Give Bartlett a phone call, Camp. They recruited Andy Rourke who was Marr s schoolmate. I think you ought to go out with some girls closer to your age, cookies and maybe even some sort of a tracking system, 30 years old, as they reflect on their thoughts all these years later.

Fort Drum officials advise community members of early-release, delayed-reporting procedures. FORT DRUM, N.Y. – Weather can be harsh in the North Country. When inclement weather affects Fort Drum, the garrison commander may issue one of three orders: delayed reporting, do not report, or early release.

For mobile devices, generally, the strategy is hurry back to sleep, IE ramp up the CPU to do a job quickly then put the processor back in the lowest power state, and for many applications this works great.

For the remaining applications, say mobile games, we might be limited more by the users desires the best graphics, the lowest latency, the best colors, the most immersive sound rather than this sort of hardware not being available. All this to say, I agree with you that such a device could still exist, I'm just saying we might be that far from it.

Retric 52 days ago. It depends on what kind of sacrifices your willing to make, but if you really focus on low power you can build a laptop with multi day battery life. I appreciate the idea of such a machine. I am imagining a monochrome OLED display with as many dots as an old terminal. Could be a real experience. I'm using a T60 somewhat regularly and you'd be surprised how useful it still is.

Of course, a shitty "modern" website will perform exactly as you'd expect, but I try to avoid those even on my workstation so no big loss there. I have more powerful laptops as well, but I often reach for the T60 anyway, because it makes little difference for these kinds of tasks, and I love the x screen. Win10, p touchscreen, ssd, bitlocker encrypted with fingerprint biometrics. I've seen macbooks at the same pricerange, but I'm a windows guy. An old Mac is infinitely more usable than a Windows machine for those of us that can't warp our brains enough to try to understand Windows.

AdmiralAsshat 53 days ago. There are some Linux distros that still support bit PowerPC architecture. Many old Macs find second-life running Mate or Xfce desktop. AdmiralAsshat 52 days ago. I seem to recall Ubuntu Mate being the OS of choice for PowerPC users back in the day, but I lost track of what they all switched to when Ubuntu dropped bit architecture.

I ran it for years on my first generation Mac Mini. Las week I brougth an old G4 the poped up in the marked. A rare thing to occour here, since they where super expensive when new.

I paid something like 20 bucks for it. It came with a busted ide hard drive, but no worries. I went online and brought an ide to sd card adapter, and will now install Tiger in it. I don't spect to take any serious workload, but It will problably be fine to run Starcraft and Diablo II in it. Will see. SD really isn't well suited to be a main OS volume. Causality1 52 days ago. You're unlikely to get support for modern high speed SD cards in these sort of adapters.

That's great to know, probably why my SSD to ipod hdd didn't work out as great, and CF is the way to go. KozmoNau7 52 days ago. CF cards do wear leveling, which makes them much better suited as hard drive replacements than SD cards or USB sticks.

It's the solution for people who want to play around with old computers without having to rely on old and probably flaky hard drives. I have to point out that while wear leveling isn't in the SD spec, many manufacturers like SanDisk do include wear leveling in their controllers.

But is really a temporary solution until I think in a way to use it. In the end I wanna find a way to adapt and gb ssd in it. I run a T43 for doing serious single threaded programming. Not that anyone would want to, but its surprisingly productive for pumping out clean work. I mean, its SO slow that firefox can't even open reddit or facebook without having a heart attack.

I used to have an old Windows laptop without onboard WiFi that I called "Deadline" and used for the same purpose. If you have work you can do without connectivity for extended stretches I recommend it. I removed the wifi card in older thinkpad for the same reason. Turns out i rarely use it. Modern Macs have Do Not Disturb mode. I use this frequently. Why would using older hardware be limiting yourself any more than you just described?

It just happens to do it by it's nature of being old instead of you deliberately limiting modern equipment. As long as it works, why not use the hardware if you have it and it's still operational?

Older desktop PC's have a certain power usage issue compared to modern ones, but laptops usually tend to keep power consumption down. I run photoshop, after effects, premiere.

Those tools are absolutely not going to run on older hardware. Anything media related would just a joke. Just because I'm coding something doesn't mean that code isn't doing some heavy lifting that older hardware would be suffice. If you need to do some heavy work then an older system obviously won't do.

Editing files with Vim, on the other hand, works just fine with something like a Core 2 or Pentium M. Everyone's use case is different, but in many cases, older hardware simply isn't a limitation. Absolutely, I just used Deadline for writing and light diagramming.

As a bonus I actually liked Win2k, it was stable and didn't get in my way. The only thing it was missing was font smoothing. Why not step back in time? That is an experience in itself, as the author points out the keyboard does make a difference. Why vehemently oppose that? If it were a '69 Camaro, 'vette, or Mustang, sure, the older hardware would be exciting.

However, they would not be very good daily drivers. Their fuel efficiency is crap, their safety features are non-existent, but they do look cool. If all I did was boring text based code work, then maybe an old hunk-o-junk could suffice, yet it's fuel efficiency battery life would also suck. I do get the fact that they might be dirt cheap, but you better buy 2 of them because anyone with an old car that runs has a junk car to get parts from to keep the other one running.

