Benedictus - Artyomov* - Requiem (Vinyl, LP)

E 13 Mendelssohn: Schone Melusine Overture. Piano Quartet, Op. Numbered, ltd. Numbered, limited to copies. G 13 Paganini: Concerto 2. Mendelssohn: Capriccio Brillant. Variations Concertantes. H 4 Shostakovich: Piano Concerto 1. Britten: 6 Metamorphoses after Ovid. Simple Symphony. Concordia Choir Vol. Contemporary S S W. Smith: String Quartet. DMM pressing. Wyner: Concert Duo. Unusual solo appearance by New Music Qt. Cybelia CY S R. Calmel: Magnificat. Jacket inscribed by Naegele.

Harmless dish warp. Private issue. ETO, V. Sokoloff pf. San Pietro. DL S Handel: Arias. DL Schubert: Sonata in a, Op. DL Mozart: Clarinet Quintet. DL Schumann: Symphony 2. Late pressing. DL Tchaikovsky: Symphony 4.

DL Tchaikovsky: Symphony 5. DL Tchaikovsky: Symphony 6. DL Chopin: Etudes, Op. DL Chopin: 4 Scherzi. Smith, G. Ricci cello. DX 2 Haydn: 3 Trios. KRAUS her first recording. DX 3 Beethoven: Piano Concertos. Short album. DX 2 Bruckner: Symphony 9. Beethoven: "Choral" Fantasia. Decca Eng. LXT Duparc: Songs. Glazounov genuinestereo. Decca Germany 6. Tulip label. Box spine damaged Deluxe libretto. Blacher: 13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird.

Egk: 4 Canzoni. Thick jacket. Promo label. Deutsche Grammophon U. Texts on jacket. Dial 5- Berg: Lyric Suite. Kolisch, 1st violin. Discocorp 2 Strauss: Salome. Early pressing with tag on plain jacket.

Noisy broadcast transcriptions. Discophiles Francais DF Vieru: Flute Concerto. Electrola 10" E Beethoven: Concerto 3. E Schubert: Impromptus. Minor spine damage. Immolation Scene. No booklet. Cover water damaged. Brazilian pressing. Haydn: 6 "Salzburg" Symphoies. Strauss: Blue Danube. Bach: Sonata in a. BC S Bach? Mark Passion, BWV exc. BC S A.

Superb performances! VARDI viola. LC Beethoven: Symphony 7. LC Brahms: Violin Concerto. A; minor PB. LC Tansman: Isaiah, the Prophet. LC Wagner: Ring--exc. Writing on jacket. LC Granados: Spanish Dances. LC Mozart: Sonatas, K. Haydn: Trumpet Concerto. German Radio O. Premiere recording as music for film "Police". Eterna E. Thiele: Gesange an die Sonne. Eurodisc D 3 Mozart: Don Giovanni. Everest S Dvorak: Cello Concerto. Suppressed almost immediately after publication.

From broadcasts. Preiser Records jacket. French Broadcasting System in N. Broadcast transcriptions with narration. No cue sheets. Scarlatti:" Su le sponde del Tebro; 2 arias.

Levant: Sonatine; Y. Nat: Sonatine 1; Gottschalk: Le Bananier. EJS production, "limited edition of copies. BJ, as issued. Opera Dec. EJS 2 Weber: Oberon. Wagner: Siegfried--finale. A; typical PBs. Grand Award 7" G. ADLER harmonica , anon. State U. Jacket, no texts. Herrold "Met Stars, " Mapleson cylinders.

BJ, white label test. HRE 3 Cherubini: Medea. Libretto added. Dutch pressing. Avison Charles — Sonatas for two violin op. Bach C. Kossenko, Arte dei Suonatori. Bach J. Foulon, B. Christian, J. Friedrich, W. Bach Johann Christian — Six keyboard sonatas with violin accompaniment Op.

Bach Johann Sebastian — 6 sonatas with accompaniment by R. Shumann — B. Schmid, L. Bach Johann Sebastian — Goldberg Variations arr. Bach Johann Sebastian — Italienisches Konzert arr. Schmidt-Isserstedt — Isserstedt, Haskil, G. Anda, Philharmonia O. London, A. Bach Johann Sebastian — The three sonatas for viola da gamba and harpsichoed — L.

