Body Rockin - Crispin J. Glover - Something For The Weekend (Vinyl)

His first film role was in 's My Tutor. In this short film, he portrayed a small-town man who organizes a local talent show to showcase his obsession with Olivia Newton-John , much to the embarrassment of the local community.

His breakout role was as George McFly in Robert Zemeckis 's Back to the Future , an international box office success in ; his character was the father of Marty McFly , despite being three years younger than Michael J. Fox in real life. Glover and the producers could not agree on suitable terms for him to appear in the sequels, so the role was greatly reduced and recast.

The older footage was combined with new footage of actor Jeffrey Weissman wearing a false chin, nose and cheekbones, and various obfuscating methods — in the background, wearing sunglasses, rear shot, upside down — to play George McFly. Because these methods suggested that Glover himself had performed for the film, he sued the producers on the grounds that they had used his likeness without permission, as well as not having paid him for the reuse of the footage from the original film.

As a result of this suit, there are now clauses in the Screen Actors Guild collective bargaining agreements which state that producers and actors are not allowed to use such methods to reproduce the likeness of other actors. He has continued to play exceedingly eccentric types, including playing Andy Warhol in Oliver Stone 's The Doors in , as well as the title characters in Bartleby and Willard He received mainstream attention as the "Thin Man" in the Charlie's Angels films; [12] the character had initially been cast as a speaking role, but Glover, noting that the lines as written were exposition , convinced the producers to eliminate the lines to create a precise image for the character.

Glover appeared in the film Beowulf as the monster Grendel , playing the part through performance capture technology. The film was Glover's first collaboration with director Robert Zemeckis since the original Back to the Future film. He voiced the character "6" in the film 9. Sample pages from these books are featured in the album's liner notes. Glover recorded a version of the Michael Jackson song " Ben " to coincide with the release of his film Willard ; the song had been written for the sequel to the original version of the film.

In the music video for the song, he sings to a rat named Ben. Glover has written between 15 and 20 books. He constructs the books by reusing old novels and other publications which have fallen into the public domain due to their age for example, Rat Catching was constructed from an book Studies in the Art of Rat Catching , and Oak-Mot was constructed from an novel of the same title.

He rearranges text, blacks out certain standing passages, and adds his own prose and sometimes images into the margins and elsewhere, thus creating an entirely new story. Four of his books have been published so far, through his publishing company, Volcanic Eruptions. Glover made his directorial debut with 's What Is It?

It premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. Most of the primary footage was shot in 12 days, stretched over a two-and-a-half-year period. Production was mostly funded by Glover's roles in Willard and the Charlie's Angels films. Glover's second film, It Is Fine! Stewart was born with severe cerebral palsy and had been confined to a nursing home for about 10 years.

The film is a fantastical psychosexual retelling of life from Stewart's point of view. Glover has completed shooting his third feature film as a director, which he developed as a vehicle for his father Bruce Glover and himself to act together. This film is not part three of the It? The program consisted of screenings of all of his directorial work, live performances, and speaking engagements.

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Related Posts. Add Comment Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. The film is still out fooling people in to believing another actor is Crispin Glover. It makes sense that he informs people of this. Going to a reunion controlled by Bob Gale would not do Crispin Glover any good. The guy is kind of odd in his own way but the pettiness is pretty heavy on both sides of the coin.

You must be logged in to post a comment. Prev Article Next Article. He has been tirelessly touring the globe with prints of the first two installments, What Is it? Everything Is Fine. He is currently producing and directing an as-yet-untitled movie to act in alongside his father, character actor Bruce Glover Chinatown, Diamonds Are Forever , for the first time.

Vanity Fair: Your acting career in film began in the early 80s. What was it like entering Hollywood at the time, after the legacy of the 70s? The films I saw that played in these venues tended to question culturally accepted truths with performances that underscored these concepts. These films and performances characterized the atmosphere of cinema and acting I believed I was stepping into as a young actor.

By , at age 18, I began to act in feature films. I enthusiastically supported the idea of questioning our culture. Sometimes I felt scorned and isolated; other times I felt accepted and admired. Then, at one point, in the midst of my career, I realized that the types of films the industry was financing and distributing had changed almost diametrically from the types of films I had watched when I was Something that is important to understand is that those who appear in corporately funded and distributed films, and more importantly the content of these films, [are] not determined by the populace of the culture, but by the corporate interests that are funding and distributing the films.

Now, I have put my artistic passions and questions into my own filmmaking. The first feature film I produced and directed is What Is It? I am very careful to make it quite clear that What Is It? Specifically, in that anything that can possibly make an audience uncomfortable is necessarily excised, or the film will not be corporately funded or distributed. Is this wrong what I am watching? Should I be here?

Should the filmmaker have made this? What is it? What is it that is taboo in the culture? What does it mean to the culture when it does not properly process taboo in its media? It is a bad thing when questions are not being asked—these kinds of questions are when people are having a truly educational experience. This stupefies culture. So What Is It?

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Crispin Glover Tom 2 years ago If you’ve ever watched a movie with Crispin Glover in it then you might very well have thought that there’s something not quite.

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  2. Scarling Crispin Glover - Red Vinyl USA 7" vinyl single record SFTRI $ $ shipping. Watch. Scarling Crispin Glover - Pink Vinyl 7" vinyl single record USA SFTRI CRISPIN J GLOVER Something For The Weekend 12" Single Vinyl Excellent. $ $ shipping. See .
  3. Crispin J. Glover is a British DJ, dance music producer and recording engineer who has worked for various labels, including his own Matrix Records. In he released the album Rhythm Graffiti [1] and, at the end of the decade, signed with One Little Indian Records, with the resulting album, Which Way Is Up, featuring a cover of P.I.L. 's.
  4. Oct 29,  · There is no point to have a vinyl collection if I keep it for myself, That's why I decided to share it with you. Crispin J. Glover - The Beat Goes On / Ride Label: Influence ‎– IN
  5. Review: Back in the day, Crispin J Glover was one of British dance music's most prolific producers, delivering tracks to labels under a variety of aliases. For proof, check out this superb retrospective, which showcases two decades worth of productions for such labels as Nuphonic, Paper Recordings, Junior Boy's Own and Back 2 Basics.
  6. Early life. Glover is an only child, born in New York City, and moved to Los Angeles with his family at the age of five. He is the son of actor Bruce Glover and actress and dancer Marion Elizabeth Lillian Betty Krachey, who retired upon his birth. He was named after the Saint Crispin's Day speech from William Shakespeare's play Henry V, which his parents enjoyed. ".
  7. Crispin Glover letting people know that prosthetics were placed on to the face of another actor to fool audiences in to believing he was in a film for Bob Gale’s personal gain is not petty.
  8. Feb 19,  · I have spoken to Crispin Glover (Or Crispy, as I will often refer to him.) on several occasions by phone at my work. I didn’t know who he was at the time. His name was a bit unique and sounded familiar, but I didn’t place it. We spoke for over a half hour on the first occasion. He was ordering something and wanted to get it right.
  9. Crispin Glover's Letterman Appearance Explained; Michael Jai White's 'Spawn' Issues: A 'Freaky Deaky' Q&A By Mike Ryan As a junior high schooler, I used to record "Late Night with David Letterman" on a VHS cassette tape every night and watch it the following morning because my parents wouldn't allow me to stay up that late.

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