Hey; me, too! Thank God for TenFourFox! I literally spent the weekend setting up Debian on a Mac Mini. I wish I had something like that, but I never got into PowerPC Macs, I bought into the ecosystem with I think the second generation of plastic Intel Macbooks which, looking back, were quite terrible , and while there's still an early 90s Schneider home computer somewhere in the basement, I fear it won't work anymore and not be any joy to use anyway; that thing was incredibly primitive.

It took almost a whole afternoon for my dad to make it play a really simple child's tune for little me. I don't think I appreciated it properly at the time. If it did, the biggest difficulty might be finding a decent small-ish external screen. I have a lot of vintage Apple tech. Much of it still works Haven't booted it in a while, but it worked fine last time I did. If you can find these local to you, you can often get them very cheap. Shipping is expensive though, so buying them on a place like eBay is kind of a non-starter.

At some point I may set it up as a Digital Audio Workstation. They're good for running kids games and software - useful if you want an inexpensive, air-gapped machine for a young child you don't want on the open internet.

These can be had very cheaply, I think because many schools bought them and eventually liquidated their inventory to replace with newer equipment. I had no problem finding inexpensive new batteries for these on eBay, and bought a couple extras. More regularly, I use my old mid black macbook to run the original Starcraft.

I'm not much of a gamer these days, but Starcraft can be fun once in a while And it's cool to have games that actually support local lan multiplayer, which Blizzard moved away from over time.

For anyone looking to delve deeper into this topic, here's some recommendations off the top of my head on what version of OS X to settle on for a given machine: For older Intel Machines, I recommend For older PPC machines, I recommend I'm on a Dell Precision M - it's 12 years old.

I bought mine for about half of that on a fire sale a year later. Not likely. Then you are hoping and wishing for the company to create drivers to support your expensive hardware on the latest Catalina OS upgrade. That's why when you see interviews with many musicians that have home studios, the computers aren't the newest. Once you have a stable situation that works, why change all the time?

I enjoy the nostalgia of booting up and using old machines. After the first sentence this article came off as disingenuous. There are easier ways to stay productive without needing to break out a 17 year old Mac.

Turning off WiFi and using apps in full screen seems much easier. The author mentions Slack. Which allows me to focus on my work. MrZammler 52 days ago. Can confirm that you could do IRC just fine on a stock A You can browse wikipedia on one of those, too.

Or at least it was when I was doing so in I see your and raise you an at 4. I have an old Cordata around somewhere at my parents house. I'll have to boot it up and see if I can get a network card for it.

If you do want to pursue that, a couple of tips: Most ISA network cards are for the bit bus, XT class machines only have 8-bit slots. Add Gopher to that stack too, with Gopherus. AnonHP 52 days ago. When did Apple stop being involved in the design of specific processors used in its systems? I don't think Apple was really involved in the design side of PowerPC. I think they never updated those machines as they just work and make the vibe of the cafe even more interesting as time passes.

Some of the machines had broken DVD injectors, memory sockets that would come short the real reason they solder it now , lots of them have had power supply issues. They always want us to buy the next one which is supposed to fix the thermal or mechanical or whatever..

Just buy iPad Pro —if you develop for them, then switch to Flutter and add an Xcode-server to your network.

All of my disks are in a bedroom so they might still be usable. Any way I can get old Ambrosia games? Sadly, Ambrosia appears to have shut down entirely. End of an era Trying to get a new battery is one of the worst parts of trying to use an old notebook. All Genres. Song Styles. All Styles. Song Moods. All Moods. Song Themes. All Themes. The Replacements. Some day somebody's gonna make you want to turn around and say goodbye and say goodbye Until then, baby, are you going to let 'em hold you down and make you cry?

Don't you know, things can change know Things'll go your way If you hold Don't you know, things could change Things could go your way If you hold Won't you tell me now Hold on for one more day, cause It's gonna go your way.

Cheeeek that out dude. Lead RIFFs:. Bad selection. Save Cancel. Yes No. Bless the Lord. If I Give It All. In the Quiet. No Better Time. Nothing I Hold Onto. Pilgrim Days Bonus Track. Praise Is Befitting.

Mar 29,  · I put my hand into the flame Burning but I feel no pain Don’t speak, don’t speak my name Hold on to this life of chains. The door is standing open But I’m too tired to be afraid My whole life’s in this moment I’ve been fighting all the way. Just need a little more time’ cause the life just can’t let go It’s a chain cuts across.

January 13, Copyright c — RCA Ltd. Copyright c — Gwyneth Music Ltd. Copyright c — Carlin Music Corp. Published By — Carlin Music Corp. Produced For — Kinetic Productions Ltd. Read more from Al Stewart. Commodores — Commodores Live! Four hundred and ninety-six copies were sold, mostly to elves. Jimmy Page, who looks like an elf, played on it. Eliot and Cambridge governess Vivienne Haigh-Wood. Okay, so I just made that last paragraph up. That said, Stewart really has spent the better part of his career writing history lessons in the form of song.