Rose, Glenn Gould. Wood — Stefan Solyom, Bach W. Banchieri, Selma, Guami, Boddecker, ecc. Rigby, P. Savidge, D. Bazzini Antonio — Sonata per violino e pianoforte in mi minore op. Beethoven Ludiwg van — Diabelli Variations Op. Beethoven Ludiwg van — String Quartets op.

Beethoven Ludwig van — Concerto for Violin Op. Beethoven Ludwig van — Piano concert in Re Violin trans. Webersinke, K. Masur, Maisenberg, T. Tiboris, Brno PO, Beethoven Ludwig van — Violin Concerto, transcr. Collins, M. Walz, V. Benda Georg Anton — Ariadne auf Naxos arr. Bertali Antonio — Ciacona arr. Pluhar, improv. Westerberg, Robertson, Biber, Schmelzer — Seventeenth century music and dance from the viennese court — Ars Antiqua Austria.

Mercier, Guitar Trio — The Am. Francis, Allegri String Quartet. Boccherini Luigi — String Quartet G. Stamitz — 8 Caprices — Pal Nemeth.

Bononcini Giovanni Battista — Camilla engl. Bonporti Francesco Antonio — Invenzioni Op. Bottesini Giovanni — Gran Duo concertante per violino, contrabbasso e pianoforte — Angelo Stefanato,.

Driver, M. Brahms Johannes — Liebeslieder op. Heifetz, A. Brahms, Brahms-Glanert, R. Britten, Dale, Ireland — Quartet Op. Forsberg, A. Haas — Osaka PO, T. Asahina, Live, Jan. Asahina, Live, 16 may Buchner Phillipp Friedrich — Plectrum Musicum op. Bush Adolf — Konzert fur violine und orchester op. Busoni Ferruccio — Concerto per pianoforte orchestra e coro maschile in do maggiore op.

Pameijer, Doelen Quartet. Barazzoni, S. Frimmer, W. Jochens, K. Caldara Antonio — Musica sacra — D. Aita, G. Campagnoli Bartolomeo — Violin and flute concertos, Sinfonia concertante — F. Manara, G. Graffin, T. Castelnuovo-Tedesco Mario — Noemi e Ruth, oratorio biblico op. Caurroy E. Cesti, A.

Charpentier Marc Antoine — Le reniement de St. Charpentier, Buxtehude — Pastorale sur las naissance de notre Seigneur H. Paulin, A.

Weimann, Miranda, U. Ciaja, Hendel, Scarlatti, Marcello, etc. Ewig war ich, ewig bin ich 3. Siegfrieds Rheinfahrt Prolog ; 2. Brunnhilde, heilige Braut 3. Mein Erbe nun Nehm' ich zu eigen 3. Sonata for Keyboard in C minor; 2. Sonata for Keyboard in B flat major BY ; 3. Sonata for Keyboard in C minor BY ; 4. Sonata for Keyboard in B flat major BY ; 5.

Sonata for Keyboard in C minor BY ; 6. Sonata for Keyboard in D minor; 7. Sonata for Keyboard in F major; 8. Sonata for Keyboard in E minor; 9.

Sonata for Keyboard in B flat major BY ; Sonata for Keyboard no b. Blockflote u. Laudate Dominum omnes gentes Ps.

Exsultate, jubilate Zaide, K. Salve Regina; 4. Et Jesum; 5. Waltzes 3 for Piano, Op. Concerto for Piano no 2 in C minor, Op. Concerto for Piano no 3 in D minor, Op.

Preludes 10 for Piano, Op. Morceaux de fantaisies 5 , Op. Two Pieces for String Octet op. Piano Quintet op. Introduction and Allegro, T 40 2. Concerto for Cello, T 3. Meditations on a Theme of John Blow, T 80 4. Antiphonal Flourish for Three Brass Choirs 5. Fanfare for the Lord Mayor of London 7. Things to Come, T Suite 8. Welcome the Queen, T 78 9. Theme and Cadenza for Violin and Orchestra, T 66 Awake, awake my lyre; 2.

