusic - City's Bribe. Jim Lord. Amazon: 7: Craig. Adam Sherburne. Jim Lord. 6/
  4. Play full-length songs from Inside Out by Jim Lord on your phone, computer and home audio system with Napster. An album by Jim Lord on Napster. Join now Log In x Music Apps & Devices Pricing Search Company Info Careers Developers Account Customer Support Redeem Coupon Buy a Gift Missing: Citys Bribe.
  5. Lord's first album “Inside Out”, produced by former Fugs’ guitarist Ken Pine and released on the Inlet Records label, was a Billboard Magazine Top Billboard Album Pick (recommended LP). Lord's second album “Hangdog Heaven”, released on the Blue Vinyl Records label and produced by Ken Pine and Larry Gates, was characterized by the New York Post as a Missing: Citys Bribe.
  6. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Inside Out on Discogs. Label: Columbia - 1C • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: Germany • Genre: Rock • Style: Krautrock, Pop RockMissing: Citys Bribe.
  7. Discover releases, reviews, track listings, recommendations, and more about Bronislau Kaper* - Lord Jim (Original Soundtrack Recording) at Discogs. Missing: Citys Bribe.
  8. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of City on Discogs. Label: Pool - AP • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: Germany • Genre: Rock • .

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