His is the case of a man in thrall to history—indeed, a man obsessed by it—and his chief contribution to pop music has been as the writer of a seemingly infinite number of lovingly detailed songs about historical figures and incidents, ranging from the assassination of Jean-Paul Marat by Charlotte Corday to the scandal surrounding the Warren Harding administration to—believe it or not—the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union in That, my friends, is what I call songwriting.

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Year Of The Cat. On The Border. Broadway Hotel - Remastered Version. On the Border live Lyrics. One Stage Before Lyrics. Broadway Hotel Lyrics. Flying Sorcery Lyrics. Sand in Your Shoes Lyrics.

Label: RCA - RS ,RCA Victor - RS • Format: Vinyl LP, Album, Stereo Gatefold • Country: Netherlands • Genre: Rock • Style: Pop Rock Al Stewart - Year Of The Cat (, Gatefold, Vinyl) | Discogs/5().

This message challenges that traditional and longstanding teaching. And there came a certain poor widow, and she threw in two mites, which make a farthing. And he called unto him his disciples, and saith unto I love people who overcome excuses. They looked religious on outward appearance, but God looks upon the heart of a man. Thus our text begins. Here the widow woman is used by Christ to illustrate the kind of Christian Then a poor widow came by and dropped in two small coins.

God wants us to help those with the fewest of resources, to learn from them and we get blessed. Scripture: 1 Kings , Mark Denomination: Catholic. A contrast between acquisitive Scribes, and a gift given out of penury. Luke It was Tuesday before Jesus' crucifixion. Notice how He spent His last days. He condemned the self-righteous scribes and commended the selfless giving of one poor, destitute widow,. Countdown to Calvary Mark Genuine Truths Revealed Inside the Temple Intro - 38 Then He said to them in His teaching… Outside the Temple in courtyard of women 13 shophar shaped receptacles according to Mishnah - new shekel dues, old shekel dues, bird offerings, young birds Magnification Die Alignment Ancient Coin Prices Ancient Glass.

Anonymous Follis. Anonymous Class A Folles. Coins of Pontius Pilate. Dictionary of Roman Coins. Greek Alphabet. Wiki Historia Numorum. Latin Plurals. Library of Ancient Coinage. Reader's Theater is one of the most powerful teaching strategies that any teacher can use. I am always amazed at how Reader's Theater brings topics to life!

This is an original script I created based on Luke where Jesus teaches the people about giving after seeing a poor widow give an offer Mark 1. Only in Jesus do we see just how far God would go to identify with the vulnerable poor, widow, immigrant, orphan etc in that Jesus would voluntarily disrobe himself of his glory, become vulnerable, only to be devoured on the cross.

Jesus Exemplifies Sacrificial Giving : Jesus points to a widow who is devoured in her vulnerability as an object lesson pointing to the true King who will be devoured in his Vulnerability.

Shall we put our Lord and Creator in a box that He may only be able to discuss one or the other? No box hold Him, and from real life, He can give both lesson and prophecy. One obvious fact is, this is not a parable, but real life.

Yet, who are the others? No, they positioned themselves at the head, across from the people. The whole of the people would be giving. In comparing their giving, the key word here is abundance. The Bible makes one of many things clear… God wants to be first. The others put God after the worldly things and the widow put Him first.

The custom kept women from working, thus relied on the community. Most people only want to see what they want to believe; thus, we are to read, study, and dig in the scripture as if we were looking for gold. A superficial reading will only profit little. When we do so, we have the time to study, which closes the door for deception. Just wanted to make a clarification or correction. The story in Mark is not a parable. A parable is a story Jesus told like the parable of the unjust steward or the parable of the sower, etc.

This is an actual event that is taking place and being observed so it is not technically a parable. Really appreciate the honesty of the comments,even those i disagree with.. Context of preceding passage is everything. Seated at treasury.. So Jesus and his disciples must have moved and Jesus sits opposite the treasury then we are told that Jesus….

Well here we see that even the disciples had wandered about while Jesus was taking a break from his earlier discourse on the hypocrisy of the Pharisees and Jesus had to call them to himself to give them this new lesson he had just observed…. I believe that sometimes we should not [only] read the text but also stop and hear the text.

That is an interesting take on the passage, but I think, in my humble opinion, it is not the main point. His comment to them about her was very specific. He juxtaposed her humble, generous heart with the arrogance of the religious teachers who thought that their worth was dependent on the great amounts of money they gave, even though they sacrificed little. She gave out of her poverty. They gave out of their abundance. Big difference. Wonderful thoughts!

I believe in giving,be it sacrificially or willingly, i also believe Jesus was teaching His disciples not the regious pharisees how to give. Oftentimes, just like in school our churches are violently divided perhaps not racially anymore but economically. You see this more so in predominately larger areas of the country but it does exist even in the smallest of churches as well.

How many times have you not had that much money to give or any money at all? You may have spent every dollar from the last week on groceries and gas for the family, but you simply have no money left. Perhaps you are embarrassed, and when you reach into your coat pocket all you find is a ball of lint and a few old pennies. Maybe you put the pennies in the plate and hurriedly pass it along, or maybe there is simply no money there.