Salvator mundi; 3. Paratur cor meum; 4. Sonata for 2 Violins and Basso Continuo in A major; 5. Begin the Song: Musick's the cordial of a troubled breast; 6. Go perjur'd man; 7. Chloe found Amyntas lying; 8.

Septimnius and Acme; 9. Gloria Patri, qui creavit nos; Poor Celadon, he signs in vain; Ground in G major; Sing, sing ye Muses; Stay, stay, gentle echo; Help, Father Abram.

Motets 4 on Gregorian themes, Op. Requiem, Op. Missa "Dum complerentur" 2. Veni Sancte Spiritus 3. Dum complerentur dies pentecostes 4. Veni Creator spiritus 5. Magnificat sexti toni a 6 6. Spiritus Sanctus replevit totam domum 7.

Missa "O Rex gloriae" 2. Missa "Viri Galilaei" 3. Viri Galilaei 4. Quartet for Strings no 12 in E flat major, Op. Sonata for Piano no 28 in A major, Op. Symphony no 93 in D major; 2. Symphony no 94 in G major "Surprise"; 3.

Symphony no 95 in C minor; 4. Symphony no 96 in D major "Miracle"; 5. Symphony no 97 in C major; 6. Symphony no 98 in B flat major; 7. Symphony no 99 in E flat major; 8. Symphony no in G major "Military"; 9. Symphony no in D major "Clock"; Symphony no in B flat major; Symphony no in E flat major "Drumroll"; Symphony no in D major"London" Missa "Virgo prudentissima" 2.

A la battaglia 3. Virgo prudentissima 4. Optime pastor 5. Variationen zur Gesundung von Arinuschka, for piano solo 3. Fur Alina, for piano solo 4. Sinfonia no. Cantata per la Notte del SS. Wounded angst has never sounded this romantic — or tuneful. The Man Who Loved Life is a majestically bittersweet homage to living intensely. They match that towering, angst-ridden ambience with Sixteen Down, Think About It, Haywire and the gorgeously sad foreshadowing of Trouble.

Big Star manages to blend unbridled hope and cynicism, with a big, tongue-in-cheek guitar break. If you like this, the other two Highwaymen albums from the 90s are also worth a spin.

The track everybody knows is Kyrie Eleison , which is on the Easy Rider soundtrack. All the song titles are in Latin, in the manner of a Catholic mass — Agnus Dei ; Benedictus ; Credo, Sanctus and Gloria — with occasional deadpan, monklike chanting amidst the chaos. Fuzz tones, feedback, all manner of cheap production tricks and some deliriously inspired some would say sloppy playing are everywhere. Erica Smith is the finest singer to come out of New York during the decade of the zeros, capable of extraordinary nuance as well as extraordinary power check out her Memphis soul wail on the red-hot shuffle Feel You Go.

This release is his hardest-rocking studio record. The obligatory guitar epic is The Way That It Shows , a real barn-burner; the best song here is the ferocious, bitter Mascara Tears , maybe the loudest song Thompson ever recorded. Best known for his arrangements for Miles Davis, pianist Gil Evans was also an extraordinary big band jazz composer.

Almost fifty years later, this album is still so beyond cutting edge — there are other writers today doing this kind of thing, but nobody in the mainstream. Las Vegas Tango is a chilly, noir number where the Sketches of Spain influence really cuts through, while El Toreador could have been an outtake from that album. The best-known track is the trebly, super-catchy I Hate the Ric h. Big raises a middle finger at the powers that be. The only dud here is an awkward Buddy Holly cover. Possibly the most witheringly cynical album ever recorded.

Bandleader Luke Haines also of the Auteurs — see on this list has said innocuously that this release was his adventure in exploring keyboard textures, but it sounds suspiciously like a parody of 90s British dance-pop, albeit with better tunes and artsy flourishes. The School Song does double duty as Eurovision satire a moment that will return again with a vengeance on When Britain Refused to Sing and knowing chronicle of the kind of torture schoolkids have to endure.

