Chronologie 3 - Jean-Michel Jarre - Europe In Concert (VHS)

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Per maggiori informazioni contatta l'Agenzia delle Dogane del tuo Paese o visita la pagina di eBay sulle transazioni internazionali. Vivaldi Tribute Live feat Patrick Rondat. Amphibia Patrick Rondat , Jarre in China. Oxygene in Moscow Video ,. Together Now with Tetsuya Komuro. Nuit Electronic Video Live. Paris Underground Live with Tetsuya Komuro. Nuit Electronic Video.

Oxygene in the Ghetto Live with Tetsuya Komuro. Salma Ya Salama Live. Live Printemps de Bourges ,. Live from Gdansk DVD. Les Concerts en Chine. En attendant Cousteau. Arguably better than Mike Mansfield, I was disappointed by his concert overall. His direction seemed flawed, and included songs Probably because Jarre played the majority of these, so hardly Gerrard's fault that your most likely just to skip past on the tape.

Disappointing Jarre. Where Paris La Defense is much better is obviously atmosphere Jarre played inside a concert hall in this one, every other concert bar the later ones have been open-stage song tracklist featured the best from several different albums into one live performance. I fail to see why anyone would buy this when there are several other concerts, most notably Destination Docklands and Paris La Defense that excel and are much better than this one.

This is the best Jarre live video by a huge margin. The music, mainly from the then-recent Chronologie album, easily one of his best ever, is wonderful. Thankfully, the video is of a show near the end of the tour, after the removal of those Chronologie tracks which didn't suit being played live, and their replacement with more up tempo tracks from JMJ's past, such as Magnetic Fields 2 and Equinoxe 4.

My only criticism of the set list is that the show's awesome opener, Chronologie part 1, is cut from the video while the overly-long Rendez Vous 2 is presented yet again in a form practically identical to previous videos. The show itself was very different to Jarre 's previous efforts, in that it mainly played stadia, rather than city centres, and didn't include the spectacle of projections on the sides of skyscrapers and massive firework displays.

Perhaps surprisingly, their absence doesn't make too much difference. The projections onto the on-stage screens are superb, far better than any previous Jarre show, meaning that the spectacle of the event on video at least is actually better than ever. The thing that really lifts this video above the others, however, is Jarre himself. Far from the moody, frowning figure we see in the other shows most notably Destination Docklands , here we have a manic Jarre, who runs around the stage, grinning from ear to ear.

The fact that he appears to be enjoying himself as much as the audience makes the whole thing a lot more fun for the viewer. The setting includes a moving crane lit from the inside, and the hangar door opening to reveal an orchestra surrounded by sparks from metal welding. The audience consisted of a very small number of invitees only. Jarre then performed 10 Oxygene concerts in Paris, from December 12 to December 26, During to Jarre performed an indoors tour, but with a different concept than his previous Oxygene tour.

Jarre performed music from all of his best-selling albums, in a show with cutting-edge digital technology, lasers design and lighting choreography. Jarre at first also conceived HD video projections, but these were later cut from the show, as Jarre stated:. The visual aspect has to support the music, and not be the soundtrack of the visuals. The part of the tour was an upgraded version of his tour, with new visuals added such as giant image projections, and also performing outdoors on some occasions.

Jarre first conceived it would evolve into a world tour, supposedly visiting America, Asia and Australia. Same as part 3 but on Pau's concert and in others previous Jarre plays "Rendez-Vous 4" reprise at the end of the concert and alternate the order of the three last pieces:. Port Hercules, completely transformed into a stage for the evening, will provide the setting for the artist, who has created this unique concert for Monaco, specifically for the Royal Wedding.

Monaco will provide the backdrop for a dazzling evening. The concert was not part of the tour he's doing and distinguishes itself for having totally different visuals and a different set list, although most of the set list of the concert did share similarities with the indoor tour.

Private concert in Warsaw for the Polish insurance company Warta. Invite-only event for the opening of the "Galactica" center at Sochi , Russia. As part of the promotion of the Electronica double album, Jarre performed several shows during , and , including 3D images generated by LED curtains, and lasers. Setlist in tour [77]. Jarre's first tour and his second set of performances on American soil after the Houston concert. Jarre's first tour in South America November dates were cancelled few weeks before the first show, rescheduled for March From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Redirected from List of Jean Michel Jarre concerts. Main article: AOR performance. Main article: Place De La Concorde concert. Main article: The Concerts in China concert. Main article: Rendez-vous Houston.

Main article: Rendez-vous Lyon. Main article: Destination Docklands. Main article: Paris la Defense.

Vends magnifique et superbe VHS de Jean Michel Jarre en concert (Europe en Concert). La VHS est Neuf regardez une fois. Durée 80 mn, année Envoie rapide et .

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  1. During the same year Jarre released Chronologie, his first studio album in three years, and this new composition was central to the tour’s repertoire. As a whole, the tour was seen by , people. Track List: 1. Chronologie 1 2. Equinoxe 4 3. Chronologie 2 4. Chronologie 3 5. Chronologie 4 6. Chronologie 5 7. Digisequencer 8. Chronologie 6.
  2. Jean Michel Jarre embarks on his first ever tour across the European capitals: ‘Europe in Concert.’ A state-of-the-art production with an impressive stage set and exceptional sound system, this astounding show is the greatest live concert of the year/5(8).
  3. Jean Michel Jarre embarks on his first ever tour across the European capitals: ‘Europe in Concert.’ A state-of-the-art production with an impressive stage set and exceptional sound system, this astounding show is the greatest live concert of the year.
  4. Dec 25,  · Jean Michel Jarre - Chronologie Europe Tour Paris Versailles VHS Jean Michel Jarre Live Concert In Houston Texas Jean Michel Jarre Paris La Defense VHS Remaster Historical.
  5. Back in , French pop star Jean Michel Jarre performed a series of spectacular stadium concerts around Europe. Although the tour was really a showcase for one of his best albums, "Chronologie", there are a number of other famous Jarre tracks featured on this video such as "Oxygene Part 4" and "Fourth Rendez-vous".4/5(4).
  6. Europe in Concert. Jarre held a tour of huge outdoor concerts throughout Europe in After the release of the Chronologie album, starting in Mt. Saint Michel, France and ending in Tours, France. In total , people attended the venues, and a VHS of the Barcelona concert was released.

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