No big deal right, no one will notice or say anything? When the plate finally makes its way to them, they gently lay out one by one a stack of ten dollar bills, fresh from the bank vault and even banded. Too much emphasis today is placed on money in the church and our human greed greed and desire for elation and praise often gets in the way of receiving the complete message from God. Yes, it is our sinful, religious nature that needs to be seen. God transforms us so we enjoy giving.

When you get the direction backwards, everything goes to pot. Could not it be a prophecy of the bride the church becoming the devoured widow, and the house , buildings, of David Israel being destroyed. All because of the wickedness of the Pharisees? My take has always been that the faith of the widow was evidenced by the trust in God that he will provide for her, so she can give all she has monetarily.

My first question is, what is this treasury. Was a repair fund, or was it to help pay taxes to the Romans, so they could keep the temple open?

Did the window do it voluntary, or was she under the impression she had to give? Two examples in one. How to give, and how the corrupt the temple became. I would like to think his disciples would see the connection between this event and when he said the scribes devouring windows. What if Jesus warning is more of a trust. It is very dangerous to take one part of scripture and try to get the thoughts of Christ from it.

Much study of both old and new testament scripture, as well as the culture at the time is needed to get close to understanding. Tithing was ONLY required by land owners according to the traditions of Jewish Law from the time of occupation of the promised land.

The Levites priesthood nor those without land were required to tithe. The tithe was to be 1 of every 10 of both crops and animals as they were increased. One was not required by God to give if you were not given increase. It was an after thing, not a before thing. One was to give to show thanks and give Glory to God for the increase, not to plant a seed of faith! If you read only a few verses before you see Jesus speaking with a scribe about what God requires from us…. Love of Him with every part of us, and NOT sacrifices!

So to say Jesus saw her sacrifice as a good thing is totally against the rest of the scripture. In addition immediately after He states He will destroy the temple; the system which abused the needy, while worshiping the wealthy. You know this because the disciples are admiring the temple, not God. The grains and animals were used as food and offerings. A couple of OT verses are used out of context to convince believers today that they must follow OT law, but not in the way prescribed by God even in OT days.

We are now to give freely from the heart. I do not disagree with giving, the more the better, but it is now to be freely given. Planting a seed is the biggest scam of televangelists ever used to get your money. Seek a local church, worship there and give as God blesses you. As if to say…. Sometimes that has turned folks away. There are so many lessons that are multifaceted. Sometimes I do wonder if we sometimes get focused on the nuts and bolts that we forget about preaching Christ crucified.

May God bless you all and encourage you to go and make disciples of Him! I hear so frequently churches being berated about their tiithing and offerings. Just tired of the fluff and focus on money, buildings, programs etc…. I always thought that tithing was a good dicipline in life and was taught that it was the portion that already belonged to God in the first place, but the faithfulness comes in making sure to give it back.

Sacrifice is over and above and beyond the tithe.

Jan 25,  · Tracks Bonus Tracks For at least some copies the discs are mislabelled (or mispressed): Disc 1 is labelled "Resisting Success" but actually features the "If at First You Don't Succeed" album; and disc 2 is labelled "If at First You Don't Succeed", but actually features the "Resisting Success" album/5(12).

Don't have an account? Register Now. It's Free! Manage your orders on store. You can also see our FAQ. Search Search MixUnit. Follow Us on Social Media. Newsletter Signup. All Results. Tank Top. While Memphis Bleek signed with the Roc, Sauce Money chose to pursue a deal with Priority, and Jaz refrained from signing anywhere and provided production for only one song on Vol.

Jay's album, Vol. DJ Clue released the 1st of his collaboration-album-style series in The Professional , which saw the first Roc-A-Fella appearance of Cam'ron ; meanwhile, DJ Ski had, at the time, formed the production company Roc-A-Blok, although the company folded when Ski moved out of New York to take a break from music. Jay-Z's album Vol. Life and Times of S. Carter continued Jay's new affiliations with then-popular producers; in , the label saw a redefinition in both sound and roster.

Originally intended to be a collaboration project, it nonetheless featured heavy appearances by Beanie Sigel, Amil, and Memphis Bleek, along with a Philly rapper Freeway guest spot that led to him being signed to Roc-A-Fella. Each beat-smith would go on to become consistently involved in future Roc-A-Fella projects.

The new millennium saw Roc-A-Fella begin to expand beyond one figurehead artist. Although Jay-Z remained the label's prominent image—with the acclaimed [5] release of The Blueprint and the closing of his trial for the stabbing of producer Lance Rivera [6] —other Roc artists began to gain popularity and acceptance. Although Clue and Beans's albums hit the top five on the Billboard charts, Bleek's album was in the top twenty.

Amil's album, however, had lackluster sales. He signed M. Rumors of friction between Carter and Dash became apparent; though denied by both camps at the time, problems involving Damon's media attention and Jay's alleged inaccessibility had been brewing since the video shoot for " Big Pimpin' ".

As President, Carter retained control of the Roc and his masters, ousting his 2 former partners. He later explained that he had offered to turn down the position and ownership for the masters to Reasonable Doubt alone:. So I was like, let me get Reasonable Doubt and I'll give up [the rest of] my masters. Just give me my baby to hold on to so 10 years down the line, I can look back and I got something—I'm not empty-handed.