The album ends on a surprisingly poignant, haunting note with I Ran All the Way Home, a gorgeously apprehensive omnichord-driven art-pop song straight out of the ELO catalog, told from the point of view of an abused little girl. Along with Kitty Wells, Jean Shepard was one of the few women who achieved genuine stardom in Nashville in the s.

Uncharacteristically, her biggest hit was the considerably less downbeat A Satisfied Mind , since covered by a million country artists. Setting wryly gloomy, often death-obsessed imagery to rustic, terse arrangements with resonator guitar, piano and sometimes strings, she evokes a way, way after-hours speakeasy of the mind. Lately Holland has joined forces with similarly talented oldtimey siren Mamie Minch in the harmony trio Midnight Hours.

Most of his recordings are solo, no wonder since there were few players out there who could keep up with him. The number that raises the bar for every historically aware hotshot keyboardist is Tiger Rag ; the purist favorites here are St. Hammond B3 organist Young pushed the envelope with this hot, wickedly tuneful, inspired and cerebral session with trumpeter Woody Shaw, tenor saxophonist Joe Henderson and drummer Elvin Jones pushing the juggernaut with characteristic intensity.

One of the iconic psychedelic remnants from the late 60s, this late 90s anthology assembles a bunch of obscure soundtrack cuts from some truly terrible German B movies. But the music is as inspired, and as trippy, as the dialogue and everything else about those flicks was awful. Electric harpsichords, reverb guitars, fake Indian and soul music grooves: pre-internet syncretism taken to a deliriously entertaining extreme. Kimbrough was sort of the Mississippi hill country equivalent of Roscoe Ambel: a bar owner who happened to be a hell of a guitarist or a hell of a guitarist who just happened to own a bar.

But unlike T-Model Ford and R. The preeminent twelve-string guitarist of our time, Marty Willson-Piper is also a powerful and eclectic lyrical rock songwriter, much like Steve Kilbey , his bandmate in legendary Australian art-rockers the Church. This masterpiece is every bit as good as any of his albums with that band. Here, Iranian Kayhan Kalhor , one of the most important and compelling composers of this era, plays the kamancheh, the rustic, plaintive spike fiddle.

Khan is a renowned sitar player, Chaudhuri a percussionist. The big epic here is the almost twenty-minute Saga of the Rising Sun, which is the most overtly Indian of the compositions; the concluding Safar Journey is the most Iranian. We were only able to find torrents for the whole album in two parts, here and here.

The creepy, atmospheric vignette Future Legend segues into the scorching, iconic slide guitar-driven title track , followed by the fractured soul of Sweet Thing, the disquietingly disjointed Candidate and eventually the big riff-rock hit Rebel Rebel.

Lots of jarring segues, but a ton of good songs and a lot to think about too. This is a decent if incomplete representation of the career of El Cantante, regarded by many as the greatest classic salsa singer of the golden age back in the 70s.

His life, recounted in the biopic of the same name, was as uncertain as the angst and passion he channeled in his songs was direct.

He died young, in This compilation, which covers pretty much his entire career, has his signature songs, El Cantante and Mi Gente ; the tongue-in-cheek El Rey de la Puntualidad ; the rough-and-ready Hacha y Machete , from ; the scorching Mentira , from ; the much slicker Noche de Farra , from , and Cance r, from Roller Coaster introduces a macabre riff that would resurface in the Cramps; Through the Rhythm invents a new genre, apocalyptic soul music.

With Love from Region One is a bittersweet tribute to all good things American; Tracking Tina , a caustic look at cluelessly hypervigilant yuppie parents. This is their debut from two years later. Bradley, Mr. Emily Remler — Transitions. Emily Remler was such a proficient jazz guitarist that early in her career, she made good on a promise to learn a new Wes Montgomery song all the way through, every day. This album was where she took her talent to the next level, further establishing the warmly exploratory, insatiably curious voice that would come to define her work.

At her best, she wrote songs that you can absolutely get lost in. Remler undoubtedly would have gone on to even greater things had she not died of a drug overdose at Classic ska instrumentals from the legendary Skatalites trombonist, Not only did the Skatalites record an enormous amount of material as a band, they also did numerous solo albums, most of them billed to individual group members Tommy McCook and Roland Alphonso — a model that both George Clinton and the Wu-tang Clan would follow with similar success.