And I was the 1 being offered everything. I thought it was more than fair And when that was turned down, I had to make a choice. I'll leave that for the people to say what choice they would've made.

That's about it. I don't really wanna talk about Dame or Biggs. I don't have nothing negative to say about them. As Dash and Burke set up their own fledgling record label, originally called Roc4life and later rechristened to Dame Dash Music Group , each artist was offered their choice of labels. The Diplomats were the first to make the move to Dame Dash Music Group, and began a public campaign against Jay-Z, dissing him in songs and interviews, backed heavily by Dame; Cam'ron was especially vocal, claiming Jay-Z blocked him from an executive position Dash had offered him at Roc-A-Fella.

Beanie Sigel, then doing a year's incarceration on an attempted murder charge, put out his album The B. Though Beanie had initially chosen Dame Dash Music Group, the rest of the group refused, preferring to remain on Roc-A-Fella Records; in response, Beanie Sigel effectively put the group on hold, claiming disappointment in his groupmates.

Memphis Bleek - Memphis Bleek - Coming of Age. Memphis Bleek - M. Memphis Bleek - The Understanding. Paid In Full: Official Soundtrack. State Property 1. State Property 2. Teairra Marie - Teairra Marie. The Dream Team Mixtape. Young Gunz - Brother From Another. This on top of Jay-Z being a fairly new artist led to the single flopping and him being released from the label.

While at Payday, Jay realized a lot of the things the label was helping him with he could handle himself. The next step for the entrepreneurs was to secure a central location. Sometime in they rented office space in Manhattan and Roc-A-Fella was established.

Although it was not in the best location or the most presentable, rent was low and Jay knew it was only the beginning. The trio began looking for a new distributor and eventually landed Jay-Z a deal with Priority Records later in Throughout the next decade, Roc-A-Fella would attain some of the biggest artists and release some of the most popular hits.

The first few years in is when the Roc-A-Fella brand really took over the industry.

View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Roc-A-Fella Records Presents The Roc Files Vol.1 on Discogs.4/5(4).

Dave Brubeck Filter Applied. Record Label see all. Edition see all. Record Grading see all. Sleeve Grading see all. Condition see all. Please provide a valid price range.

Buying format see all. All listings. My favorite recordings of Brubeck are all live concerts, with the best, in my opinion, being the Carnegie Hall performance performed to a packed house during a blizzard in It would be interesting to learn how the vinyl re-issues stack up against digital releases of the same performances if you know for any of them? Although Joe Morello and I did not know each other, we both grew up in Massachusetts, and shared a teacher, George Stone, albeit at different times.

So I have a soft spot for Joe on these recordings. He did some absolutely amazing things. He came to my high school to do a drum clinic circa and in keeping with the season played jingle bells for us using only his small tom tom. To this day I don't know how he did that.

Later that night the full quartet played two sets at the Monticello in Framingham, MA, and left a lasting impression. In my opinion, Paul Desmond was the only saxophonist in the post bebop era that did not sound like Charlie Parker was sitting on his shoulder.

Search form Search. Show Munich More Reports. Fred Kaplan. Fantasy continued to record and release music from the group. This post is merely an explanation and an alert for the post I just published and for future posts. For almost a year, I've been working on a project near and dear to my heart, and that is the creation of a discography of the music of the Dave Brubeck Quartet.

It's still a work [ Wrapping up the Brubeck Birthday series, I thought I'd finish with what I consider to be the Brubeck Quartet's best live album and one of the best live jazz albums of the 20th century. High praise, I know. Let's jump to the music then! Take Five took off meteorically, becoming the biggest selling jazz song of all time, with over a million copies sold.

Quite odd for a tune in odd time. Many articles have been written about Time Out, but very few of them discuss the artwork featured on its cover. The original idea conceived by Brubeck was to use a painting by Joan Miro, however the label was not able to obtain a permission.

That painting was used two years later on the cover of Time Further Out. Maybe a permission was easier to obtain after the popularity of Time Out.

Fujita was born in Hawaii and moved to Los Angeles to study art. In his studies stopped abruptly when he was relocated to a camp in Wyoming like many other families of Japanese Immigrants. A year later he enlisted in a unit consisting of Japanese-American volunteers and fought in Italy and France. Upon his return to civil life he found a job at Columbia Records.

I think that I was the first to use painters, photographers and illustrators to do artwork on album covers. We thought about what the picture was saying about the music and how we could use that to sell the record. And abstract art was getting popular so we used a lot more abstraction in the designs—with jazz records especially but also with classical when there was a way for it to fit, like with the more modern composers. I had recently returned from the service with armed forces intelligence in the Western Pacific and I had been through East Asia, the Philippines and Calcutta, so I borrowed some colors and shapes that seemed to go with the mood.

It certainly works here, an abstract painting and jazz explorations with time signatures fit perfectly together. If you enjoyed reading this article, you may also like these about other classic jazz albums released in Categories: Album. Tagged as: , blue rondo , Jazz , odd meter , take five. Suffused with political meaning for the audience and my boyhood memories of witnessing the devastation left by war with my late brother Michael and my parents, this was no ordinary concert tour. The four of us, along with Cathy, my wife and manager, make important decisions together.

The plan was to record every night of the tour and choose the best takes but. Though only credited to its leader on the cover, this was recorded by his longtime quartet, which featured the indelible work of saxophonist Paul Desmond and the rhythm section par excellence that was bassist Gene Wright and drummer Joe Morello.

Giving Brubeck sole billing feels reasonable as he composed all the material on this record and it proved to be a vital transition point for the pianist. In just a few years, the quartet would dissolve and he would be off into more spiritual territory and a deeper exploration of jazz standards.

Here, Brubeck and his quartet kept the cool jazz flames burning a little longer with their marvelous interplay showcased on the shifting swing of 'Cassandra,' the hopped up waltz '40 Days' and the lovely 'Softly, William, Softly. Time In was With more than two dozen albums behind them by the time this album was recorded, was the foursome a spent force? Definitely not - and, in fact, one listen to Time In will dispel any notions of the quartet as "polite jazz". On the ironically-titled opening track "Light Waltz", the group swings with an urgency that reaches its peak during Brubeck's vigourous solo Throughout Time In Brubeck's compositions bring out the best in Desmond, whose light, airy sound was the musical equivalent of a martini so dry it would have passed inspection by Winston Churchill Lost Waltz 2.

Softly, William, Softly 3.

View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Creation on Discogs. Label: Philips - BBE ,Philips - BE • Format: Vinyl 7 Dave Brubeck - Creation (Vinyl) | Discogs4/5(1).

Needing new imagery for a project and just looking around wherever I am and finding tiny details in it has never steered me wrong ever since.

Malm, Jr. Previous release - " We're In This Together ". Trent changed it saying 'it was kinda irritating' yet something about it we liked so maybe it fit the music. Front cover flowers I shot outside of Austin, Texas. The 1 hour place called and said they messed up and used the wrong chemicals and the film was ruined.

I said 'lemme see 'em anyway'. This is how they came out. Cover image is a waterfall in Iceland and a seashell in the West Indies. On September 10, , at the MTV Video Music Awards , a thirty-second teaser trailer was shown on television to promote the then untitled album.

The B-side " Starfuckers, Inc. The live band lineup remained largely the same from the previous tour in support of The Downward Spiral , featuring Robin Finck on guitar, Charlie Clouser on keyboards, and Danny Lohner on bass guitar. Nine Inch Nails' record label at the time, Interscope Records , reportedly refused to fund the promotional tour following The Fragile' s lukewarm sales. Reznor instead committed to fund the entire tour himself, which quickly sold out.

He concluded that "the reality is, I'm broke at the end of the tour", but also added, "I will never present a show that isn't fantastic. The tour featured increasingly large production values, including a triptych video display created by contemporary video artist Bill Viola. While making the DVD, Reznor commented on the tour in retrospect by saying "I thought the show was really, really good when we were doing it", [28] but later wrote that "I can't watch it at all.

I was sick for most of that tour and I really don't think it was Nine Inch Nails at its best. On September 21, —the tenth anniversary of the album's release—a Nine Inch Nails official Twitter update hinted that a deluxe 5.

During an interview with The New York Times that was broadcast on January 7, , after questioned about the album Reznor explained:. The Fragile is weird because when it came out it felt like everyone hated it to me, and now it feels like it's everyone's favorite album, fan-wise. I was probably going to save this for some other announcement, but Alan Moulder 's spent a couple of months restoring all the multitracks , prepping for a surround mix, and we plan on doing that this spring, and I'm not sure when it's going to come out but it's just something I'd like to get done and there's no record better than that to get surround mixed.

It has to be Alan Moulder, and we both look back at that record — I've just spent some time with him now, he's still a very good friend of mine — and the experience of doing it in the bound that we had in literally two years, every day working together on that, was one of the best times in our lives. I think, in hindsight, I should have had [ The Fragile ] two single records, much Radiohead style with Kid A and Amnesiac , recorded at once, broken into two digestible chunks.

Hey, it is what it is, but I thought about going back, redoing bits that I would mess around with to see how it would be if I were to do that record now, but I don't know if I should phase. Sometime this year expect something to come out surround-wise. While on tour in in Australia and New Zealand, Reznor was interviewed by a local reporter and was quoted about the reissue stating:.

Yeah, we've done a lot of the work for that. Really what it's come down to is with all the other stuff going on, the Fragile thing in particular, I want to make sure I get it right. You know, we've mixed everything in surround, it sounds amazing, we have a great package ready to go. I just stumbled across or-so demos that are from that era that didn't turn into songs, that range from sound effects to full-fledge pieces of music, and I kind of feel like - something should happen with that.

And I think it has something to do with that package, and I just need the bandwidth to kind of calmly think about it, and decide how much effort I want to devote into that and what to do with it. I have a lot of ideas that could eat up immense amounts of time and I'm trying to weigh out - just think it through.

I don't want to pull the trigger on something and go, 'Man, I should have done it in this way. In June , an instrumental version of the album was released to Apple Music.