Drummond was arguably the most talented of all of them, but also the most erratic. This whole thing has the feel of a late-night session fueled by ceiling fans and lots of collie weed. Drummond would shortly thereafter murder his girlfriend; he died behind bars in Best known as the leader of late 70s punk rockers the Avengers — who were sort of the American Sex Pistols — Penelope Houston subsequently forged out a brilliant career as a much quieter, mostly acoustic tunesmith.

Among the many cult classics in her catalog, this release gets the nod, if only for its consistency all the way through. Three of the finest voices of the past decades joined forces in for this spirited, inspired mix of traditional Americana classics and a few originals. Despite dating from the synth era, the musicianship is remarkably inspired as well; the only dud here is a forgettable Phil Spector bubblegum hit.

A virtuoso guitarist equally adept at delta blues, vintage Appalachian folk, early jazz and rock, Lenny Molotov is also an acerbic, brutally perceptive songwriter and lyricist. The early Dylanesque Wilderness Bound chronicles a symbolically-charged journey its narrator never wanted to make; Book of Splendor and the eerily hypnotic Ill Moon hark back to the delta, while Glorious evokes Woody Guthrie. The classic here is Freedom Tower, dating from the early days of the Bush regime, a witheringly sarcastic sendup of fascist architectural iconography he says it much more simply and poetically than that.

The sharelockers have nothing; once in awhile copies will turn up in the used bins — check your local used record store, if one still exists. This particular edition of Rasputina, from , features three cellos and drums the drum guy sings a silly English folk song, When I Was a Young Girl, for comic relief from the relentless, dark intensity plus Creager on vocals doing essentially a greatest hits-live set.

Sade was the default boudoir chanteuse for an entire generation. This surprisingly energetic live album cements her reputation not only as an avatar of seduction, but also as a first-class singer who transcends the torch-song limitations of most of her material.

Break out the incense, wine and candles, and this random torrent. A pre-millennial concept album about the deadly consequences of capitalist excess: the personal as political taken to a stunningly prophetic extreme. Beethoven, R. Liturgy Of St. John Chrysostom Op. Van Cliburn - Kyrill Kondraschin Cond. The Nutcracker. London Symph. Antal Dorati - Cond. Grigorij Sokolow, Victor Tretjakow. Van Cliburn - Klavier. Wilhelm Backhaus. Menuhin Festival Orchestra.

John Pritchard. Zhuravlenko - Cond. Oleg Kagan , Natalia Gutman. Bamberger Symphoniker 7'' 45 rpm Deutsche Grammophon rec. M Mono. Wilhelm Kempff. Wilhelm Kempfe. Madame Butterfly, Der Troubadour, Fidelio. Mozart, J. Tchaikovsky, F. Chopin, J. Wagner, G. Faure, E. Vivaldi 12C. Franz Schubert '' Standchen Op. Eustrati - Alt 7'' 45 rpm Deutsche Grammophon rec. Franz Von Suppre. Hermann Hagestedt Und Sein Orchester. Franz Marszalek.

Callas, Gobbi, Barbieri, Tucker, Zacczria. M 10 Mono. Georg Friedrich Handel. Dick De Reus - Violine. Popular Violin Music. Bach - Partita Nr. Horowitz - Piano, D.

Scarlatti, W. Mozart, F. List, F. Ballet In 4 scenes. Tchaikovsky, N. Rimsky-Korsakov, M. Beethoven, F. Chopin, A. Mozart, L. Paganini, E. Leopold Mozart. Chor Und Orchester. Chor '' Madrigal '' Dirigent - Marin Constantin. Mandel Quartet Renaissance, Baroque. Schubert - Sonata Nr. BACH Igor Oistrach, David Oistrach - Violine. Tatyana Nikolayeva - Piano, Y. Korchmar, B. Arapov, B. Donizetti , V.