In a reissue of the vinyl version of The Fragile was released, alongside an expanded, instrumental version, titled The Fragile: Deviations 1. This version of The Fragile contains all songs in either instrumental or alternate formats, and combines them with newly released songs written and recorded during the sessions for The Fragile. The Fragile received generally positive reviews from contemporary critics. In a negative review, Pitchfork ' s Brent DiCrescenzo panned the album's lyrics as "overly melodramatic".

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Please try again later. Verified Purchase. I love the Fragile album and this is such a great addition and transformation version of the album. I have yet to find a bad NIN album Great album! I'm not the biggest NIN fan - In fact, I can't really call myself a fan, but something keeps pulling me back to look further into them. This was the first thing I heard from them as they were more underground for my mainstream upbringing and music listening.

For starters, I had no idea until now that this was a remix album! I thought it was a straight studio album. Sorry, there was a problem saving your cookie preferences. Try again. Accept Cookies Customise Cookies. Buy new:. Arrives: Oct 2 - 6. Arrives: Oct 2 - 6 Details. Usually dispatched within 2 to 3 days.

Quantity: 1 2 3 Quantity: 1. Add to Basket. Secure transaction. Your transaction is secure. We work hard to protect your security and privacy. Our payment security system encrypts your information during transmission. Learn more. Buy used:. Used: Very Good Details. Sold by musicMagpie. Nine Inch Nails garnered mainstream attention with their influential second album The Downward Spiral , as well as a widely broadcast live performance at Woodstock '94 , becoming one of the most popular music acts of the s.

Reznor appeared in Time magazine's list of the year's most influential people in , and Spin magazine described him as "the most vital artist in music". During this time, Reznor became increasingly addicted to alcohol and drugs, resulting in depression and writer's block. The Nine Inch Nails double album The Fragile was met with generally positive reviews from music critics and eventually sold , copies.

However, it failed to attain the success of its predecessor and fell from the top of the Billboard charts after only a week. Afterwards, the only original Nine Inch Nails material released until was the remix album Things Falling Apart , as well as the remix album Still and the single " Deep " from the Lara Croft: Tomb Raider soundtrack.

Reznor told Spin magazine in , "I was going to just drink myself or drug myself out of it. I got back to New Orleans after the Fragile tour, and I'd pretty much lost my soul.

After Reznor decided to go to rehab, he began work on a new album and found that the songwriting process moved along easier for him than in the past. He said that it was due to having "a pretty good game plan" and elaborated, "I had themes and subjects [ I regained my self-confidence. He was quoted in a article as saying, "I'd come up with this kind of elaborate storyline , and the record was gonna be a concept record that had a number of pretentious elements to it.

I was gonna talk about multi-layered reality and waking up in a dream you can't wake up out of, and eventually finding acceptance after you go through this period of trying to fight it. It was all kind of a big analogy for me getting sober. Reznor began recording the album at Nothing Studios in New Orleans, the last release he recorded at the location before permanently relocating to Los Angeles.

The album was mixed in stereo and 5. Reznor was heavily inspired by the use of more analog electronic effects and instruments, specifically tape delay and modular synthesizers. It also stated Jerome Dillon was on drums on these sessions. Before the album's release, Reznor described With Teeth as "more song-oriented" and "lean" than The Fragile The album's lyrics tackle Reznor's opinion of himself, his relationship with the world around him and his place in it, and his struggles with addiction.

Although it dealt with these issues, Reznor was hopeful that it was still "disguised enough that [it was] not a terribly boring record about recovery and addiction". The album's first single, " The Hand That Feeds ", was a direct example of the themes of protest and propagandist fear that helped influence the album.

Early reports indicated that the album had a working title of Bleedthrough. In a statement to fans on the official Nine Inch Nails website, Reznor explained that his dislike for the constraints of CD artwork led to the creation of a downloadable megabyte 3 by 4 feet 0.

With Teeth is the last Nine Inch Nails studio album to include the Nothing Records logo in the packaging, since it was declared extinct after the February inclusion of the Beside You in Time home video. Anyone who attended received promotional posters and stickers.

Jan 28,  · View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Things Falling Apart on Discogs. Label: Nothing Records - • Series: NIN - HALO SIXTEEN • Format: 2x, Vinyl 12 Nine Inch Nails - Things Falling Apart (, Vinyl) | Discogs/5().

Notably, her sets only featured the music she loved, as she improvisationally and skillfully mixed, blended, and beat-matched vinyl-only selections of s — mids funk, soul, rare groove, underground disco, jazz fusion, true school hip hop, and more. She was even personally invited by George Clinton to DJ his 71st birthday party.

Media: click here for high resolution images. New Orleans residents can tune in on the radio at Worldwide listeners can enjoy the show via the WWOZ smartphone app or wwoz. The station makes past shows available on demand via its 2-Week Archive. When she started as a freshman in college, she was the youngest person to have her own program. Soul Power is the longest running rare groove radio show in the U.

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Germain , listeners Related Tags acid jazz chillout lounge - Present St. Germain is the stage name of Ludovic Navarre , a French musician whose style merges jazzy house music with acid jazz. His album Boulevard was released in July and has sold over , copies worldwide. His United States debut, Tourist , was released in and sold over 4 million copies worldwide.

He composed his first work under the name of Sub System with friend Guy Rabiller. His album Boulevard was released in July and has… read more. His Unite… read more. Similar Artists Play all. Trending Tracks 1. Features Exploring the local sounds and scenes at Noise Pop Fest. Albums of the latest and loved, and the ones to look out for discover By okspud1 15 Feb am. Friday 27 March Saturday 28 March Monday 30 March Tuesday 31 March Wednesday 1 April Thursday 2 April Friday 3 April Pg I would highly recommend them.

As a regular part of our award winning Fit2gether project Latin Soul deliver regular sessions for us which have proven to be a huge success showing people that keeping fit can be great fun. Bewertung, Latin Soul. Although short-lived, the genre had a great influence on the growing Salsa movement which would dominate the New York Latin music scene in the s.

Lise Waxer. It is well documented that keeping healthy and fit is a huge issue for adults with learning disabilities who tend to lead sedentary life styles.

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New album release "Smile" available now. Shop now. Vinyl Nirvana.

Soul, Salsa and Spirit [Juana Bordas, Millie Santiago] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Soul, Salsa and Spirit/5(45).

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Harry James was born in a rundown hotel next to the city jail in Albany, Georgia. His mother and father were members of a circus - she as a trapeze artist and he a band leader - with the Mighty Haag Circus. At seven, they settled in Beaumont, Texas where Harry learned to play drums. By twelve, he was playing trumpet in the Christy Brothers circus Filmography by Job Trailers and Videos.

Share this page:. Screen Musical Actors. All Styles. Big Band 7 Swing 7. Song Moods. All Moods. Happy 7. Song Themes. All Themes. Harry James.

Harry James in Hi-Fi. Giants of the Big Band Era. Two O'Clock Jump. Jazz Discog Corner. Goldmine Jazz Album Price Guide. Retrieved 27 December Retrieved February 4, Retrieved February 10, Harry James.

The New James Harry's Choice! Book:Harry James. Categories : Jazz discographies Discographies of American artists. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history.

Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Add links. Harry James in New York, August Brunswick [8]. I Can Dream, Can't I? Helen Humes. It's The Dreamer In Me v. Comes Love v. Connie Haines. I Found A New Baby. Frank Sinatra. All Or Nothing At All v. Silvertone [11]. Varsity [12]. How High the Moon v. Dick Haymes. Carnival Of Venice.

Fools Rush In v. The Sheik Of Araby. The Nearness Of You v. Flight Of The Bumblebee. Maybe v. Swanee River. Montgomery Ward [13]. Daddy v. Helen Ward. I'll Get By v. Lynn Richards. Minka v. Make Love To Me v. Helen Forrest. Dalton Rizzotto. Blues In The Night. I Remember You v.

But Not For Me v. Texas Historical Commission. Retrieved May 31, Retrieved on Sheffield Lab. Retrieved August 16, May 10, Retrieved January 29, Tape 1, side A. The New Grove Dictionary of Jazz. Oxford, , pp. Retrieved May 13, The Brooklyn Daily Eagle. June 7, Retrieved April 15, — via Newspapers. Retrieved November 22, Call For Music, popular music and song.

Vanity Fair. Retrieved October 17, Retrieved January 20, November 15, Los Angeles Times. Retrieved December 20, Retrieved December 18, Archived from the original on February 2, The New York Times. Retrieved July 9,

Jan 01,  · Trumpet Blues And Cantabile. Harry James and His Orchestra. From the Album Trumpet Blues: The Best Of Harry James January 1, Get a special offer and listen to over 60 million songs, anywhere with Amazon Music Unlimited. Get a special offer and listen to over 60 million songs, anywhere with Amazon Music Unlimited.

Luna Magistral. Miranda Directo! Miranda Es Imposible! El Templo del Pop. Julieta Venegas. La Oreja de Van Gogh. Hombres G. Calle Mon Laferte. Natalia Lafourcade. Enanitos Verdes. Gloria Trevi. Retropop 00's. Sabor Latino. Pop Pop Nacional. Essential Miranda! Pop Argentina. Canciones top del artista. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information.

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March Learn how and when to remove this template message. Electropop pop synthpop a-pop pop rock. This section does not cite any sources. Vivo by Miranda! Safari by Miranda! Luna Magistral by Miranda! El Templo del Pop by Miranda! Similar artists. Julieta Venegas fans. La Oreja de Van Gogh fans.

Hombres G fans. Calle 13 fans. Mon Laferte fans. Natalia Lafourcade fans. Belanova 71 fans. Enanitos Verdes fans. Moderatto fans. Juanes 1 fans. Gloria Trevi fans. HA-ASH 1 fans. Pop Argentina 60 tracks - 16 fans. Retropop 00's tracks - 60 fans. Latinos de Fiesta 90 tracks - 12 fans.

Miranda! is an Argentine electropop band formed in Original band members include Alejandro Sergi (vocals), Juliana Gattas (vocals), Lolo Fuentes (guitar), Bruno de Vincenti (programming), and since , Nicolás Grimaldi (bass), while currently it's a duo between Sergi and Gattas. The group has found success throughout Latin America as well as in the United States and Electropop, pop, synthpop, a-pop, pop rock.