Bellini , A. Dvorak - Philh. Sir M. Taneyey, S. Donizetti, G. Verdi , I. Prokofieff Serge. Philharmonia Orchester, London. Dirigent Igor Markevitch. Scarlatti - Sonatas For Harpsichord. Frederic Chopin. L'amour De La Vie. Music For Films. RCA rec. Bach, F. Sor, J. The London Symphony Orch. Shostakovich, G. Faure, R. The Firebird. Chopin, C. Saint-Saens , R. PIANO Stocholm Radio Symphony Orch. Stig Westerberg - Cond. Couperin , J. Shostakovich, P. FALIK Novosibirsk State Phil.

Katz - Cond. Red Vinyl. Skriabin Plays '' A. Skriabin - Preludes 11 Nr. Rudolf Schock - Tenor m. Kinderchor u. The Boyd Chamber Orchestra. Kammerorchester Des Bayerischen Rundfunks. Handel Margot Guilleaume - Soprano.

Groses Orchester Und Orgel. Bach J. Brandenburgisches Konzert Nr. Bavaria Sinfonie Orch. Kurt Graunke. Orchester Der Stadtischen Oper Berlin. Dirigent Artur Rother. Fur Vierstimmigen Chor Und Klavier. Benjamino Gigli - Tenor ital. Mit Chor. Stanford Robinson. Rubinstein, A. Ann Street; 6. One, Two, Three; 7. The Housatonic at Stockbridge; 8. September; 9. Thoreau; The Circus Band; Soliloquy; Memories; Like a Sick Eagle; The Indians; Serenity; A Farewell to Land; Songs my mother taught me; A sound of a distant horn.

Requiem KV ; 2. Messe KV "Kronungsmesse"; 2. Ave verum KV ; 3. Vesperae solennes de Confessore KV ; 4. Exsultate, jubilate KV Piano Concerto No. Violinsonata in G major KV ; 3. Symphony 2 'Christmas' ; 2. Te Deum; 3. Lacrimosa; 4. Magnificat; 5. Bachianas Brasileiras No. A Prole do Bebe 1; 4. Festa No Sertao; 5. Alma Brasileira; 6.

01 01 Gramophone Magazine - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. 01 01 Gramophone Magazine.

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  1. Jan 19,  · Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Artyomov* - Requiem at Discogs. Shop Vinyl and CDs and complete your Artyomov* collection/5(11).
  2. Artyomov ‎Requiem Records 2pc Vinyl LP Album Laminated USSR Neo-Classical. $ Mozart - "Requiem" - Sir Colin Davis (Philips) 12" LP Pressed in Holland () $ Requiem [New Vinyl LP] 2 Pack. $ Was: Previous Price $ MOZART REQUIEM KV PIA TASSINARI, FERRUCIO TAGLIAVINI VINYL LP EVEREST RECORD.
  3. Nov 25,  · Check out Requiem Vyacheslav Artyomov by Vyacheslav Artyomov on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on
  4. I purchased the CD and Vinyl of this recording, for me, the Vinyl has a more natural sound and a certain clarity, (High-End Audio equipment). No pops or annoying noise. Beautifully recorded. IMHO, Karl Bohm is the best interpreter of Mozart's Music, ever. His deliberate speed and pace make all of Mozart's notes sing with clarity and strength/5(93).
  5. Die CD Vyacheslav Artyomov: Requiem jetzt probehören und für 17,99 Euro kaufen. Mehr von Vyacheslav Artyomov gibt es im Shop.
  6. Josephs: Symphony No. 5 "Pastoral", Requiem & Variations on a Theme of Beethoven. Label: Lyrita Catalog: Lp Classics Catalog: Artyomov: On the Threshold of a Bright World / Ashkenazy, Russia National Philharmonic.
  7. This private recordings collection is owned by the Osaka Mozart Association. There is NO relation with Da Vinci Edition and is made for information and consultation purposes only. It represents a part of the music archive consists of CDs, Vinyl and in-house recordings made in the last years. The material is NOT for sale and.
  8. Artist Title Release Format Record label Catalogue num. Country Quality Images Count Price(€) / lirichildbagcalot.smutuatiminincolthuadyrocirrrighces.coON: You Shot A Hole In My Soul / Madchen Madchen.

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